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The Rules
Posted:Feb 2, 2017 6:55 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2021 3:41 pm

Another blogger, I respect, recently said , ‘your blog, your rules.’ Unfortunately, seems I need put so of those rules in place.
First, so helpful suggestions:
Unless I specificy reference sothing I’ve previously written, each post should be considered a stand-alone item. Just because I didn't share getting treated for the syphilis I'd ntioned previously doesn't an I've still got it.

Now, the rules I promised:
Comnts are welco, whether you agree or disagree with what I’ve written. I’m always up for a lively debate and not afraid of being proven wrong.

If you think my writing style is crap, feel free share your opinion, along with how you’d improve it.

However, there are comnts that won’t be lerated.

These include:
- Arguntative and pointless diatribes

- Informing what I was ‘rey trying say’ and reference previous posts that I didn’t indicate should be considered in the current one. know, I’m fairly sure I know what point I was attempting convey.

- Debating a pic unrelated my post

- Comnts that are ant be insulting or are an spirited.

So of the above will simply get your comnt deleted, but repeatedly being a jerk will get you banned. However, I reserve the right not delete offensive comnts in order for myself and others make fun of you.

If you can’t be kind, be gone.

Attention - New feature in my blog, effective 9/18/21. From this point forward, sarcasm will be in green font. It should clean up so misunderstandings. Yeah, that'll work.

Also, I guess you could use this send private ssages , if you had nothing better do.
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Covid Vaccines & Conspiracy Theories - Food For The Obtuse
Posted:Jul 13, 2021 10:01 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 6:55 pm

Recently, I've been exposed to some of the current wild and fantastical conspiracies associated with the virus and more importantly, vaccination. They've left me completely flabbergasted and provided another reminder of how gullible too many Americans are. In all fairness, much of the medical mumbo jumbo is likely over the heads of those who believe it. The whole mRNA thing is beyond my own span of attention. However, we can still use the tools we all have at our disposal to ferret out bullshit; for example, a suspicious and critical mind. My regular readers know that I rarely take questionable assertions at face value and tend to fact check on my own. For example, one of the fringe outlets claimed that 'CDC data released on July 9th' shows a massive spike in deaths from vaccines. Before I called bullshit, I went to the CDC's website to confirm. Because they're a government entity, they put everything they release on their website. I think we both know what I found; or didn't find. Now, I'm calling bullshit. Something I did find was a direct correlation between vaccination rates and Covid deaths. No surprise the states with higher vaccination rates have fewer cases and deaths.

Another way to utilize your critical mind is to ask the questions 'to what end?' and 'Who profits from this and how?' These questions, and most of this entry, are universal with respect to conspiracy theories in general, but we'll stick with the one at hand. Who would benefit from the successful outcome of the supposed conspiracy and why? Clearly, the pharma companies would receive the greatest benefit by reaping huge profits from government contracts to develop and manufacture the vaccines on an emergency basis. PPE manufacturers also benefitted from a massive spike in demand. Hell, I received some nice upside orders from 3M earlier in the pandemic and it fattened my bonus for the year. Maybe I'm in on the conspiracy. Shit, I've said too much.

What stands out to me is the massive number of 'auxiliary players' required to be complicit in the scheme, but who wouldn't profit. What's in it for them to participate or at least keep their mouths shut? It's not as though the profits pharma took in would be sufficient to buy everyone's silence. Let's look at one of the most important groups of auxiliary players, the media.

Why is it that these conspiracy theories are always 'broken' by fringe media outlets, or bloggers, or some guy in the produce aisle? They're never ever covered by legitimate news outlets. I can hear the cry now - The media's in on it! Sorry to burst your bubble, but simple logic says otherwise. For those who've forgotten, all of these outlets (CNN, NYT, Fox News) are for profit companies. What generates the most revenue for a news outlet? Certainly not suppressing what would be sensational developments. Such reporting would massive ratings / readership, which would make them more money than an entity paying them hush money. The media, all the media, would fight tooth and nail to break such a story and cover it non-stop for as long as that gravy train lasted.

On the flip side, what do the conspiracy theorists get in return for their activities? Attention, money, and (misplaced) credibility that they wouldn't have received were they going about their lives. Who wouldn't throw out a ton of bullshit for that payout? Seems the conspiracy freaks might have greater motivation than those allegedly complicit in the conspiracy they're trying to sell.

Touching on the politically motivated, it would be quite the fantasy world to get D's and R's to agree to this sort of thing (or anything else, for that matter). Make no mistake, they'd all have to be complicit. Not happening. The wretched right seems hell bent on their constituents dying from Covid by keeping them from getting vaccinated, even though they've all be vaccinated themselves. There's some serious motivation for them to be driving the shit out of these conspiracies, if there were even the tiniest fragment of truth to them. But you're not hearing a peep from even the more euthanasia worthy lawmakers, like MTG or Louis Gohmert. I'll let you draw your own conclusion, but perhaps it's because such conspiracy theories are too obviously bullshit for even these dipshits to give oxygen to.

The bottom line is that massive 'evil' conspiracies can't exist in secret, period. Somebody always fucks up. There will always be someone who loses the the fortitude to remain evil and caves. Or, someone inadvertently shares too much with that in Dallas. This almost always happens when one party is involved. Dozens of parties all gettin' down on the evil? Hah! Again, pure fantasy. It becomes more of a farce, when you consider governments are involved. Nothing stays secret in governments. Throw in language barriers and differing agendas of the various supposedly involved countries and leaks will occur. Every damned time.

Ultimately, there's no way the conspiracy at hand could be true. It would have been leaked by someone and amplified through every level of media, by those with the incentive to do so, of which there are many.

Vaccination should be mandatory. Those who believe this is a draconian and distasteful measure are idiots. Your have to be vaccinated against various things to attend school, so you've already complied with mandatory vaccinations and given proof to the school system. Oops, didn't think of that, did you? You're not a fucking virologist, so don't pretend to know what is and isn't true on the internet about the virus, particularly when crosschecking facts blows the damned thing up prima facia. You don't have feathers, so stop parroting everything you read that you fall for. Do the right thing for yourself and your family, for a change. Take off the tin foil hat, say goodbye to Q once and for all, and get your fucking family vaccinated.

Also, stop with the idiotic memes comparing mandatory vaccinations with the Holocaust or any other Nazi symbolism. Comparing vaccination with genocide is offensive, because there is no fucking comparison, you moronic snowflake. While I'm typically fine allowing morons to identify themselves in grand fashion, there are too many soft minds in this country who may believe the bullshit. Largely in the same way there are those who believe the election was stolen from the Cheeto faced shit gibbon; but I already covered that one.

Now, really get off my lawn.
Guns and Spice Asshats Round 2
Posted:Nov 29, 2021 8:41 am
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2021 12:27 pm

A quick update on the whole Penzey's silliness.

First, the relevant portion of his latest newsletter appears below. The TL;DR is that cooks create goodness and guns serve only to destroy that goodness, him doubling down on how "responsible gun owner" is a lie. Also, he commends law enforcement for the risks they take by carrying a gun. First hand experience is LE is the absolute worst at gun safety and what about the risks involved of being LE, that they have to carry guns? Seriously, WTF...multiple WTF's? Add another that the asshat didn't unsubscribe me from his damned newsletter to begin with. And fuck him; next big meal I cook will involve a pistol on my belt and an AR- slung across my chest, making me particularly evil.

As for Bill Penzey Jr., some internet digging confirmed what I'd hinted at previously. The Spice House founded by Bill Penzey Sr. and his wife. It passed to their two , Bill Jr. and his sister. Because no one could stand Bill Jr, they forced him out and he started his own eponymous spice retail business. You have to be a real ass hat for your own family to you out of the family business.

This topic will now be put to bed.

Newsletter :
The fear the Republican/NRA/Russian bedfellows create really is about destroying all the goodness cooks do. Since the fear they create is designed to destroy the goodness cooks do, I think we have every right, and maybe even the responsibility, to object.

Yesterday, in response to our last week’s “Guns are Dumb” mailing I received an email questioning my judgement for saying Guns are Dumb after “The mob destroyed your Minneapolis store.” The email covered “Rittenhouse” and “the people have to protect themselves” and “virtue signaling.” Honestly, as these types of emails go, it had a friendly tone and ended with what I perceived to be a cheery “Get woke, go broke” rather than an angry one.

Our Uptown Minneapolis store indeed vandalized the first night of the George Floyd protests after he killed not far from the store. My response started: “In Uptown we had two windows broken. We should have murdered people over that? Did you see any of the George Floyd video? I wanted to throw rocks through my own windows.”

at the world today I’m thinking Guns are the next thing. I can’t see trying to overturn the Second Amendment, but instead I see possibilities taking on the NRA and its well-fashioned image/lie of the “responsible gun owner.”

There is nothing responsible in bringing something into your home that dramatically increases the odds of you and those you love dying a violent death. My great appreciation goes out to those in law enforcement who take on the many risks of having a gun as part of their commitment to their job. Those protecting animals need guns, too. And I get the values in hunting. But to take on the risks of having a gun in your home because you imagine there’s a reasonable chance you’re going to need to kill a fellow human is 180 degrees at odds with everything at the heart of cooking, and reality, too.
Penzey's Spices Hates Gun Owners And Their Business
Posted:Nov 24, 2021 2:13 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 6:55 pm

If you're a cooking enthusiast, you're probably familiar with Penzey's Spices. Because of their high quality, they've been my exclusive go for such things for over two decades. That is until the owner of the company, Bill Penzey, essentially told me he doesn't want further business from me or anyone else in the firearm community. This began with one of his recent newsletters, which as usual, contained a mix of ' this shit' and social commentary. He tends lean the left, but his rhetoric has been mostly innocuous; not that I opened many of them. However, when a recent newsletter titled "Guns Are Dumb" my inbox, you know damned well I opened . I've pasted the commentary portion of the newsletter at the bottom, but the TL;DR is hunters and law enforcement should guns. Others aren't responsible enough them and should rely on their kitchen cutlery for personal defense.

The dude signs his newsletters, with his address, so I sent him a note indicating how I thought he was being condescending and that I found his views both uninformed and frankly asinine. Bill reads his and responded less than 20 minutes later doubling down on one of his talking points as well as being an even greater ass hat. Copy paste:

Responsible Gun owner is an oxymoron and NRA propaganda. is nothing responsible about bringing an item into your home that will increase the chance of violent death for you and your family members five-fold. But you are indeed free to invent absurd realities where your gun makes you that special hero. Pew-pew.

I believe what he was trying to convey was "I'm an even greater ass hat than you thought and don't want any business from the firearms community or anyone else recognizes how much of a douche I am. Can you please spread that for me?"

Yes sir! I've already started taking care of that for you because I aim (no pun intended) please.
Fucking dickhead. I was initially going stop buying from this douche, but now all his shit's going in the trash. My entire spice collection, which is not .

The Newsletter
And guns are dumb. Yes, hunting, and ranching, and law enforcement, but even then are substantial risks. But owning a gun as though is some sort of safety accessory is stupid. ’s like spending hundreds of dollars add a self-destruct button to your life. At any moment, all takes is one pull of the trigger, and just like that all the goodness in your life can be gone, never return. Guns are dumb.

We should all feel safe, and as humans, long before we had cooking we had weapons. But if you ever need a weapon, just around you, they are everywhere. These days the kitchen of every American home rivals the arsenal of a good-sized medieval village. And even needs the pointy things when you cast iron? But guns are different. They try sell you on the idea that guns give you control, yet with one pull of the trigger whatever happens next will forever be in someone else€™s hands.
With yesterday€™s verdict in Kenosha were many headlines. Some spoke of freedom, and self-defense, and innocence, but once you pull the trigger is no going back what you were before. is no return innocence. Bring a gun into your home and ’s far less likely take the life of a stranger in self-defense than is kill someone you love through accident, suicide, or your anger. A lot of the time someone wanting own a gun is a pretty good sign that they€™re the kind of person shouldn€™t one. Guns are dumb.
I know that for many of you yesterday€™s verdict and the joy sent through the pro-gun crowd brought a sense of goodness slipping away. I get that. For me, in times like these I find cooking brings perspective. Once I came see cooking as what is, an act of kindness, the news lost much of its power bring me down.
Even though the news presents itself as having its finger on the pulse of where we are at, it in reality shows more than the couple dozen most out of the ordinary events that took place in the past day. Much of the news is horribly unkind. But to see cooking as kindness is to understand that for each and every event horrible enough to make the national news are hundreds of thousands of acts of kindness happening in kitchens all across the country every day. Even on the worst of days is so much more goodness. Please try see if you can.
If you are a hunter or if your job requires a gun, sure. But if you a gun out of a sense of safety get rid of asap. is nothing more than a self-destruct button for the goodness in your life and in the lives of those you love. Guns are dumb.
Maximizing Thanksgiving Yumminess
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2021 11:26 am

The lack of cooking tips for the upcoming holiday is something I felt required addressing. My former partner and I were responsible for Thanksgiving for her family and we had it down pretty damned well. Our skills were sufficiently respected to allow us to threaten physical violence to family members who were dumb enough to wander into the kitchen, with no fallout.

Here are the tricks we found for making an absolutely delicious bird.

1. Brine that - if it's fowl or pork, it gets brined. Do this tonight, so tomorrow you can...
2. Spatchcock that bird and let the skin dry in the fridge until Thursday. Turkey is a shifty critter, with light meat being ready at 5 degrees, whereas the dark requires hitting 5.
Roasting the bird whole guarantees you'll either overshoot the light meat or cook the dark. Spatchcocking (or butterflying) allows the bird to cook more evenly, allowing you to the right temps simultaneously.
3. Dressing goes downstairs - with your bird all laid during its roast, take advantage of the juices it throws off by placing it on a wire rack, over a roasting pan and cooking your dressing in said pan.
4. Never cook by time, always by temperature - remote probe thermometers are cheap

Bone appetite and all that shit.
Fare Thee Well, Trusty Desk Chair
Posted:Nov 14, 2021 9:12 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2021 6:55 pm

My current desk chair has become one of my true friends, there for me day and night, whether I'm working from my home office, which I've done for a total of about five years, searching for a job, writing a blog, or plotting . I've spent a lot of time in that chair, which has been with me for seven years, and it had begun to show it. Unfortunately, it passed into the great beyond, last night; it became an ex chair. It's neither stunned nor pining for the fjords. Trying to do things at once, I wasn't paying attention and sat down on the very edge, causing the main support structure of the bench disintegrate. Like everything, this was plastic, and shit wears out.

After perusing the various offerings, I chose a replacement and it's en route. A dining room chair has been pressed into in the interim, but there's a problem. While I've configured my desk temporarily work with the lower chair, I look like I should order from the menu camera during my copious video interviews, which isn't acceptable. address this issue, I pulled out a booster cushion I'd bought shoot off the insanely high bench rests at my rifle club's hundred yard range. But this is a less than ideal solution, since the cushion is roughly twice the size of the bench on the dining room chair and the damn thing's quite unstable. This requires remain completely still during my interviews, lest I move just a bit too far and push the cushion off the chair. A bit difficult to appear relaxed when you're a few inches away from plummeting to the floor.

Fortunately, my replacement desk chair is due to arrive tomorrow, after which will be the proper rites, along with the funeral pyre.
Do Me Internally
Posted:Nov 12, 2021 7:18 am
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2021 8:12 am

Under the continuing saga of my search for employment, I received a call this morning from HR at the company where I've been concentrating my efforts. They're the largest in my industry and universally praised as a great place to wor Up until said call came in, I'd been working four different opportunities there. There one in particular that I found particularly exciting and it represented a great fit for my background (same markets, customers, etc.). You know what's coming, which is they offered the role to someone else. What made this call different first, I got a call and not an automated email, and second, the message that came with it. The hiring manager specifically asked HR to reach out to let me know they wanted to make me an offer, because I the best fit, but it went to a last minute internal applicant. The individual I spoke with indicated the company prioritizes internal candidates, where they can. Indeed, one of the things I find most appealing about the company is the ability to advance in a rapid manner. The roles I've not gotten offers for all went to internal candidates as well.

As one might imagine, it's beyond frustrating to be still for gainful employment after over six months, but to hear it's not because I'm a defective asshole does offer a bit of hope. Proves I'm quite adept at concealing that part of my character during interviews. For clarification, I'd been all but offered a role a few weeks ago, but the hiring manager reached out to inform me that it would require me to relocated to Wisconsin. I politely and professionally informed him there no way in hell I trading one midwestern hell hole for another with more snow and colder temperatures.
Athletes Dropping Like Flies
Posted:Nov 11, 2021 2:06 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2021 8:14 am
Yes, this is another 'today with the right wingers' post, but this one's a lot less controversial than most (my debunking didn't get called a cocksucker). Call it an observation and identification of weaponized facts that lack context. It piqued my interest, so I did a smidge of investigation.

One of the assertions from the hard right is that the vaccines have caused a massive spike in cardiomyopathy among the younger of those who've received the vaccine. " are dying because of the shot!" The picture below was posted by one of the looneys today and at first glance, appeared to support the assertion. After all, that's a lot of (and not so much ; I've come to expect list padding and general overdramatization i.e. every one on the list was a "world class athlete".)

A quick survey of a few of these names confirmed they'd all passed recently, although none of the ones I looked at had any sort of COD identified. But for the purpose of playing along with the intent of the post to shock readers and lead lead them to a certain conclusion, I'll pretend all died of cardiac failure. Surely, that many of them dying in the same way isn't normal. Except when it is normal.

A pre-pandemic article I found said: The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that approximately 2,000 people under the age of 25 die from sudden cardiac arrest in the U.S. each year. It is the leading cause of death in young athletes in the United States – resulting in 1 death in a high school student every 3 days, according to some experts.

Indeed, I recall hearing about students dropping dead on athletic fields from time to time. If you want to learn more about the underlying causes, feel free to research on your own. In any case, this is another example of why you should always be skeptical of what you read and careful about jumping to the same conclusions as the author.

TL;DR - Unfortunately, young athletes dying due to cardiac arrest is nothing new and not something suddenly caused by Covid vaccines.
Rules Addendum - Right Wing Idiots
Posted:Nov 6, 2021 4:13 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2021 7:05 am

As anyone who reads my blog knows, happy to engage in healthy debate with those who may disagree with . Civility is required.

However, my patience for the right wing idiots that are so fucking gullible and respond with hatred when you point shit they believe is fabricated is about exhausted. Therefore, I reserve the right to not be civil to those who wish to engage with pointless, unsubstantiated diatribes, or blurbs. If you behave in typical right wing fashion, I reserve the right to you for being . More accurately, to you , a moron, an imbecile, or any other pejoratives I find entertaining at the moment.
Furthermore, I may leave my insults, which will be better than yours, up long enough to be seen, then ban your idiotic ass.

Anyone whose response includes the word 'brandon' should plan on being banned outright, which should save time and allow you to spruce up your trailer a bit.

Am I censoring my own blog to exclude those who disagree with me? Nope, just getting rid of the trash. Anyway, fuck you, it's my blog and it's not a democracy.
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Dumb and Hateful
Posted:Nov 6, 2021 1:47 pm
Last Updated:Nov 28, 2021 3:45 pm

A quick blurb on what the looneys are up to today. Apparently, Ashley Biden's diary was stolen at some point (fact). A few weeks ago, a right wing outlet claimed to have it (they didn't) and published the entire (fraudulent) thing, which included numerous accusations of Joe molesting her. Today's big news was an article in some looney outlet:

BOMBSHELL: New York Times, FBI Confirm Legitimacy of Ashley Biden Diary

There was one issue with this story. According to that same NYT, what happened today was that search warrants were served on Veritas, looking for the diary. It wasn't found, so the FBI had a very difficult time confirming its legitimacy. Funny how that works.

Anyway, there was a big debate about who would be the Dem nominee for 2024, after Biden was ousted. Surprisingly, no one bothered to actually check the NYT to even get the latest on the situation. I pasted the link from the NYT that made it clear the original posted story was bullshit, along with the comment "Latest NYT reporting on the subject says it hasn't even been found. guessing no one checked to see whether the claims were fabricated."

My post was ignored until a few hours later, when someone responded with: "No one checked to see if you were sucking dicks today either; we just assumed." I may have said it really sucks when someone points how gullible you are.

The debate and Joe bashing has continued unabated.

Oh, I was just accused of being a 'faggot' after telling that person they were racist.
The I Love You Orgasm
Posted:Nov 6, 2021 1:12 pm
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2021 7:15 am

Once upon a time, I was madly in love with a woman. She was my once in a lifetime, but that's another story, one I keep for myself. Anyway, once I realized she was the one, I didn't hesitate to share how I felt about her. Strange that I can't remember what we were doing when I told her I loved her; I remember fucking every other minute of our relationship. Anyway, later that evening, we were enjoying our usual amazing sex, which could best be described as an all out brawl of desire, pleasure, and lust. I wanted to express my feelings again, while in that most intimate of settings, but wanted the moment to be right. After all, one does not just drop that sentiment in while they have a woman bent over the bed, pulling her hair, leaving hand prints on her ass, and telling her how much of a dirty slut she is. So, once we transitioned to the missionary position, I pushed myself up so we could make eye contact. While maintaining a slow, steady rhythm of movement, looked into those amazing blue eyes, and said, "I love you, Schartzmugel." (I keep her real name for myself, as well.) Just as I finished those words, an orgasm ripped through her body. By this point, I knew that body extremely well and knew exactly how to bring her to orgasm, which I did frequently. What I was doing physically wouldn't have made that happen, which surprised us both a bit. Without changing tempo, I said the words again and she had another orgasm. This happened every time I repeated the sequence, which I did frequently, because I meant it. It was the most intimate and fulfilling experience I've ever had.

Her physical response to those words weren't confined to the bedroom. Outside of it, saying those words would often be met with a sharp intake of her breath. This was confined to when we were physically touching, though. Not as though she'd swerve her car off the road if I said it while we were on the phone.

Of course, my curious mind wonders whether she's an anomaly, but I literally have no other similar experiences or data points. Not as though I've told a ton of women I loved them; an emu wouldn't run out of fingers making that count.

This brings me to the purpose of this post - to ask my women readers whether they experience a physical reaction when their partner shares intimate sentiments toward them. Or if any men have experienced something similar with a partner. There are no right or wrong answers.

What say you?
Fundamentalist Head Explodes - Film at 11
Posted:Nov 3, 2021 9:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2021 9:18 am

I can stop prodding the right wing loonies any time I to. I don't have a problem. Oh fuck it, don't judge me for putting the fun back into fundamentalist!

Today, we talk about abortion (not a laugh riot, I know) and how to make a supposed pro-lifer's head explode. Note: that's the last time I use the term 'pro-life' to refer to those who oppose abortion, because it's not true and wrongly portrays those with opposing views as not being pro-life. Not that it should matter, but I'm an advocate of making safe abortions available to women. That shouldn't be interpreted as applauding every abortion that takes place or considering it to be a method of birth control, like condoms. I shared this, along with other points of view, when the dipshits tried to pigeonhole me into a party. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when the room went full Christian fundamentalist and barraged me with messages about killing babies. And what fun would it be without some good old fashioned misogyny, generalizing women who got abortions as 'road whores' who'd fuck anyone. Fun crowd. The best part that they screamed accountability for the 'whores', but assumed the men wouldn't be around to face 'personal accountability'. WTELF?

Once they'd worked themselves into a lather (with some assistance on my part), I posed a question that resulted in several heads exploding. You can preach personal accountability all you , but the reality of the situation is many of those unwanted will be treated as such. Abuse and neglect will occur, resulting in some being criminals and murderers. This assertion has been confirmed via multiple studies that have found a distinct and significant correlation between Roe v Wade and a decrease in crime. There a significant decrease in crime roughly fifteen years after the court decision. Sticking with the theme of murder, they found a 30% decrease in homicides directly attributable to the court case. Now you've got a dilemma. Do you a) allow abortions to take place, making society safer as a whole or b) ban them, knowing it'll cause a 30% increase in murders as a result? (in addition to the number of women who die by having unsafe abortions and subjected to toxic upbringing) Please choose one.

Which option most frequently chosen? Trick question, despite my prodding and even calling them scared girls for doing so, no one would answer. Instead, as with every question I've posed about how the right would fix a problem (e. homelessness), there a wave of how Democrats suck and have fucked things up. Full of hatred, but no solutions. New slogan for the Republican party.

I also poked the bear by pointing out the massive self-owns by the far right, with their 'my body, my choice' signs and how that concept seems to only apply to vaccinations, not women's bodies. In the end, they proved what many of us already know to be true; most ardent anti abortionists consider every life to be sacred until it comes out of the womb and outlawing abortion is really about controlling women. Finally, I understand there are those who have a genuine religious belief that abortion is murder, but making them illegal has consequences you can't ignore.
Gullible Too
Posted:Oct 31, 2021 2:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2021 6:58 am

I admit having a problem. While perusing the precision rifle board I frequent, I couldn't help but in on the right wing loonies in the off topic section. Today was meme and 'corroborating media stories' day, mostly posted by one individual. Because I'm curious, I tried to dig further on a few of the latter. One in particular caught my eye, for a few reasons. was a screen grab of a story claiming how those claimed racism exists were owned by something that didn't really own them. What really intrigued me was the social media / new outlet, Pox, actually had a heading 'Biden Administration' in their top banner. I had to this out and went the Pox. website. The problem was is no Pox. website, nor are permutations of . I couldn't even find the story elsewhere, when I searched. The story and the source had been completely fabricated! So, not do these idiots believe the slanted shit they get from their sources, but they're sufficiently gullible believe completely fabricated material, then disseminate . While I'm not surprised that right wing asshats would resort fabricating material, I do find a bit shocking, for some reason. Perhaps I'm naive.

While I was asking for someone see if my internet was broken and on that story (and receiving crickets, shocker), I had a fun interaction with the meme poster. Apparently, 's a story going around (which could be true, don't care) that Biden shit his pants while meeting with the Pope. You know the right wing dipshits are all over this one with memes galore. I piped in to remind them Biden was a day late, because Trump was incontinent first, noting how crew on the apprentice repeatedly said Trump wore a diaper ( at his pants; no way that's all him), as well as snorted Adderall.

As you can imagine, that didn't go unchallenged and I got a "Biden shit his pants in front of everyone. Stay on topic."

"Okay, trash ."

At that point, our meme poster told me "you can trash whoever you want, (nasty pejorative for a gay man, which he didn't disguise). This was followed by him pasting a post by someone saying hatred toward cheeto face was fabricated by the media, whereas hatred toward Biden was genuine.

Game on. "Having lived near Atlantic City for a few years, I know a bunch of contractors stiffed by Trump who would disagree."

Back at me with "you're the dickhead that stumps for perverts and pedophiles."

Thanks for the slow, stupid pitch, sparky. "You must me confused with Donald Trump, endorsed the convicted 'minor' molester, Roy Moore, for a senate seat."

Game, set, match. This will be the time I post a conversation, because they can be tedious. But I couldn't help but smile, when I shot him down multiple times. What surprised me is he came back and admitted he didn't know Roy Moore was (dumb couldn't googled versus admitting ignorance?) and used the horrible I won't repeat. I'll spare you the rest, but I'm sure you realize I couldn't let an even better opportunity to slam this idiot pass, so I did.

While I did wade in with the idiots, I managed stay clear of the vax discussion. After all, a man can only have so much fun in a day.

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