Why would I Masturbate For a Fully Dressed Women?  

NLVPassionFruit 54M
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5/20/2021 5:14 pm
Why would I Masturbate For a Fully Dressed Women?

“Why would I masturbate For or over a picture of a fully-dressed woman?”

There is about 7 billion people (give or take) on this big blue a we call our home and each and every one of us is different one from another. We all have things that we like and things that we don’t. When it comes down Sexual arousal well that’s no different.
We must Understand that Sexual arousal isn’t always about Sex, because Fantasy can and always plays a roll as well. Every time you look at someone or something the First thing you do is take notice of them and (9+ times out of they are NOT NUDE) then you Fantasize or think sexually before you become Sexually Arousal

In this world there are Men and Women who get turned on by fire fighters, men in military uniform, handsome businessmen in expensive suits, I’ve even heard of women being turned on by auto mechanics and believe it or NOT Animals (Hell I knew and Met a lot of Women into Horses and Dogs here on Heated Affairs I have Videos to prove it). But anyway way before I Offend people who don’t understand and start Judging people let me say this Also if you assume that a man or Woman can only be aroused by looking at pictures or watching videos of naked Men and Women, you would be SERIOUSLY mistaken.

Some people are turned on by Female or Male authority figures like<b> teachers </font></b>or the sexy boss lady at the office. It might sound cliché, but secretaries, flight attendants, and cheerleaders are fairly common male / female fantasies as well.
Just based on Chance here I’m going to let you guys inside my head a little bit. I hope I don’t regret this. (LO
While I’m not opposed to admiring the beauty of the naked female body, I do find fully and smartly dressed women sexier.
I included some Pictures to use as an example while a few of these images might be a little suggestive, I don’t think anyone would really consider them to be pornographic in nature. Yet I have masturbated to and totally Came to each and every one of these images more than twice at one time or another.
Looking at these Fully Dressed Women some of you may ask Why and how do I find these images arousing?
For those of you who ask that question if you take notice most of the ladies are wearing form fitting clothing that flatters the beautiful shape of their bodies.
All of the ladies are wearing pantyhose or stockings and showing off their Thighs and or legs. Anyone familiar with my writings knows that these are things that I absolutely love.
All of the ladies are wearing high heels. No matter how nice your legs are ladies, they’ll look nicer in high heels. I promise you that.
I can’t speak for anyone else, but that is why I would masturbate to a picture of a fully-dressed woman. I hope this helps most of you who sit back and wonder why I spend my time Jacking Off to profile pictures of Women who are just showing their Faces or Fully Dressed and for more so for the Women who Seriously want to watch me Jack Off for her Face to Face but think I be looking for More from them.
Not True Ladies I LOVE a Woman’s ENTIRE Body from her Hair down to Her Toes do don’t have to get UNDRESSED for me if you don’t WANT TOO ALL I Need is for you to Seriously Want to Watch and I don’t Care Where we meet
When I say I just want to be Watched, I Seriously just want to be Watched, so I Hope you really understand what true Masturbating is about and I give you All my Best, NLVpassionfruit

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