Hot, Wet, Executive Lesbian Love!  

LezMagick 60F
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11/22/2021 10:23 am
Hot, Wet, Executive Lesbian Love!

My new lover, who I found Heated Affairs, is a gorgeous executive Black Goddess with<b> chocolate </font></b>skin and a wicked smile. I am a beautiful executive Black Goddess with butterscotch skin, green eyes, and a wicked tongue. When we met in person it was fireworks! From the first taste of her tongue on mine…to melded mouths and entwined limbs…hungry kissing that curled our already curly hair to new degrees of nappiness…the frantic shedding of clothes and shoes…running hand in hand to her bedroom…laughing because the bed was high…to being entwined in lust bordering precariously and dangerously on full-blown love…mouths licking and sucking…hands finding folds and creases normally hidden from view…the first burst of orgasm in a scream from one woman…the second burst of a moaning, squirting cum that drenches the sheet…and finally, the quieting and simmering of lust, banked but still burning towards one another. Now, it was time to get to know one another, to find out what each had been doing for the previous 60 years they both shared. Lust knows no age; pleasure is a lifetime right.

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