The Lost Weekend - Conclusion  

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5/27/2014 2:41 pm
The Lost Weekend - Conclusion

After I made her breakfast, we spent the following morning in various states of messing around with one another. Eventually, our conversation migrated toward what events were planned for the evening. I told her it would be such a turn on to see her in a hot and slutty outfit for that night’s festivities. She responded enthusiastically by saying ‘I want you to dress me up the way you want; I want to turn you on’. She was standing against the bed, facing away from me at the time; probably putting something away. In any case, I walked up behind her and whispered in her ear that she turned me on all the time. Not being able to resist a beautiful neck, I began to kiss hers, reaching around to cup her breasts from behind. Her breathing began to quicken and after a few minutes, she abruptly pulled away from me and said ‘fuck me like a slut’. With that, she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled moved them down around her knees, bringing her panties with them. I brought myself forward and shoved my hard cock inside her already wet pussy. This was no time for tenderness or romance, she wanted to be fucked like a so I did. I grabbed her hips and fucked her hard and deep. I looked down at my cock disappearing inside her and then smacked her ass quite hard, receiving a response something between a whimper and a scream.

‘You want to be a dirty little slut, I’ll fuck you like one. You really are a slut. You need to have a hard cock in you all the time, don’t you?’
‘Yes, sir…..’
‘Do you like that hard cock fucking you?’
‘Yessss, sir……’
‘Good, I like fucking your slutty pussy….deep, hard….it’s my pussy now, isn’t it?’
‘Fuck yes, it’s your pussy to fuck whenever you want. Please pull my hair…’

Reaching up, I gathered up a handful of her long blonde hair and pulled.

‘Harder; pull my hair harder!’

I pulled her hair harder and harder as she whimpered and moaned.

‘Is that what you want, you fucking ?’
‘Oh god yes….fuck me baby.’

Her moaning became louder and I could feel her start to tense up under the brutal fucking and abuse.

‘Are you going to cum for me?’
‘Yes sir…..’
‘That’s what you wanted…my dirty slut wanted to get off and cum all over my cock.’
‘That’s it slut, fucking cum all over my cock!’

With that, she let out a loud moan and screamed that she was cumming. That was all it took for me to cum myself, blowing a massive load in her battered pussy.

After pulling ourselves back together, we left for lunch and some shopping. Both of us were excited about the purchases we’d made that afternoon. Rather than wasting valuable debauchery time on going out, I made dinner for us. Of course, dinner conversation tended to lean toward what we were going to do to each other later. Knowing how enamored Amber was with herself, I asked her if it would turn her on to make love in front of the huge mirrors in my master bath. Would it turn her on to watch herself being fucked, seeing her face while I was inside her. She thought that was a great idea, so I kept that in mind when I set up later (candles, etc.).

Dinner was followed by some light chatting on my sofa and was accompanied by more wine. After it became clear that we were both interested in ‘getting things underway’ I asked if she wanted to go slip into the things I’d bought her that afternoon. She readily agreed and headed off to the bedroom to change.

About ten minutes later, Amber emerged and looked amazing. I’m pretty sure my jaw physically dropped at the vision in front of me; a gorgeous young blonde wearing a silky black negligee, a matching thong, black thigh high stockings, and a pair of stilettos of ‘I’m a dirty slut’ height. I asked her to do a spin for me, so I could take all of her in.

‘You look amazing, baby!’
‘I really like the outfit. Thanks so much!’
I noticed she was a bit flushed and asked her ‘Does the outfit turn you on?’
‘You took awhile to change; were you looking in the mirror and touching yourself?’

She sheepishly replied that she had been.

‘I don’t blame you, baby. I want you to show me how you were touching yourself.’

Her face suddenly showed a sense of panic. She still wasn’t comfortable masturbating in front of someone else. So, I decided that she needed some guidance. I looked her in the eyes and, very firmly, said ‘show me’. The way I said it made it clear it wasn’t a request. Slowly, she moved a hand up and began to cup her breast, sliding the silk across her nipples. They instantly became erect and poked at the black silk.

‘Good girl; that’s so hot, baby.’

She slowly moved her other hand down, across her silk covered belly, and into her thong. She gasped a bit when her fingers made contact with her clit. I kept encouraging her, saying how beautiful she was and how hot she was making me. After a few minutes, her self-consciousness gave way to pleasure. She was pawing at her tits and whimpering every time her fingers strummed across her clit.

‘I need to have you inside me soon, baby’
‘Come over and prove how much you want my cock. Show how you love it.’

Without hesitation, she walked over to where I was sitting and roughly unbuttoned / unzipped my pants. I stood up so she could pull them down, then returned to my seated position. She lunged forward and instantly devoured my cock. She sucked it like she had something to prove; that she was worthy of having it inside her. Normally, I would have toyed with her a bit before giving her what she wanted but I was so turned on that I couldn’t wait to fuck this beauty in front of me.

‘Do you want to ride this cock right here?’
‘Mmmhmmf’ she muttered, still sucking for all she was worth.
‘The get up here and fuck it if that’s what you want.’

She stood up, turned around, and I began guiding her onto my rock hard shaft. With as wet and in lust as she was, she didn’t bother working up to anything. She simply dropped herself into my lap, impaling herself. She began moaning immediately, as she worked herself up and down on my pole. I loved seeing her ass moving around on my lap. I reached out and began pawing her tits from behind, using the leverage to drive myself as deep as possible. It didn’t take long for her to cry out that she was cumming. As she collapsed back into my chest, I asked her if she wanted to go into the bathroom and watch us make love in the mirror. She readily agreed so I took her hand and led her into the soft candlelight.

As she was looking at herself in the mirror, I walked up behind her and began kissing her neck, cupping her breasts in my hands.
‘Do you want me inside you?’

I gently bent her over and guided my cock into her pussy. We moved slowly at first, enjoying the scene that was playing out. She was transfixed on the image in the mirror in front of her, an almost dreamy look on her face. Seeing her face in the mirror, as it twisted slightly with pleasure, looking down at my hard cock disappearing inside her, the curve of her exquisite ass, her thong pulled to the side, her nylon covered legs; I have to admit it was one of the most erotic moments in my life.

Slowly, I picked up the pace of my thrusting and began talking to her.

‘Do you like watching yourself being taken from behind? Seeing your beautiful face as it twists with the pleasure I’m giving you’
‘Oh god yes…this is so incredible…I love how I look.’
‘Good baby, I want you to see how you look when I’m fucking you.’

With that, I picked up my pace. At this point, I’d learned about where her threshold was. She started moaning softly as I continued to fuck her. I could tell she was just on the edge but needed a bit more stimulation to cum.

‘Does that feel good, baby?’
‘Yes sir.’

Picking up the pace a bit, I could feel her getting closer. But I wasn’t giving her quite enough to make her cum and I could feel her frustration as she started to shove her ass back to make me fuck her harder.

‘Do you want to cum, slut?’
‘Yesssss, I’m so close.’
‘Tell me what you want.’
‘Make me cum; I need to cum.’
‘You need to beg for it, like a good girl.’
‘Please make me cum! I want to cum so bad, baby.’

The dirty talk was getting her even more worked up but I held back just enough to keep her from cumming. Finally, I increased my rhythm a bit, edging her closer to the orgasm that was building inside her. After making her beg just a bit longer, I thrust hard enough to give her the release she desperately wanted. She came with a scream and a shudder so violent I had to hold her steady to prevent her from falling.

Without giving her much of a rest, I grabbed her hair and pulled her so she was parallel to the large mirror. I wanted her to have a ringside seat to see me entering her. With some additional humiliation and pain, I was rewarded with another intense orgasm that gripped my cock inside her pussy.

After the mirror interlude, we took a short break for some much needed wine and other sustenance. Once we were both refreshed, our debauchery resumed in earnest as we worked our way through various positions, sweating, moaning, spanking…

Finally, I threw her on her back at the edge of the bed with her ass just at the edge, allowing me to stand on the floor and penetrate her while her legs were over my shoulders. I grabbed her hips and thrust as deep as I could; slow at first. Picking up speed, Amber began to moan and thrash on the bed. She groped at her breasts, twisting her nipples to maximize the intensity. Soon, her legs locked around my shoulders and she screamed that she was cumming. I kept fucking her and began telling her what a good little she was, laying on the bed, with her legs in the air, and taking my hard cock deep inside her. I kept fucking her and reached down to play with her clit, causing her to thrash even more wildly.

‘Fuck, I’m cumming, baby. I love your cock inside me…OOOOooooohhhnnnn….’

Seeing this gorgeous blonde writhing on my bed and watching my cock battering her pussy was finally getting to me. I told her I was going to cum soon.

‘Cum all over me. I want to feel you shoot your load all over my belly and tits!’
‘You want me to make sure you know who owns you?’
‘Yes, I’m YOUR dirty little . Cum all over me and make me yours.’

Well, that was all it took. I pulled my cock out of her and came. After fucking for almost two hours off and on, I shot a huge load all over her belly and tits. She rubbed my cum all over her tits and promptly passed out. I even had to take off her stockings for her.

All in all, a pretty fun weekend.

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