Rules Addendum - Right Wing Idiots  

New2Midlo 52M  
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11/6/2021 4:13 pm

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11/8/2021 7:05 am

Rules Addendum - Right Wing Idiots

As anyone who reads my blog knows, happy to engage in healthy debate with those who may disagree with . Civility is required.

However, my patience for the right wing idiots that are so fucking gullible and respond with hatred when you point shit they believe is fabricated is about exhausted. Therefore, I reserve the right to not be civil to those who wish to engage with pointless, unsubstantiated diatribes, or blurbs. If you behave in typical right wing fashion, I reserve the right to you for being . More accurately, to you , a moron, an imbecile, or any other pejoratives I find entertaining at the moment.
Furthermore, I may leave my insults, which will be better than yours, up long enough to be seen, then ban your idiotic ass.

Anyone whose response includes the word 'brandon' should plan on being banned outright, which should save time and allow you to spruce up your trailer a bit.

Am I censoring my own blog to exclude those who disagree with me? Nope, just getting rid of the trash. Anyway, fuck you, it's my blog and it's not a democracy.

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
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11/7/2021 5:49 am

It's your blog so it's your rules.

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