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Some storytelling. Some true, some fantasy with a mixture of observations and randomness thrown in for good pleasure, I mean measure.
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Strange Turn On
Posted:Apr 26, 2012 8:16 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2015 7:29 pm

A woman told me it would turn her on if she watched me jerk off and cum in my mouth on cam.

Ladies, would that ever turn you on?
Jingle My Cock
Posted:Dec 20, 2011 8:19 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2015 7:30 pm

This is Holiday Entry #1:

Jingle My Cock (to the tune Jingle Bell Rock)

Jingle my, Jingle my, Jingle my cock.
Jingle my balls, just jingle it all.
Your licking, and sucking and using your hand.
And it's feeling grand!

It's a great night, tonight's the night,
to wrap your lips round my cock.
It's a well time, to have a swell time,
but don't you stop until the last drop.

Lick me up, lube my ass, I'll get on all fours
as I lay on the floor.
Hump and pump me from behind,
as you wiggle my, as you jiggle my, and you jingle my cock.

Da da da da . . . yeah!
Good Vibrations
Posted:Dec 10, 2011 9:07 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 3:00 am

There was a girl I talked to for months on Heated Affairs. She lived in AZ. A few times a year I make a trip out west. This time I was going to finally hookup with my friend Jessica.

Now Jessica loves sex. And she likes to tease. And boy did she tease me big time.

For the trip she asked me to bring a few sex toys . . . handcuffs, gag, vibrating toys (fake pussy, anal probe) . . . she said bring a few toys for her to make me her boy toy. This was a little strange, but hey she did promise me a great time if I did.

She arrived at the hotel and immediately she handcuffed me and blindfolded me on the bed. Months of chatting on the phone added to the anticipation. She put a gag in my mouth and I was at her mercy.

She begin with putting my cock in her mouth. I quickly got hard. It felt so incredible. She knew how to work a cock. I felt my balls being forced inside something. But what? And then I felt the vibration on my balls and cock. She told me it was an Adonis pouch. She continued to slowly suck my cock as the pouch vibrated. She stopped sucking my cock and I felt it get placed into something tight and wet. She stroked me up and down and then I felt my engulfed penis vibrating and sliding. She told me it was her pocket pussy.

The vibrations on my balls and cock was pretty intense. It was just wrong, but kinky, and oh so good! She must have pulled off her panties off because I could feel something rub against my nose and smelled the scent of her pussy. I so badly wanted to taste her but was denied by the gag she had put in my mouth moments before.

Then came the big surprise . . . I felt something cold being inserted into my ass. It started to vibrate. So I had my balls vibrating in the Adonis pouch, my cock vibrating in a pocket pussy, and something vibrating in my ass.

It only took about 30 seconds after the insertion, but I couldn't control myself any longer. I exploded into ecstacy inside the pocket pussy with an orgasm that lasted almost 10 seconds. I could feel multiple contractions and probably lost a pint of cum (I know it wasn't even close, but I am sure it was the most I ever did).

She then took off the pocket pussy, but left the vibrator in my ass and the pouch continued to vibrate on my balls. She took the gag out of my mouth and then started to rub her pussy on my face . . . my nose, my mouth . . . it took a minute or so but I was again hard as a rock.

She then continued to suck my cock for a few minutes as I ate her out. She stopped and took the blindfold off. She was about a foot on top of me and started to use a vibrator on her herself. I so wanted to be the vibrator and wanted to fuck her real pussy. But the handcuffs prevented me from getting any closer.

She began to drip . . . some of it went into my mouth. Oh how I wanted to taste more! She then began to scream as juice started to squirt all over my face. It lasted about 15 seconds before she quickly turned around and started to rub her pussy then rub her juice onto my cock. Instantly hard she climbed on my cock and began to ride me. Thank God I came earlier or I would have exploded on the spot.

I lasted maybe 7 or so minutes of her riding me like I was her thoroughbred champion. I creamed inside her and she continued to ride me and drain every remaining drop.

She continued to kiss me rubbing her body against mine until she got up and left me tied to the bed with the pouch and anal probe still vibrating. How do I explain what happened, I had meeting tomorrow! An hour she came back to free me, and we had sex one more time before she left to go home.

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Interesting observations lately . . .
Posted:Jul 25, 2011 10:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2011 8:02 am

Wow. Heated Affairs continues to surprise me. 2 recent things I thought you may find amusing. Let me know of your experiences or observations too. This ranks up with the time I saw the most gorgrous people live in Summit (browse through my 7 Heated Affairs Trick postings from a few months back).

First thing is I used to get a lot of flirts from the Phillipines. What the heck? Now I saw one of the photos on the login page where they show mocked up names and photos. I used to think people just tried to get you to sign and get a commission to upgrade after viewing a link. Do I connect the dots and think Heated Affairs is behind it instead. If so, how many online members are true members. Another thing to make you say hhhmmm.

The second thing is what is up with these 2 names combined into 1 followed by a number. You view and it always says Men 1 on 1 sex. You click, and they ask you to upgrade because it is the first 3 days. Then you hotlist and on the 4th day the profile is inactivated. Ha Ha!

So tell me of anything you've seen like that . . . this inquiring mind wants to know .
Heated Affairs Upgrade Trick#7
Posted:Jul 20, 2011 2:59 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2011 8:01 am

You start working out and take a new picture to show the new you. The picture is approved, and then you get 7 flirts in your In-Box. You click on the profile and need to upgrade to gold because it is the first 3 days.

Is this because you look good and the newbees think you're hot?


Welcome to Upgrade Trick #7 . . . the fake flirt.
The House Boat
Posted:Jul 11, 2011 6:28 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 3:00 am

Any one a fan of the Jersey Shore? No, not the show, but the actual Jersey Shore. In particular, Seaside Heights.

Now if you have never been to the Jersey Shore, it is quite a site to see in the summertime. Lots of short-shorts, mini-skirts, bikinis, tank tops . . . skin, SKIN, SKIN! Just being at the shore and seeing heavenly bodies wearing next to nothing has an erect, I mean an effect on people .

So I was walking down the boardwalk and saw a very sexy blonde wearing hot gold short-shorts and and a tight black tank top. I had a couple of drinks and was feeling a little bold, so I used a cheesy pick up line from a iPad game I saw . . . excuse me, you are in the wrong place. The Miss Universe pageant is over there.

She must have been really drunk. She laughed. I then told her it is a tradition to get my picture taken with the hottest girl on the boardwalk. She must really be drunk because it worked.

We hung out for a few beers and she invited me to her house boat to hand out with her and her girlfriend. Drunk and horned up, I agreed. What a mistake.

You see she had a fettish that I did not know about: she was a lesbian that liked to make out with her girlfriend in front of guys that are tied up.

And to make it worse, she wanted to make a home movie. Not of me, but of her and her friend.

Now I did not know this when I agreed to be handcuffed to a pole and stripped down. For you see they place a helmet connected to a webcam on the top of my head, and decided to make out in front of me.

They faced each other, looking into each others' eyes and held hands. They then got closer and gave each other a kiss. Then another. Each one getting more passionate. They placed their hands up the tanks tops of each other, feeling each others' breasts.

Then the tops came off and they held each other closely, chest to chest. The skirts came off and I saw the color of the panties. One was pink. One was white.

At this point I was hard as a rock, but all I could do is watch. And then they started to 69. And then the toys came out.

They proceeded to take turns on each other as I watched, filming with the cam helmet. At the end I was so horned up they removed the helmet and untied one of the cuffs. As I jerked off they filmed me, and then uploaded the entire escapade on an adult dating website. Face and all.
100 Watching . . . and Counting
Posted:Jun 27, 2011 11:57 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 2:59 am

It is a Monday afternoon in good old Phoenix Airport. 110 degrees. On my way to the resort for the convention. I get into the shuttle van, attend a few meetings, and then decide to relax and chat a little on Heated Affairs.

I started chatting with a cool girl named Jessica. She lived pretty close to the resort, and her pictures got me in a horny mood. We decided to chat on cam. I told her I always wanted to be tied up and teased on cam with complete strangers watching. She thought the idea sounded like fun, and dared me to let her and a friend tie me up and have their way.

I gave the address, and she came over with her friend Julie. We logged in with my account, and I stripped down to my birthday suit. My hands were cuffed to the bed, and they went into the 'Girls Watching Guys Cum' chat room. Jessica started to stroke me off with lotion until I was rock hard, and then started the webcam.

She mentioned 2 girls were jerking off a defenseless guy, and quickly 5 people started to watch. It was hot and feeling sooooo good. They told me that I could not cum until at least 100 people were watching at the same time. Why so many . . . but what could I do except handle my punishment.

The girls stripped down to their panties and went topless. 8 watching. They stopped focusing on me and started to kiss for the camera. 10.

They pulled the panties to the side and started to touch each other as they kissed. Oh, come on! 12. Jessica was the ring leader and asked if I wanted a taste. I nodded. She then climbed on me and put her white panties inches from my face. She pulled the panties to the side and I stretched out as far as I could and my tongue barely made contact. Spaking of contact, Julie started to slowly stoke me again. 17.

After a few more seconds, they both came up to me and we had a 3way kiss. Amazing! 22.

A friend of hers saw what was going on and her phone rang. She gave him the address and said come on over. 26.

Jessica and Julie decided to play a game . . . and each alternated one slow stroke with a twist at the end, with a few seconds between each stroke. This went on for at least 10 minutes, maybe longer. 55.

Julie then went down on me and started to lick up and down my shaft including the underbelly, but staying away from the head. At that point her friend Jay showed up with a camcorder and started to videotape the action. 68.

Now Jessica would not be outdone. She decided to cowgirl me (what other position looks so good in a porno) and slowly rode me up and down for about 20 seconds. She got off me and stroked me with her juices for a couple more seconds with a heavy focus on the head. I started to pre-cum. 79.

Since I was getting too close they decided to stop, and began to kiss again. This time Jessica went down on Julie and pulled off the panties as Jay continued to film. After a few minutes they switched. This time Jessica started to ever so lightly stroke my cock with her index finger and Julie continued to eat her out. 98.

I was getting excited that 100 people would watch. But it turned out that was not enough. Jessica and Julie took it up another notch and started to take turns sucking my dick. I felt the insertion into Jessica's mouth as she went down and up one time and stopped. Julie did the same. The alternating sensation of penetrating was insane. 212.

Julie got up and gave me a wet kiss, and then flipped over and sat up with her pussy on my lips. Jessica proceeded to get on top as I penetrated in her yet again. Jessica and Julie started to kiss as the camera was rolling. Knowing I was close, this position lasted only 10 seconds (or less). 531.

Jessica and Julie stopped as my cock was throbbing big time. Jessica went into her purse and pulled out a mouth gag and wrapped it around my neck forcing my mouth to be open. 912.

Jessica and Julie slowly took turns licking, stroking and sucking my cock. Never more than twice without stopping. Jay put the camera down facing the action and stripped down to his boxers. Jessica continued the torture of slowly stroking my cock. One stroke and stop. Pre-cum dripping everywhere. 1732.

Jay stood a few feet over me and Julie started to jerk him off from behind with lotion, pointing his cock towards me. Jessica continued to slowly stoke me up and down. One stroke and stop. But this time she also massaged my balls in her mouth. 2,298.

She stopped and said Jessica and Julie wanted Jay and me to cum at the same time. I was almost there long ago. Julie began to nibble on Jay's neck and stroked him off faster. He said he was almost there and at that moment Jessica stroked my fast and hard, twisting my head like a doorknob. Within seconds on each other I shot a load about 3 feet in the air as Jay came from above, partially getting it on my chin, partially on the mouth gag, and partially in my mouth.

The final tally 2,969.
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Arizona Copy Cats
Posted:Jun 26, 2011 9:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2011 4:20 am

Recently I travelled to AZ for a business meeting and started chatting with a local couple. The chatting led to camming which the next night turned into a dare. A dare to meet and play a game of copy cat.

The rules were simple . . . whatever I did to her, he would do to me. Whatever she did to me, I would do to him. And was there quite a bit of doing things to each other that night.

So we met at a nearby restaurant near my hotel for drinks, and we really hit it off. So we decided to head back to my hotel room for a friendly game of copy cat.

We quickly disrobed, and the fun began. She used her pointer finger and motioned me to come to her, and pointed down to her clean shaven pussy. As my lips interlocked with hers, I could fell his mouth engulf my manhood. The smell of her love juices and his masterful oral technique was very hot . . . and it was time to change things up.

She got on her knees and grabbed my cock as I stood up on my knees. One hand on the base the other rubbing up and down my shaft, and then she wrapped her lips around my cock. He stood on the bed with his cock facing me and I began to mimic her moves on him.

She took her mouth off my cock, I took mine off his. She rubbed my cock like a doorknob, I rubbed his cock the same. A few minutes later, we switched up again.

After a few rounds of switching up, she came and seconds later I returned the favor in his mouth. But we were not done yet.

She kissed me and got me on my back and handcuffed each hand to a post. We got in a 69 position and I started to lick her pussy again. He put a blindfold on me as I continued to smell and taste her pussy.

I felt constant changing of sensations on my cock as they alternated stroking, sucking . . . massaging my balls. After a few minutes I felt a finger slide up my ass and rub my prostate gland. The rubbing of my prostate and stroking of my cock was too much to bear and I quickly came.

The blindfold came off and the view I saw was him doing her from behind as I lay tied up on the bed. She continued to lick up and down my shaft until he pulled out and came on my stomach. She then licked his cum off of me and then they began taking turns sucking my cock.

I stayed hard but it took a while for me to cum a 3rd time, but I did. I was exhausted.

They then untied me and told me they would be coming back tomorrow and wouldn't take it so easy on me the next time.
By Lesbians
Posted:Apr 17, 2011 7:03 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 3:05 am

About 12 years my sets, I drove them back to their Manhattan apartment. They lived in a studio witago I used to dance on boxes in NYC (yes I was a gogo boy). One day while dancing at a club called the Roxy, these 2 hot girls started asking me a lot of questions. They seemed very excited to talk to a guy with a nice body, and that graduated first in his class.

They told me I was hot and wanted to fuck the shit out of me all night long. Who was I to turn down a hot time with 2 hot chicks?

After I was done withh a large king sized bed. They explained to me they were a lesbian couple, but were in need of a man. They also said they would do anything I wanted. Pinch me, was I dreaming?

So they both started kissing me on my neck as I took off my jeans to my Calvin Kleins. I definitely did not want to rush this opportunity. I took off my boots, socks and Tee shirt and was down to the whities. I was on my knees as they continued to nibble on my necks as their fingertips went up and down my back and my chest, sending chills and shivers up my spine.

They ventured their hands down to my underwear and slowly rubbed up and down on the underwear over my hard cock. I started to kiss Christine, as Dawn started to undress down to a pair of silk white panties. Dawn then started to kiss me as Christine stripped down to only her pink panties.

I laid down on my back and started to navigate my hands down inside their panties. I alternated between kissing Christine and Dawn. Both were great kissers. Occassionally they would stop to kiss each other. Then kiss me. We had an occassional three way kiss.

After a good 30 minutes of foreplay we moved on to some oral sex. They both started to kiss my neck, then kiss my nipples, lick and kiss my chest, and then the CKs came off. They started to alternate sucking my cock. Dawn sucked up and down 4-5 times, then Christine did the same. They continued to take turns, very slowly. The constant change of pace and feeling of penetration was amazing.

When I was close, I begged them to stop. I needed to regain my control, and it was my turn to showcase my oral talents. I pulled the white panties of Dawn to the side. She had a landing strip cut, with a medium sized clit, and small lips. She was a litle wet already as I started to slowly lick her up and down. My thumb kept the panties to the side as I used the fingers of my other hand. Christine pulled off her silk pink panties, and sat facing Dawn's mouth as Dawn started to eat her out. We stayed in this position for a good 20 minutes. Dawn said she came, as did Christine. We then switched up. I went down on Christine, and Dawn started to return the favor and sucked me on so slowly, and oh so good.

Christine was already so wet. She was completely shaven, and had a large click and big, beef lips. I lasted about 5 minutes and aksed Dawn to stop, I didn't want to cum just yet.

They told me they were on the pill, and were so horny they wanted me to go bareback in both of them. I told them I was game as long as I could still pull out. They both smiled and laughed.

Christine got on her knees, and I penetrated her from behind. She was very wet, and still a little tight. Dawn started to sandwich me from behind and massage my balls. I started to slowly fuck and within moments, I had to stop. I alomost lost control, but was able to stop in time. I then took a minute break as the girls shared nice, wet kissed. Dawn then got on her knees and I entered her from behind. She was very tight, and within 30 seconds I was about to explode and had to stop.

Dawn said she wanted to do something kinky. She flipped a coin and Christine called heads. It landed on heads . She then laid back, and motioned me towards her with her finger. I could not resist and entered her in missionary. Dawn then wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. I felt something metallic and cold on my wrist. Click. I then heard a second click. I was chained to the bed, trapped inside of Christine's pussy. She moved slowly back and forth. Dawn on the other hand applied lotion and started to massage my ass. Dawn then said she wanted to fuck the shit out of me and penetated me from behind. Christine than wrapped her legs around my back and locked me in.

Dawn continued to fuck me while I was inside of Christine. Christine told me she wanted me to cum inside her. And that she was ovulating. And wanted my baby cravy. As much as I tried not to and escape, I couldn't. I knew it was wrong, but I quickly exploded. Dawn continued to fuck me for at least 30 more minutes with my cock still inside Christine. It was a wierd feeling getting fucked, and my cock stayed hard. Unable to get free I came a 2nd time, and they kept going. I felt something put into my mouth, then got lightheaded, and must have passed out.

In the morning I woke up in my car, fully dressed. I never saw the 2 girls again, and did not remember where they lived. All I know is I was and used by a lesbian couple.

So remember guys, think twice if a hot lesbian couple invites you home for some fun. You may get more than you bargained for.
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The Beaded Necklace
Posted:Apr 9, 2011 8:37 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2011 6:30 pm

I am sure you have all seen the movie 'The Wedding Crashers'. I was 18 when my sister got married, and I have quite a tale to tell.

I caught one of the cocktail waitresses giving me a wink. She was in her early to mid 20s. Being a horny 18 adolescent without much sexual experience, I was extremely nervous and shy. But nevertheless she came over to me and said Hi and we chatted for a bit.

She asked me if I like pearls. I thought this was a wierd question. I said 'I guess so'. She told me I am going to love pearls and told me to follow her.

She took me through the kitchen to a private room and locked the door. She then took out a pearl necklace and asked me to undress. Of course I did and she proceeded to wrap the pearl necklace around my cock, and began sucking on my head as she jerked me off with the beaded necklace.

It was quite amazing! When I was close to cumming I told her to stop. She started to suck more hungrily until I unloaded my 5 seconds of total ecstacy in her mouth. She continued to suck me for about 30 seconds longer to ensure she captured every drop.

When she was done, she took the beads off my cock and back into her pocket. She asked again if I like pearls. "Of course, I love it!"
Heated Affairs Upgrade Trick#6
Posted:Apr 8, 2011 6:06 pm
Last Updated:Apr 10, 2011 10:52 am

Anyone else notice an obscene number of hotlist requests recently? I find it amazing how Heated Affairs continuosly finds ways to annoy me with these tricks to upgrade. Then I see my list and all but 1 says inactive or turned off. When I see this, I get turned off.

Should I give in to the dark side and buy the gold? Will that make the madness go away?

Anyone else noticing this in the past few days?
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Foot Jobs
Posted:Mar 30, 2011 7:20 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 3:03 am

Many guys have had blow jobs. Many guys have had hand jobs. But how many guys have ever had a foot job?

It is quite an amazing experience!

My college sweetheart loved giving me foot jobs. We would use Jergen's lotion as a lubricant. I would have my shaft go on the entire sole of the foot, applying pressure against her foot so my entire cock would get massaged as I moved a little up and down.

I would also slide by cock between her big and pointer toe (the underbelly would get the friction). She would wiggle her toes which led to numerous intense orgasms! The fact you get to have some control of the pressure and angle, you can cum without worry of pregnancy, and there was no stopping like if you ever bareback and pull out at the last second . . . a great combination.

Give it a few tries, and let me know how it wotks out.
Posted:Mar 24, 2011 7:30 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2012 3:04 am

My sophomore year of college, a girl I knew named Ann told me that using food with sex could be fun.

I was a little rude and asked her are you talking about using a hot or cucumber. She jokingly said no. She likes eggplant because they are big, thick and black.

Well anyway, I asked her what kind of fun did she have in mind besides whip cream and syrup. She told me a banana could be fun and she'd show me later that day.

So we went to the dining hall for dinner. She ate a banana on the way out as we walked back to the dorm. When we got to my room, she was done with the banana and told me to show her my banana.

Of course I did. She proceeded to jerk me off with the banana peel! Let me tell you that the inside of the peel was wet and felt like a pussy as she rubbed it on my cock. Especially when she wrapped the skin around my cock and door knobbed my head.

I shot a massive load in about 5 minutes.

Ann being a smart ass told me next time she would introduce me to a melon. I never got the opportunity.

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