Hot Stranger Sex  

MyPussySaysHi 33F
12 posts
11/24/2021 5:45 pm
Hot Stranger Sex

How many of you just randomly messaged someone on here meet up in 30 mins and then just fucked them for hours and was the best experience ever

justfun2bhad 54M  
9 posts
11/24/2021 8:40 pm

I have done it a few times

MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:55 pm:

rickmic1234 62M  
1 post
11/24/2021 10:49 pm

I have done it without talking for 30 minutes

MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:55 pm:
Super stud!

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
941 posts
11/24/2021 11:02 pm


MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:56 pm:

fang070 51M
1250 posts
11/25/2021 2:44 am

Does this really happens?
Defiinitely, not to me

110voltman 65M
14 posts
11/25/2021 4:12 am

I have been on and off of this site for about 25 years and have met and had sex within 30 minutes a few times. Most of the time a short conversation of less than an hour is pretty much standard. What is kinda funny is it happens on Plenty of Fish also. When I was in my 40's l would date women in their 60's. from here. I found that using manners and not talking about sex was the fastest way to the bedroom. Compliment their home or speak about a picture of their family you might see on the mantle helps to develop a sense of comfort. All of us have a dick or pussy so that doesn't need to be a topic but l find the mind is the best thing to seduce and sometimes you don't even make it to the bedroom...

MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:53 pm:
very good response!

Buttmuncher2021 63M  
34 posts
11/25/2021 4:24 am

I have but its been years

nova197238 58M
241 posts
11/25/2021 5:41 am

Yeah, if only it was that's definitely never happened with me, not that I don't want it too, but there never seems to be anyone close to my area when I'm on here.'re from Mass, albeit the other side of the state from me, but maybe you'd like to meet up one of these days. Message me if interested.

profcoquin27bis 57M
4264 posts
11/25/2021 6:02 am

not me but i want !!!

Pete4819 79M  
5 posts
11/25/2021 6:07 am

I still think of her can't get out of my mind Was so beauitful

MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:54 pm:
aww thats sweet!

CleavageFan4U 64M  
69111 posts
11/25/2021 6:35 am

Glad it worked out for you!

Despite the hype, that's not how it works around here in general (for men anyway). The closest I've come to doing this is messaging a lady, driving for 90 minutes, finding her hot AS FUCK, but a total airhead that I didn't even WANT to have sex with.

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T_Louise 56F
191 posts
11/26/2021 6:57 am

For me, it is the worst thing ever. He does not even know me or my likes and most likely, he gets off, leaving me high and dry

MyPussySaysHi replies on 12/6/2021 5:53 pm:
I kind of agree

HallPassInLowell 56M
145 posts
12/3/2021 9:07 am

Well, you are more than an hour away from me, or I would offer to meet and we could both find out together. Now, if you said meet in 90 minutes and were willing to meet me half way, ...!

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