A different view  

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1/4/2022 10:30 pm
A different view

Being one of the rare in men who hate porn, I thought to tell you why. For starters, I've worked in the adult industry since I was 16. In working for a small video store in high school, I was renting out X-Rated movies every Friday and Saturday night along with the newest Disney title on a regular basis.

What few knew is before Blockbuster and National Video, the small family-owned video stores earned a huge portion of their profits from renting adult films. Later in my adult life, I worked for Fantasy Video here in PDX.

On one of my shifts, we were expecting demonstrators outside. Since we couldn't stop them from coming into our stores, the company owner handed me a list of video rentals he wanted pulled from the shelves before it started. The piece of paper was of our most sadistic in content.

After the demonstration, I went through the titles and wanted to know what the owner didn't want anyone to see. When I saw the title of simply "Violence," I took the video cassette and put it into a VCR to watch it in our store video booth. The scratchy images weren't of great quality, yet it was seared with vividness into my brain.

What made this particular scene stand out being there was no sound. Simple background music yes but no audio including any of the scene's character voices. In it, a woman was held spread naked by chain cuffs. In front of her was an open firepit.

The men of the video, wearing head covering, reached into the coals to pull out a white-hot steel rod. Using a handheld clamp, the woman's breast was stretched from her body while the singing hot steel pin was shoved through it.

What I remember was in watching her convulsions of pain. The camera switched to her face and in utter silence of her screams, the horror she was experiencing wasn't any studio fake. She was convulsing in her shackles as if being electrocuted. It was her facial expressions which linger in my thoughts to this day in describing it.

The second scene I recall had another woman in bondage as well. Only this time the man in it held in one hand a pair of pliers which he used to grasp the victim's labia with the vice grip to hold while slicing into it with a razor blade. It was how her body shook in pain while the<b> blood </font></b>dripped between her legs which to this day isn't forgettable.

All while silent. Just a simple musical background simply to give any viewer anything but complete silence to cover the reality of the screams and pain which I saw on that screen in darkness. I thought I was prepared when I took the job. That wasn't to be the case.

I stopped the tape and quickly put it back to be returned to the shelf it came from. From there retreated out the back door to find the storm drain of our street. kneeling down, I just started throwing up. What I witnessed wasn't acting. It was nothing less than documented torture.

While in color, it reminded me of an early 1920's black and white movie with the piano player filling in for the soundless video. Only it was obvious its quietness was covering to the inflicted sadism and real screams of pain.

In viewing the horror of what happened to those women has impacted me to this very day. I grew up with a very different perspective of what it means to be human and have never liked porn since my youngest years of memory. The Fantasy Video Experience singed for me why I couldn't fathom inflicting such pain on any woman and even conceive enjoying it.

Especially when she wraps her arms around you and begin that slow melting of flesh together in searching for the most skin contact possible. And when you find that bodily entwinement whereas as you cannot have greater connection in touching each other, how amazingly incredible that feels.

Every bit of skin possible touching and if you're lucky then to even find harmony in breathing together, that for me difines being intimate. The rhythmic connection in that moment for me is serene. How could anyone fathom wanting the exact opposite of tearing her flesh apart than sharing as much as possible?

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1/5/2022 2:33 am

an interesting post

positively4you 72F  
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1/5/2022 4:56 am

I wonder at the minds of those who perpetuate such trash as that.

EnigmaInitiative 53F  
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1/5/2022 5:29 am

I can see how that would scar someone. It sounds like you were watching something that wasn't consensual which today would probably be barred from being distributed.

I, on the other hand, enjoy porn. I worked in porn, actual making of the porn...that is. There are videos of me all over the internet doing all kinds of things. Okay, okay, I wasn't that prolific, but there are videos out there I was paid handsomely for that I did with enthusiasm with full consent.

This week's HNW: Pink/Hearts (Or Chocolate) is available on the other side.

oral4bothU 59M  
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1/5/2022 10:56 am

There is all kinds of porn, I like to see 'everything' (except pain & bondage), I see men & women doing weird stuff, some with anim**s, huge dildos long & fat, with excrement. I wonder if some of these people are victims of abduction & human trafficing. Sure, some love doing this stuff, it gives me ideas, and repulses me.

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