SMH why is this so difficult  

Mmeaz 45F
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11/16/2021 10:09 pm
SMH why is this so difficult

Logged in again of course half my messages I can't reply because they don't the upgraded membership. A quarter of them are too , too old, too dark or too fat. The remainder are question marks.
I just need one, one reliable bra actually knows how . I think I asking too much or not putting enough effort in u journey. is definitely a contender he just lives so far I yet make over . If I knew he wasn't a troll I would done been but that's way far travel for a troll. I would be pissed and would be reprocussions.
should be way more accountability out for those portray themselves other than what they are. I am anti social takes a lot get myself out the door then said location and even that's not a guarantee I will arrive I left more parking lots than I can count. I no way of knowing if I will<b> park </font></b>the car or salmon the gas peddle 's a split decision. But I always go with my gut but sometimes I overreact I don't care if I bounce I bounce.
I blame the trolls. I would rather bounce on some dick but 's not as simple as may seem.
Well wish me luck ......

lovetoloveaz 59M

11/20/2021 1:59 am

not that it is difficult. its a matter of choice, you have what men want, you grace the page with sex and very pretty, from the young studs to the old they crave you. To old that is choice, to young then you let yourself fall to being just a opening. Have you tried fetlife a fun site more open maybe you have a hidden kink that needs to come out. a spanking, or bondage, maybe it daddy issues who knows why we are all in here. but do not get discourage you are to sexy

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