When you are Alone  

NAKEDsunNfun 50M/46F  
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10/3/2021 9:06 pm
When you are Alone

When you are alone and Masturbating does your alone time EVER include anal with just yourself where something from fingers or more is inserted into your ass.
Yes it does
No it does not

seoulswing2 38M/28F
149 posts
10/5/2021 11:11 pm

we both enjoy butt plugs and dildos in the ass for masturbation. It's great for getting prepared for anal sex

faroutmanzone 60M
98 posts
10/13/2021 2:37 am

Absolutely. I'm constantly thinking about having something inside me and, I love daydreaming about the next time I'll get to slip anything in. Thanks for asking !

oldbstrd55 64M
3225 posts
10/13/2021 7:45 pm

I've got a butt plug, couple of dildos and a thruster. Something is going in my ass.

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