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4/6/2022 4:19 am

has our world become so indifferent that it has made us all no matter the age a group of haters .. Over crazed sex nuts ... Women plotting against other women, people spying on other people making up stories about people just for the take the race to become #1 on a site that doesnt give you anything just knowing you have that title ... Im sorry but you can't sit and call this site a porn site .. Lol or they would have to pay us for being on it... Where did it become ok for men to have to see in a persons vagina or butthole are they a doctor .. Yeah right .. Stop hateing stop being rude stop just stop the craziness ... I got on this site yrs ago to chat have fun no matter what you did or didnt do .. Now its a new world of young haters.. Which is spilling on to the older people to be mean at you all ... We r all on this site ... Just because some one doesnt like what you do in your sexual life it doesnt mean i have to like it or be called old or a prude... Really grow up i don't have to always sit with my tits out for people to wanna chat... Its just a cheesy adult site.. That is always broken... Rememeber be nice or just leave... More to come

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