It was a fun week end  

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7/18/2021 11:35 pm

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9/17/2021 8:03 pm

It was a fun week end

I spent the weekend with an old friend that I dated years ago. I had a good time with her. But, unfortunately, it's not going to go anywhere with her. She's too conservative for me.

However, Her friend who lives in then unit below is a lot more adventurous. I went outside for some fresh air and she was standing in the parking lot talking with a few of her friends. They continues on but she caught a glimpse of me anf we started talking about ourselves.

I mentioned to her that I write erotic stories and produce short cartoons with a subject that often revolves around the swinger life style. She became interested and asked if she could see a few of them.

The conclusion of the conversation was that her and I will explore this life style together and enjoy each other in the process. Well, I'm quite enthusiastic about That. I'm happy her and I connected today. I'll be uploading some pictures of us in the next couple of days. Have a great evening.

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