The balance.  

KungFuPanda568 32M
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1/25/2022 2:47 pm
The balance.

It’s hard to find the right balance point..I’m here to branch , It’s not like I’ve been without sex or intimacy, far from it, as I got into my mid twenties I stopped being that selfish that mostly did for himself and really explored the interesting, wet juicy world of the female orgasm, I love it, I love building her up and finding those spots and rhythms and movements that get her leg jerking and her lovely pussy tightening up to body shaking climax, to give I’d receive is for everyone having a better time. It’s I’m getting older I’m getting hornier! I want more and want specifics, I want to find my sub that wants her to love her when she’s a good and to punish her when she’s been naughty and rest on my<b> chest </font></b>after I’ve filled her up, but I also want the woman that wants to be naughty and dress up and role play and I really wanna find partners that want to do couples camming. I don’t want to be an asshole and get lost in this though either, your sexual desires can take over your life and rule your mind and body until you’re halfway gone but.. it’s quite exciting isn’t it?..hard to find that balance.

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