my first try with a guy  

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8/24/2021 7:07 pm

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my first try with a guy

out of curiosity i put up an interest in men on this site. I have never been even naked in a sexual way with a guy but you only live once
after a few near meetings and some misses I set up a meeting with a guy who understands where i am coming from a week in the future
In one of the emails he says he would love to suck my clean shaven balls. Weird since my pics aren't clean shaven, but what the heck lets go all out so I<b> shave </font></b>them for him.

The day arrives
After work I get in the tub and touch up the shaving. what to wear...well since all i am doing is taken my clothes off I go with Commando.
Pretty nervous so I take a swig of Pepto so my stomach doesn't explode.
I put a cigar in the car for the drive home and head out.
I get there and after taking a deep breath i go inside and the meeting starts. Everything goes like he said so we undress.
I am nervous as hell so my cock is as small as it can get.
He says nothing and starts to suck.
The Cock starts starts showing life when it seems like he gags.
He gets up reaches for a paper towel in a little distress. Spiting and rubbing his mouth.
I stand that with my dick in my hand trying to figure out what is going on.
I am not sure a cap or crown had come loose and he is in pain.

meeting over. I get dressed and leave and smoke my cigar on the way home and he goes to get his tooth fixed...

Hopefully we can try again. I won't be as nervous and can get a better experience for both of us

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