Good Vibrations  

NJWebCamGuy 50M
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12/10/2011 9:07 pm
Good Vibrations

There was a girl I talked to for months on Heated Affairs. She lived in AZ. A few times a year I make a trip out west. This time I was going to finally hookup with my friend Jessica.

Now Jessica loves sex. And she likes to tease. And boy did she tease me big time.

For the trip she asked me to bring a few sex toys . . . handcuffs, gag, vibrating toys (fake pussy, anal probe) . . . she said bring a few toys for her to make me her boy toy. This was a little strange, but hey she did promise me a great time if I did.

She arrived at the hotel and immediately she handcuffed me and blindfolded me on the bed. Months of chatting on the phone added to the anticipation. She put a gag in my mouth and I was at her mercy.

She begin with putting my cock in her mouth. I quickly got hard. It felt so incredible. She knew how to work a cock. I felt my balls being forced inside something. But what? And then I felt the vibration on my balls and cock. She told me it was an Adonis pouch. She continued to slowly suck my cock as the pouch vibrated. She stopped sucking my cock and I felt it get placed into something tight and wet. She stroked me up and down and then I felt my engulfed penis vibrating and sliding. She told me it was her pocket pussy.

The vibrations on my balls and cock was pretty intense. It was just wrong, but kinky, and oh so good! She must have pulled off her panties off because I could feel something rub against my nose and smelled the scent of her pussy. I so badly wanted to taste her but was denied by the gag she had put in my mouth moments before.

Then came the big surprise . . . I felt something cold being inserted into my ass. It started to vibrate. So I had my balls vibrating in the Adonis pouch, my cock vibrating in a pocket pussy, and something vibrating in my ass.

It only took about 30 seconds after the insertion, but I couldn't control myself any longer. I exploded into ecstacy inside the pocket pussy with an orgasm that lasted almost 10 seconds. I could feel multiple contractions and probably lost a pint of cum (I know it wasn't even close, but I am sure it was the most I ever did).

She then took off the pocket pussy, but left the vibrator in my ass and the pouch continued to vibrate on my balls. She took the gag out of my mouth and then started to rub her pussy on my face . . . my nose, my mouth . . . it took a minute or so but I was again hard as a rock.

She then continued to suck my cock for a few minutes as I ate her out. She stopped and took the blindfold off. She was about a foot on top of me and started to use a vibrator on her herself. I so wanted to be the vibrator and wanted to fuck her real pussy. But the handcuffs prevented me from getting any closer.

She began to drip . . . some of it went into my mouth. Oh how I wanted to taste more! She then began to scream as juice started to squirt all over my face. It lasted about 15 seconds before she quickly turned around and started to rub her pussy then rub her juice onto my cock. Instantly hard she climbed on my cock and began to ride me. Thank God I came earlier or I would have exploded on the spot.

I lasted maybe 7 or so minutes of her riding me like I was her thoroughbred champion. I creamed inside her and she continued to ride me and drain every remaining drop.

She continued to kiss me rubbing her body against mine until she got up and left me tied to the bed with the pouch and anal probe still vibrating. How do I explain what happened, I had meeting tomorrow! An hour she came back to free me, and we had sex one more time before she left to go home.

FreakyFoxyVixen 33F  
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12/10/2011 10:16 pm

THat's so hot!!

NJWebCamGuy replies on 12/11/2011 4:15 am:
Glad you liked it! Nice photos . . . I'd be your boytoy anytime .

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