Have to ask a question.  

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12/29/2021 1:03 pm
Have to ask a question.

Ok I am not one to do this but i have to ask.
A couple of weeks ago my got out, ran to the neihbors as she does. Ran down to the one house, our long term next door folk for years, we watched thier , they watched ours, so on and so forth... very vanilla people. Our newly moved in people right below us...brought them a cake to welcome them to the<b> hood </font></b>but never really connectted. They stay to themselves, as do we. But that day our mutt, Abby, decides she wants to see thier English bulldog. Ok what ever it happens. I have already dropped off my at school and my ex-wife at work. It was an off day for me so I can go get her anytime, the that is, she always runs off but always winds up back on our doorstep, she see's me and rolls on her belly like she did nothing wrong and makes a cute face. But that morning I went looking.
Run into the woman who lives below us as she is letting out her English Bulldog. My hyper-active mutt is jumping all over her dog.
"So Sorry!." I say.
Kind of embarrassing as I am in sweatpants and a pull-over hoodie.
She was wearing a robe. Like one of those fuzzy, pink white faux fur collar things that people wear at bedtime. She has on stockings underneath and her feet are shoved into crocs.
No judgement I wear crocs.
I felt bad thought she was getting ready for work. She invited me in though. We let the dogs play...(both girls, so no worry about wierd puppies). We exchange pleasentries. She makes me coffee... rtwo sugar scoops a light touch of milk, like all good. Oddly on the TV in the living room paused on two girls kissing... maybe just a TV show I haven't seen.
"So do you and your wife want to come down for dinner some night?"
"Oh she's my ex.. I just take care of the and drive while her car is in the shop, before our is old enough to drive." I said. Giving away too much information but it is what it is.
"Oh" is all she said, but we are at her kitchen table and she is not sitting very lady like. I.E. the hem rode up and I can see that her stockings are held up by garters. And as well that she is not wearing a bra or shirt at the time. "We were afraid to ask you all over for dinner some night."
We meant to do the same but well...." having had problems and in the midst of divorce, inviting people over was not an option. "Sorry."
"No problem." she said.

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12/29/2021 7:30 pm

Did I miss the question ?

MasterThugs65 46M
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12/30/2021 6:55 am

In the next blog post, it split it up for some reason.

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