Couple wanting to fulfill a Cleopatra Queen Eqyptian Fantasy  

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1/7/2022 2:41 pm
Couple wanting to fulfill a Cleopatra Queen Eqyptian Fantasy

Couple age: Male 51 / Female 40

for two to four males ages 25 to 35 years old. Wife is for men that are eye candy!! And must be at least 8.5 plus inches/girth 5.5 plus/well endowed

One woman and three to five men. The theme of the fantasy is Queen Cleopatra/Eqyptian. Female will be dressed as Cleopatra and referred to as My Queen or Cleopatra. The man should be dressed in the same style. The mens job/role is to seduce, pleasure, and follow the instructions of Cleoatra if and when given. There is no promise of intercourse. How far this fantasy will go depends on how well the men can work together as a team to fulfill the desires of Cleopatra while pleasuring her and seducing her!! The mode will be set with soft lighting and or candle light/music playing in the background. There will be champagne and possibly other drinks that you will be serving to Cleopatra and yourselfs.
1st - Your going to start off by interducing yourself and Cleopatra will inspecting each of you from head to toe? What are you going to do during your inspecting to start the seduction?
2nd - - one to two men at a time giving Cleopatra a soft soothing seductive from head to toe.
3rd - Shower - Cleopatra is wanting a<b> shower </font></b>where two men are giving her a seductive cleaning ie: one washing and conditioning her hair aas they her head. As the other will wash her body from head to toe.
4th - Bath or jacuzzi time - As she is brought champagne or drinks as her feet and hands are massaged
5th - Is where Cleopatra will keep, excuse some or all of he men. The ones she chooses to keep will work together to pleasure her! She loves your your fingertips lightly grazing her skin of her entire body ie: neck, arms, legs, feet, butt, breast, stomach, bac inner thighs and pussy. Multiple men's hands feeling on her, lips lightly kissing her all over her body, tongues grazing her body and erogenous zones, forms of foreplay. Remember Cleopatra is the one incharge.

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