Fundamentalist Head Explodes - Film at 11  

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11/3/2021 9:35 am

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Fundamentalist Head Explodes - Film at 11

I can stop prodding the right wing loonies any time I to. I don't have a problem. Oh fuck it, don't judge me for putting the fun back into fundamentalist!

Today, we talk about abortion (not a laugh riot, I know) and how to make a supposed pro-lifer's head explode. Note: that's the last time I use the term 'pro-life' to refer to those who oppose abortion, because it's not true and wrongly portrays those with opposing views as not being pro-life. Not that it should matter, but I'm an advocate of making safe abortions available to women. That shouldn't be interpreted as applauding every abortion that takes place or considering it to be a method of birth control, like condoms. I shared this, along with other points of view, when the dipshits tried to pigeonhole me into a party. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when the room went full Christian fundamentalist and barraged me with messages about killing babies. And what fun would it be without some good old fashioned misogyny, generalizing women who got abortions as 'road whores' who'd fuck anyone. Fun crowd. The best part that they screamed accountability for the 'whores', but assumed the men wouldn't be around to face 'personal accountability'. WTELF?

Once they'd worked themselves into a lather (with some assistance on my part), I posed a question that resulted in several heads exploding. You can preach personal accountability all you , but the reality of the situation is many of those unwanted will be treated as such. Abuse and neglect will occur, resulting in some being criminals and murderers. This assertion has been confirmed via multiple studies that have found a distinct and significant correlation between Roe v Wade and a decrease in crime. There a significant decrease in crime roughly fifteen years after the court decision. Sticking with the theme of murder, they found a 30% decrease in homicides directly attributable to the court case. Now you've got a dilemma. Do you a) allow abortions to take place, making society safer as a whole or b) ban them, knowing it'll cause a 30% increase in murders as a result? (in addition to the number of women who die by having unsafe abortions and subjected to toxic upbringing) Please choose one.

Which option most frequently chosen? Trick question, despite my prodding and even calling them scared girls for doing so, no one would answer. Instead, as with every question I've posed about how the right would fix a problem (e. homelessness), there a wave of how Democrats suck and have fucked things up. Full of hatred, but no solutions. New slogan for the Republican party.

I also poked the bear by pointing out the massive self-owns by the far right, with their 'my body, my choice' signs and how that concept seems to only apply to vaccinations, not women's bodies. In the end, they proved what many of us already know to be true; most ardent anti abortionists consider every life to be sacred until it comes out of the womb and outlawing abortion is really about controlling women. Finally, I understand there are those who have a genuine religious belief that abortion is murder, but making them illegal has consequences you can't ignore.

New2Midlo 52M  
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11/3/2021 9:35 am

Did you know that one of the first instances of medical tourism was around abortion? There were several reputable clinics in Mexico, that women would go to. Hang out on the beach and have an abortion, while you're there.

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11/3/2021 11:44 am

The Pope needs to read your post.

New2Midlo replies on 11/3/2021 2:14 pm:
Pretty sure he's not on Heated Affairs lol.

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