Sometimes a Trip is a good thing.  

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9/5/2021 1:34 pm
Sometimes a Trip is a good thing.

You know what Life is one big gamble. You can do the math know all the odds play everything safe and easy and still have no shot at making it come out the way you want. I have been busting my ass at work lately and be honest not much relief is in sight on that end.

The universe kinda told me something and I decided to listen. I looked at trips to get out of town last weekend sometime in October I was going to schedule it out with work and make it happen. I knew I was starting to get burnt out and make bad choices everywhere. Monday rolled around and the construction was causing so much chaos I went to go get a new haircut and clear my head. I figured shit if I can't get anything done I would do something and come back later to make up the time. That didn't go over well with them so they decided to punish my ass for taking care of myself and sent me home for the rest of the week.

Now I work 60-70 hours a week of salary payed work.

......And when I was looking to make a trip out of town to clear my head they told me to go home and not come back till the week was over???????? Don't threaten me with a good time. The universe was telling me to buckle up. I booked my trip for the next day and had no regrets.

Now nothing comes without a price and Mine turned out to be the use of my new truck. On the way to a local branch of my credit union: I T-boned a BMW and smashed the front end of my new truck. It was a shit time standing in the sun burning but eventually it all cleared out.

I caught an uber to the Airport and made my flight. I rejoined Facebook again for the first time in over 2 years and kept my loved ones up to date on my adventures pitfalls and all.

I got to clear my head at a hefty price. For me it was worth it. It let me know I have to put value on me cause you know what I'm a dude no one is going to do that for me. I have to make my own opportunities and take hold if I ever want to do anything. I'm going to take that<b> lesson </font></b>and use it to shape things better in my life. Right now I have a big ass pot of Red beans cooling on the stove just waiting for rice. They didn't make them selves I made it happen.

I'm going to keep making things happen for this old pirate.

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