Old Memories but Still the Same Desires  

MissEmily2015 63T  
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1/13/2022 11:25 am
Old Memories but Still the Same Desires

Its just whats in my heart.... I am a closet sissy. I am a man out in the daylight but turn to Emily when I am alone in a hotel. I dream of waking up one day free of all the manly things and a true girl with<b> breasts </font></b>that protrude, a cute butt that is firm and round and a thin little waist that can be held tightly with a pussy that can be stroked and feel a cock when it cums because it is so sensitive. I long for that more than anything other than all the obligations I have as this man I am during the daylight hours....

Thank you sweetie and I really like you....

Most would look down on me and my feminine side but you are so sweet and kind....

Wouldn't it be great to let everything go and just live together as two girls and go thru complete transitions to become who we know we are inside? I envy those that are and know they have had to sacrifice everything to become the girls that were inside....

Start our treatments and watch each other grow into the curvy women we feel inside. Get breast implants and then explore and play with each other... Have the laser treatments so that we no longer have the hair so our bodies are so silky smooth and soft.

Miss Emily

Casey_jt8 69T  
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4/29/2022 7:30 pm

Emily, that would be lovely to experience with only I had the money to move forward on this journey. I have an ongoing dream that I go to sleep as I currently am but wake up in the morning minus the cock and testes between legs to discover a wet, moist, beautiful shaped vagina, clit and labia with ample breast and large nipples to suckle. For us to play with each other and enjoying pleasuring each other as we continue our transitions with laser treatments, and working on smaller waist and sexy hot butts while expand our wardrobes and toys to play with each with as we learn more what pleasures we mutually enjoy together.

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