New Years Saga Continued  

MisfitJohn138 39M
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1/8/2022 6:55 pm
New Years Saga Continued

Goodness fuck ya'll. What a day. I literally just sang about why its to early for ice<b> cream </font></b>to my self and grabbed a diet coke instead. So to stop even my own mouth, back to new years.
Internet land and Des Moines lets face it, it doesn't matter anymore. You know the movie snatch? Brad pit is in it. The scene of his mothers wake..... If you know the scene and your balls are kinda twinging you know exactly what I am talking about. Yet the deepest part of me has always done its best to protect from that spot, that is my happy space. So new years the dragon chasing me. The dragon being this this surge of emotion and feeling that I knew would knock my fucking ass side ways. Fuck mother fuck I sat here and said don't go, don't go mother fucker. BUT FUCK ME! I went, and the emotional dramatic plot twist or what ever you want to call it is fucking stupid. Even after the, Wanna get points ask about this side bar in my voice memos, Freshly showered and looking daper as fuck i exited the bathroom, *said in the voice of Tom Segura "I Tell you WhuUT!" Dragon on my heals, I quickly forgot me. The Dragon on the other hand never took its eyes off me. These people were amazing, I'm a fucked up mess but apparently I always leave an impression. The fucked up and important part of this is that I knew I placing my self in a place of absolute vulnerability and.........Lets just say this. Some one pissed their bed. Look all the evidence and even carmon sandiego said that all the fingers pointed to me, and fuck, fair enough because it was me.

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