When a Woman Leaves  

Knight_Skye29 66M
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9/18/2020 12:19 am

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8/18/2021 12:48 pm

When a Woman Leaves

Recent experiences on-line have left me wondering when a woman suddenly leaves an intimate conversation ..after confessing having had an orgasm..and suddenly vanishes...what happened ?...
sometimes it is just nice hold each other, even if we only do it virtually .... share some intimate thoughts as we both come down.... enjoy the afterglow together.... or was it all fake ? surely no-one is that cruel ... perhaps I overthink things, and she just needed time to compose herself .... but I am starting to now understand the confusion men cause when they depart suddenly ... life is a learning experience

pollly_anna 58F  
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10/3/2020 9:19 pm

Do you actually believe its anything at all.of course not.........men and women who talk sex on line virtual is just bunch of B.S. its just words written on a screen she isn't really doing or thinking anything other then.messing around passing the time.

Only_one_14 52F
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9/18/2020 7:17 am

The intimacy afterwards is just as special. Some people don’t understand that part of it.... sounds like she just wanted a fuck and run. I’m sorry- I know that pain. 💜

A Man who knows how to use his tongue is extremely useful!

Knight_Skye29 replies on 9/18/2020 10:35 pm:
sigh.. it shouldn't be like that....thanks for your thoughts... appreciated

TicklePlease 54F  
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9/18/2020 6:03 am

Maybe she just wanted a quickie and didn't want to stick around for any more chitchat?

Knight_Skye29 replies on 9/18/2020 10:37 pm:
sad, but perhaps true... ty for commenting.. appreciated

lust4life59 63F
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9/18/2020 5:15 am

As as my husband used to to say, It's hard to say not knowing. Many things can happen re online connections, phone ring, internet going out. someone show up at the door. Or perhaps she did need time to compose herself. If it's a pattern,perhaps it's real, but yet she's the type that doesn't need to bask in the afterglow
Then again, it could be fake, although I would wonder why someone would feel the need to fake it online. In that case perhaps you're better off she did suddenly leave.

Knight_Skye29 replies on 9/18/2020 10:37 pm:
I dunno, just left me wondering ty for commenting

author51 59F  
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9/18/2020 4:47 am

I have had the same happen with a lover who has now ghosted me..Not a nice feeling at all...xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life.xoxo


Knight_Skye29 replies on 9/18/2020 10:38 pm:
we all need to treat partners with more respect... even on-line ty for your comments

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