To Go Further  

Knight_Skye29 66M
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8/5/2020 11:57 pm

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6/21/2021 12:06 am

To Go Further

I wanted to go further...
I wanted more...
Perhaps I went too far...
It seems she has gone...
And my cravings remain...
Will she return..
I want more...

Only_one_14 52F
4351 posts
9/21/2020 11:42 am

Mmmmm, show her that you care. You can spoil her all you want but unless you give her your time .... it doesn’t matter. When you care for someone ... you just want them in your life.

A Man who knows how to use his tongue is extremely useful!

Knight_Skye29 replies on 9/21/2020 10:54 pm:
wanting and craving ... hard to differentiate at times...

Knight_Skye29 66M
161 posts
8/6/2020 11:26 pm

spoiling her is part of my evil plan

pollly_anna 58F  
697 posts
8/6/2020 5:44 pm

spoil spoil her rotten she will return.

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