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The good ol' days....
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 11:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 1, 2021 7:13 am

I miss Sunday Fundays!
I miss spending the day trying drain as many cocks as I could get my hands & lips ..... The best Sunday Fundays actually started Saturday and carried over. I loved starting off the work week exhausted and sore, rug burns my knees and my jaw muscles so tight I could barely say Good morning. the boss.
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My job
Posted:Nov 2, 2020 7:18 am
Last Updated:Dec 8, 2020 10:52 pm

“Why are your clothes still and why are you not sucking my cock?”… Were the sweet words he said …. So I stripped my clothes off and got right to work licking and sucking, feeling him begin to harden in my mouth. Teasing him, taking barely just the tip into my warm wet mouth, and then taking all of him. “Oh fuck Kitten just like that” I heard him say as he tightly gripped my head, holding it in place while he fucked my mouth, forcing his entire length in momentarily cutting off my air supply, then quickly pulling back allowing me a quick breath before shoving himself back into slobbery mouth, my eyes beginning to water. He was rock hard now and ordered me to “Get on ”…..

I did as I was told and straddled him, leaning forward slowly working his cock into my slippery cunt, savoring the sensation because I know that once I lean back and really ride him the orgasms are going to come very quickly and they will be very wet. As I lean in to kiss him he grins, knowing I won’t be able to hold back much longer, knowing I need to tip of his dick to that spot deep inside my cunt. I lean back grinding hard his stiff dick, eyes closed, head thrown back getting lost in the moment, I can feel the first of many orgasms rising to the surface when he suddenly clamps down hard my nipple, instantly sending a jolt thru my entire body, most especially my cock filled pussy.

“Now be a good and cum on my cock”…. I heard him whisper as he began to assault the other nipple and with that I let out a squeal and came all over him, like the good I am.

“Don’t even think about getting off of my cock until you are told to, do you understand?”… He said in a firm voice…. “Your job when I am here is to do what you are told” and with that I came on his cock again. I continued rocking back and forth, leaning forward just taking the tip, teasing myself, then moving the way back in the saddle when my cunt needed every inch of him. The orgasms were starting come quickly now, each one wetter than the previous one, I can feel my juices begin drench us both as I hear him telling me how fukin sexy I am when I’m being a good for him, he reached around grabbing my ass, pulling towards him, spreading me open even wider and I gushed all over him again….

He eventually let me climb down off of him, instructing me to take my place face down, ass up and he entered from behind, slipping just the head into my drenched cunt, teasing me , torturing me . At this point I am incapable rational thought process, hell I can’t even remember my name at this point and he knows it, and he loves that he can take me to that place. The orgasms begin to string together, making it difficult to distinguish when one ends and another begins. He’s got a tight grip on my hips now, pulling me back onto his cock while shoving himself as deep inside as he can, he’s so hard I know it won’t be long before he fills my pussy with a big delicious load of his cum…. After a few more deep thrusts and an “ Oh FUCK” he let go and I felt pulse after pulse as he shot his load deep in my cunt.
Bring on those cold temps!
Posted:Oct 21, 2020 8:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2020 7:18 am

I recently read something I found very interesting... Research shows that exercise or physical exertion done in cold temperatures, such as Skiing, Shoveling snow, Chopping wood, will "dramatically increase semen production" Mmmmmm Bring on the cold temps I say! Nothing is hotter than being covered in a big load of hot sticky cum... except maybe being covered in several big loads of hot sticky cum
A day in the life of Kitten
Posted:Aug 16, 2020 10:10 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2020 10:34 am

I was spending another lazy afternoon by the pool with my nose in a book when two men appeared. I froze for just a moment, but I didn’t get the sense they were there to hurt me, yet there were still two strange men in my backyard. The tall dark and handsome one handed me note that read….. “Be a good girl Kitten, and do what you are told”….. It was signed Handsome.
My head instantly started spinning; I looked at them totally confused and they both just grinned as they looked me up & down like a piece of meat. I was told I had 5 minutes to grab some essentials and then we would be leaving. I started to head inside with a MILLION questions beginning to flood my brain when I ran into something that felt like a brick wall, it was the Husky one. He pulled his cock out and grunted “Get on your knees” as he shoved his semi hard dick in my mouth as far as he could. My nose smashed against his body, both of his hands firmly gripping my head. I couldn’t breathe, I hadn’t been expecting that. Everything was happening so fast I couldn’t process any of it. He began to use my throat to jack himself off, one hand on the back of my head, the other firmly around my throat; the strokes were coming fast & hard. With drool dripping onto my tits and me retching I felt him stiffen, and drive it just bit deeper, my hands gripped his thighs in an attempt to push him back so I could get air. This guy was built like a tank! I realized trying to fight it was only going to prolong it. And I stopped resisting. It was at that moment he began to shoot blast after blast of hot gooey sperm straight down my throat.
Before I could get up off my knees the tall one looks at his watch and says “Now you have 2 minutes before we are leave”. WHAT?!? 2 minutes?? “How am I supposed to know what essentials to bring if I don’t know where I am going?” I literally couldn’t think, “How long was going to be gone for?” They wouldn’t tell me anything but “You will find out everything you need to know soon”. What was my Handsome up to? I had no clue what was in store for me, what I did know was that… wherever I was going and whoever I was with… I WAS SAFE.
We headed out the door to the spiffy SUV parked in front of my house. Tall dark & handsome opened the door for me and I got into the backseat, he slid in next to me with the husky one behind the wheel. We didn’t even make it to the corner before I felt another hand at the back of my head guiding it to another stiff cock. Tall guy was a bit less aggressive than husky and his cock was shorter and thicker & much easier to manage. This time I’m ready for it…. I just wonder if he is. The SUV was roomy enough I was able to kneel between his legs, while looking up at him I took every inch of his chubby into my mouth, after I got him good and hard I focused on the head, just barely taking the tip into my very wet mouth. Popping in and out of my lips slowly, using the tip of my tongue to stroke the sweet spot. Tall & dark began to talk to God…. With his hard cock nice and wet I gripped the shaft and wrapped my lips around it, stroking him and sucking him at the same time, when he felt my nails start stroking his balls he began to curse.
Poor guy will spend a long time trying to find another blowjob like this, was the thought that popped into my head at that moment LOL. Husky of course has his mirror adjusted to he can drive and still watch the show. I know he stroking his dick, he has to be. I thought I had heard him talking & chuckling once or twice but maybe I imagined that. Tall & dark began to say “Oh Fuck” “Oh Fuck” ‘Here it comes” and his fat dick started twitching over & over, there was so much cum I had to swallow repeatedly! It was like nothing I had experienced before. “That could get a guy into trouble” was all he said when he was able to speak again. I smiled as I felt the dampness between my legs and replied “Oh believe me, it has” lol
As I was patting myself on the back I suddenly realized in all the confusion I had left my house wearing a 2 piece bathing suit! That’s it! I hadn’t grabbed any clothes. OMG! I take a quick inventory of my bag, toothbrush, hairbrush, so far so good, 4 pack of highlighters, WTF? Fruit snacks, 1 red sock and a box of band aids. Crap! I still had no idea where I was going. Were they taking me to Handsome? I had no clue.
We had been driving for about an hour when we turned off the main highway onto a gravel road and pulled up in front of a industrial type building, Husky got out and opened my door, as I started to step out of the vehicle I noticed he wasn’t backing up to let me out but standing there stroking his stiff cock. Again I felt the grip of his hand on the back of my head. He forcefully shoved the entire length of his cock in my mouth down my throat; I sat there choking and gagging, trying unsuccessfully to get some air while he continued to fuck my mouth with a frenzy. After a few minutes he pulled out and shot his load all over my face. “Let’s go” he said and as I reached up to clean my face off he grabbed my arm & snapped “Leave it”. They escorted me into the building which was empty for the most part, and there stood Handsome.
He stood there studying me as I walked in with an evil smirk on his face. “How’s my little Slut?” he asked as he leaned in to kiss me, pausing to admire the dried cum on my face. He knew my mind was flooded with a million questions; he loved putting me into a complete state of confusion. He began to explain to me how I was being given an opportunity to show him just how much of an obedient I was willing to be. As he spoke the door opened and one by one about 15 guys I had never seen before walked in. Nobody said a word, they simply gathered in a large circle around me. Handsome reached up and grabbed a fistful of my hair pulling me towards him he kissed me hard before whispering in my ear, “Make me proud Kitten” and then he stepped away, as he did so the circle closed in around me, several of them were already stroking their cocks.
The first one stepped towards me and I instinctively dropped to me knees & took in into my mouth. As my soft moist lips engulfed the head of his pole he let out a groan. Wanting to make Handsome proud I slurped and sucked with everything I had, after only a few minutes he pulled back and several ropes of hot sticky cum plastered my face. Somewhere in the background I heard handsome say “That’s a good girl”…… It’s mind boggling how much power those four words have over me.
I reached for the next piece of man meat and found a “Soup Can” cock, almost as wide as it was long, As I struggled to get my mouth around it someone stepped forward and shot several blasts of jizz all over my tits. It felt amazing and I wanted more. Within seconds Mr. Soup Can unleashed a load so big despite swallowing several times I couldn’t take it all and the rest poured out of my mouth and dripped from my chin. Immediately another cock was in its place. This guy was huge, a long thick shaft with bulging veins. I could feel my clit beginning to throb as my tongue made contact with the sensitive undershaft, I slowly and softly popped the bulbous head of his cock in and out of my mouth then took as much of him as I could, slobbering and stroking in unison. He grasped my head tightly with both hands & shoved the entire length down my throat and just held it there. I struggled to get air, pushing against him as I tried to pull back so I could breathe when I felt someone behind me, in a very low voice his mouth so close I could feel the heat of his breath in my ear Handsome growled “You stay right there Kitten, Don’t you dare get off that cock yet”, “You take it like the that you are”. I struggled to breath & tried not to gag, failing miserably at both, my eyes watering and drool flowing from my mouth. I felt someone clamp down on my nipple, pinching and twisting until I cried out in pain. I knew that touch, it was Handsome. Just then the huge cock in my mouth finally began to withdraw. I was gasping for air trying to catch my breath when I felt Handsome begin to probe my soaking wet cunt with his fingers, with his other hand on the back of my head he shoved me back down on the huge cock causing me to retch and gag. With several fingers buried in my pussy & a stiff cock down my throat I began gushing all over Handsome’s fingers, Just then the big cock stiffened and exploded straight down my throat.
Before the next guy in line could step forward Handsome was in front of me unzipping his pants, pulling his stiff cock out. My cock, The cock I live to service. As I slowly teased the throbbing head with my warm wet tongue I felt more hot sticky goo hit my bare skin as two more came forward and dumped their loads all over me. I was in Heaven. Handsome let me service him for a few more minutes before stepping away and turning me back over to the crowd. I sucked and stroked every cock put before me, I had lost track of how many loads I was currently covered in, most of them didn’t last long in my mouth.
The next guy to step up was tall and lanky with a decent sized cock that began to explode the second I touched it. The crowd was really getting into it now, cheering each other on, congratulating one another on load size and technique. The more I choked and gagged the more riled up they got. As I scanned the group I caught a brief glimpse of handsome, standing back looking at me with pride in his eyes. It was about that time that I noticed the quiet one in the back, not saying a word. I could see the bulge in his pants but noticed he was the only one in the room not stroking his cock. An older gentleman presented himself next, he was slightly smaller than average making it easy for me to accept every inch of him and still be able to stroke his balls with my tongue.
Right then I felt the tip of Handsome’s dick pressing against my tight ass hole. No lube was needed as the juices dripping from my cunt were used in its place. Just as the old dick in my mouth began to twitch Handsome pushed his way into my tight hole. With a fresh cock for my waiting mouth and a stiff dick in each hand I was officially in a complete frenzy. Handsome alternated between long languid strokes & short violent thrusts, all while telling me what a “Good cum slut” I am for him. I felt an orgasm of epic proportions building inside me. I tried to focus on the stiff dick in my mouth. I stroked him from balls to tip with my soft tongue till he begged me to put him out of his misery. Tightly gripping the shaft and sucking as hard as I could I drained him of every drop while he prayed to a God he doesn’t believe in. The mixture of feelings, emotions and sensations in that moment were almost overwhelming.
I could feel Handsome begin to get rock hard in my ass and I could tell by the primal grunting sounds coming from him that he was about to flood my sweet ass with a massive amount of cum. That sent me over the edge and my entire body began to shake, my orgasm went on for what seemed like several minutes, my juices gushing out of me onto the concrete floor with a splash. When Handsome finally stopped throbbing inside he withdrew and I felt his delicious man juice begin to leak from my spent ass.
There were still a couple guys I hadn’t gotten to but it was obvious I couldn’t go on so they stepped towards me to finish milking their cocks on to me as I lay there in a puddle of my own cum. Once my brain began to function again I noticed the crowd had disbursed, all that was left was handsome and the quiet guy, still just watching, still taking it all in…..
With a nod from Handsome the quiet one stepped forward, the bulge in his pants was massive by now and there was a noticeable wet spot on the front of his jeans. That’s when I heard Handsome say in a firm voice.. “You’re not done yet Kitten”. Unzipping his pants I pulled out a massive cock, Handsome smiled as he watched my lips part and the tip of his monster cock slip into my mouth. The quiet guy groaned loudly as he felt my warm wet mouth engulf the swollen head of his dick. With my hand stroking his shaft and my head bobbing back & forth I struggled to take all of him, but I was determined. I could feel the familiar touch of Handsome as he began pinching my nipples, prodding my clit, his chest against my bare back pushing forward, forcing more of the huge cock down my throat. I was sandwiched between the two of them completely helpless. My only option was to take it. Luckily it didn’t take long before he pulled out and blasted my face with a ridiculous amount of cum. Without saying a word he zipped up and walked away.
“I’m proud of you Kitten” Handsome said as he poured me into the truck for the drive home, with a smile on my face I drifted off to sleep.
Happy Monday!
Posted:Aug 3, 2020 6:54 am
Last Updated:Aug 18, 2020 7:05 pm

I don't know about anyone else but I personally LOVE Mondays! I'm always awake at least an hour before my alarm goes off, knowing in a matter of hours he will be here use my holes however he chooses . Nothing gives the warm fuzzies like being used as his personal fuck toy does........
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Kitten is a good girl
Posted:Mar 27, 2020 7:26 am
Last Updated:May 6, 2021 8:40 am

So a little about .... I'm a 49 year old submissive slut a beautiful journey of self discovery. my journey I have been lucky enough befriend a man who I'll call "Mr. Monday" that I have become quite smitten with and have an overwhelming desire please. Nothing feels better than knowing Mr. Monday is pleased with .
At least once a week he makes the 2 hour drive come see me. With our time together being limited he occasionally gives me tasks to complete by a certain time. For instance, this blog you are currently reading, is a task I was instructed to complete. Another time he contacted me at work with instructions to suck someone off till they filled my mouth with cum, sending a picture by 5pm as proof. Another time I had a certain amount of time to find someone to eat my pussy and fuck me while I took pictures for him. I never know what to expect from him, he keeps me on my toes and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. I feel simultaneously vulnerable and protected.
A few days ago we were chatting in the morning as we usually do when he mentioned he was considering coming down my way. He was craving my pussy and also found a private gun collection online he was considering purchasing near me and wanted me to tag along with him he looked it over.
After commenting on the boots and dress I was wearing he pulled off his clothes, put on some porn and made himself comfortable while telling me to be a good girl and get on my knees so he could fuck my mouth.
Eager to be his obedient slut I dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I absolutely love feeling him harden in my mouth. He instantly stared to moan and said under his breath, "Just like that Kitten, you're such a good girl"' I literally melt when I hear him say those words.
With his hands holding my head in place he started to fuck my mouth much like he fucks my sweet pussy. I love when he's in an aggressive mood and just uses me without holding back. When he's pumping his rock hard cock in and out of my mouth so fast I can't catch my breath, my eyes start watering, my face becoming a slobbery mess, my knees aching and my lower back muscles starting to burn and I can do nothing but take it.
As he drove he slid his hand my bare thigh under my dress lightly fingering my wet pussy he chuckled and promised fuck good when we were finished. We pulled a very nice home in a desirable part of town and were greeted at the door by a very good looking about the same age as one of my own .
After introductions I settled in on the couch prepared to be bored for the next hour while they basically spoke a language foreign to me. No biggie, I was just happy to be at Mr. Monday's side and besides the was hot!
"Before we talk numbers", "I think Kitten here needs to suck you off" I heard Mr. Monday say very matter of factly. Wait. WHAT?!?! I was completely caught off guard and still trying to process what I'd just heard when I looked at him thinking in my head "WTF?" only to be told, "Don't make me tell you twice Kitten". Being the good slut that I am I got on my knees in front of him, pulled my hair out of the way and reached for his cock completely expecting to find a much smaller than average sized dick on his larger than average body building physique. Boy was I wrong! The had a beautiful cock and I instantly wanted it in my mouth.
I wrapped my lips around it and immediately feel him start to graded in my mouth. While looking the in the eye I take his entire length into my warm wet mouth and watch him smile before his eyes roll back in his head. I feel Mr. Monday lift my dress and lightly stroke my wetness with his finger tips. I probably would have gushed all over his hand if he would have slid those fingers inside me. About that time I heard the mumble something religious to which Mr. Monday replied "I tried to tell you".
Now at this point thinking clearly was starting to get difficult, but I still caught what he had just said. He had obviously discussed my oral skills with prior to our meeting. I took a glance at Mr. Monday & melt inside when I see the way he is looking at me. I know there have been times he has been proud of me, he's told me so but, in that moment no words were necessary, I could see in his face that he was pleased and proud and it made me want nothing more than to his filthy .
The fed me several blasts of his sweet gooey cum and I made sure not to waste a drop. At that point Mr. Monday informed me there was no collection, it was all villainy and I was there for no other reason than to be used by the two of them. They took turns using my mouth and my cunt and we all 3 came in a chain reaction orgasm with Mr. Monday dumping a load deep in my pussy as I came all over his cock with the blasting off down my throat with another delicious load of cum. I excused myself to the restroom where I gathered myself and we said our good byes. Walking to the truck I could help notice the grin on Mr. Monday's face.
In the few days since this experience I have imagined I have imagined many different scenarios with Mr. Monday and the . Would love to be on my knees while they both Jack off and cum all over me. But the thought I can't seem to get out of my head is of me riding the big cock while Mr. Monday fucks my tight ass.

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