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Will Santa be on time?
Posted:Dec 24, 2021 4:37 pm
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2022 6:51 pm

I have left some cookies and a glass of milk for Santa.
Will he be on time this year?
Am I on Santa’s naughty list?
Will Santa let me sit on his laps?
Will I get a gift from Santa?

I am super excited; I love Christmas Eve❤️ I am all wet and slippery waiting for Santa 🎅!
Thankful for friends
Posted:Nov 27, 2020 10:30 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 11:16 am

This thanksgiving weekend, I am not going to write anything naughty but just say thanks to all those who have been encouraging in my back to school journey while navigating single motherhood. A huge thank you to you guys for all the nice and motivational messages.

Writing always turns me on mmmmm so I might get a little naughty today. If I do, I will definitely share
This morning - waking up slowly, sensually and pleasurably!
Posted:Nov 8, 2020 9:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2020 5:59 am

As you all know, I am currently in school while working full time as well as raising . Waking up at 4am has been rough until a kind friend mailed me a vibrating alarm clock that wakes me up with an orgasm. This alarm has been a real pleasure.

It took me a while before I tried it as the toy is super challenging to set up and another thing is that you have to wear underwear to hold the toy in place. I often go to bed with a lingerie and no panties so most nights I don't get to have my favorite alarm wake me up.

Last night, after a good shower. I set up the alarm placed it on my clitoris and slipped on some tight panties with nothing else on I hopped into bed. This morning, I woke up to some soft vibrations of the alarm clock on my throbbing clit . It was so soothing and relaxing. I turned over and laid on my stomach pushing my clitoris to the toy. With my left hand, I was rubbing my hard nipples. The warm vibrations on my clitoris and my hand on my hard nipples felt good. With the other hand, I started rubbing my pussy lips. It felt so good rubbing my fingers over my wet dripping pussy. My whole body was feeling some kind of tingles. I guided two fingers inside me. Finger fucking my wet pussy with the alarm vibrating on my clit felt so good. Still laying on my stomach I grabbed my dildo and guided that inside my wet pussy. Mmm that changed every sensation!

With the alarm vibrating on my clit, my hand pulling my nipples. I started pumping my wet slippery tight pussy with my dildo. I started pumping faster. The rhythm was getting frantic. I was getting hotter and hotter. The heat from between my thighs was reaching a scorching temperature as I started moving my hips up and down ridding my hard dildo while grinding my clit to the vibrating alarm clock.

Fucking the dildo felt so good. I continued pulling my nipples and fucking the dildo harder and harder and faster and faster. I started moaning heavily as my pussy orgasmed, releasing all the sexual tension from my body. I turned over laying on my back, breathing heavily legs spread wide open. I took out the wet dildo from my wet pussy, moved it slowly to my nose smelling my sweet fragrance of my cum then moved the dildo to my lips and slowly licked off all of my cum.

Right now; I am still laying in bed naked watching a movie. I must admit that writing this blog has gotten me all horny again. I might be setting up another alarm shortly
Life in the nude : naked at work today
Posted:Jul 3, 2020 8:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 14, 2020 7:41 am
Today is working naked day! Well its been all week actually. Not by choice but due to time constraints. I have been working naked since Tuesday this wee

There are some advantages of working from home after all. Took me 3 months to get there but better late than never.

Its been a fun week; plenty of orgasms in between conference calls. Instead of being irritated when I am in an annoying call or trying to make my point across. This week, I just let the other party vent. Usually, I will just sit back and with my boobs and my hard clit.

I enjoy rubbing my hard nipples and pulling them lightly then spreading my legs wide open with both feet on the ground using fingers rub your clit in circular motions, starting off slowly then rubbing harder and faster until I cum all over my fingers. So hot as I squirt every time.

Needless say my week so far has been less frustrating as time flew by so fast.

Going forward, I will stop taking myself too seriously and start having some working naked days, mixing work with au naturel pleasure. hihihi! Guess what I was doing while writing this blog post?

Folks one advice, if you want to try this very important make sure your camera is turned off and that your mic is muted both ways on your headset and also at the level of the conference. One can never be too cautious. A word for the wise is …..

Happy July 4th weekend!
Explosive orgasm in the shower
Posted:Jun 21, 2020 4:06 am
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2020 10:13 am

This morning, I woke as usual at 5am got dressed into my gym gears. Went down to the basement for my morning exercise.

After 20 minutes of intense workout. I sat down to take off my shoes. I could feel my panties rubbing against my clit. Amazing what little friction from cotton can do. So I took one hand and run it over my pubic area outside the cotton. My fingers drifted lower, gliding over the wet spot I had created from my wet pussy rubbing against my cotton spot gear. I was getting really horny, my pussy was soaking badly. I put my two fingers into my pussy and started moving them in and out. The squish, squish sound made me even hornier that I doubled the speed of fingering myself. It started moaning as the pleasure grew. I stopped myself just before I orgasm. I put my fingers into my mouth and licked off all my pussy juices from my fingers. I stood and went upstairs.

Upstairs, I got undressed and hopped into the shower. I turned the water hot. I was still horny, my pussy was fucking wet and was dripping cum. Pussy juice's were coming down through my legs to my feet from my wet pussy. The water my back and it felt really good. I ran my hands down over my tits, pinching and pulling my nipples, then moved my hand my belly then down my shaved wet pussy. I let my fingers over my wet pussy, the water running down my arm and hand. I was not able resist the desire anymore so I reached out and grabbed the shower head.

I pressed the shower head my shoulder, then my breast and belly as if I was doing an erotic striptease dance . I ran the shower head and down the inside of my thighs. The water was so warm and I was super turned by then and just needed more. I leaned against the side of the shower and let the shower head aim directly for my pussy.

At first I kept it a bit away, grazing it over my wet pussy and swollen clitoris. Then slowly, as the pleasure increases I drew it closer letting the water shoot inside my wet pussy while rubbing my breast with my other hand. I moved the head of the shower slowly from my wet pussy to my clit and back to my wet pussy.

I propped my foot the side of the tube. Still running the shower over my pussy and my clit. I then thrust two fingers inside my wet pussy. My pussy walls were clenching tight around my fingers. I could not stop and did not want to stop. I drew the shower head even closer to my pussy and my hard swollen clit. The warm water was tickling my pussy and it felt so good. I squeezed my boobs with the other hand. Took my boobs close to my mouth that I could lick it. I licked my dark hard nipples with my tongue. I was super horny! I started fingering myself fast to faster; faster to fattest… as the water hard my swollen clitoris …. that felt super good. I spread my legs as much as I could, stretched my pussy lips wide as I exploded into a loud screaming orgasm. My legs were shaking and my heart was beating faster. I slowly sat down catch my breath, then slowly cleaned myself and walked out of the shower.

As I was getting dressed, I bent over pick my underwear from my drawer, with my naked ass in the air I thought. Wouldn't it be nice have someone eat my pussy and my ass from behind after such a thorough cleaning.

Happy Father's Day were applicable!
The handy man's cock and my wet slippery pussy
Posted:Jun 6, 2020 5:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2020 9:26 am

My friends who are away in Europe asked let their heating company in yesterday morning for the maintenance services.
The appointment was for 8am, so I hurriedly put on a dress and drove their house. The technician was there promptly at 8am. He looked pretty young , like in his 20s with deep blue eyes. I jokingly asked him if his mother him out of the house despite the pandemic, and he laughed.
He went into the basement to off the maintenance. From the basement he shouted out and asked if I could turn on the thermostat. My friends have a weird old thermostat so I was taking a while figure out how it works. I heard him come up and asked if I needed help. I confessed that I was not sure how the thermostat worked still looking at the thermostat. Before I knew it, he was close up behind me and his hand went just past my ear turn on the thermostat.
I felt a breeze of warm air go past and the thermostat. I am not small but I soon realize how tall he really was compared . He was pretty close standing directly behind and teaching how work the thermostat. Fuck, for a handy man, he was not only super cute but he also smelled really good.
I instinctively moved slightly backwards and felt his hardness right up my ass. He was still playing with the thermostat as I slowly moved up and down on my tiptoes rubbing myself against him. He stood still as his cock stiffened.
When he was done with the thermostat his hand hesitated just over my shoulder. In a flash of a second I pulled his forearm and placed it over my breast.
He didn't need an invitation, he then grabbed my waist with such force and pulled me closer to him. He slowly moved his right hand between my legs to feel my wetness. My pussy was all welcoming… dripping wet. He threw out a loud moan and his cock stiffen even harder as he felt how wet my pussy was. I spread my legs open and started bouncing up and down with excitement over his cock as his fingers rub my clit and finger my pussy while the other hand was rubbing and pulling my nipples. I was moaning "that feels so good "; "please don't stop"; mmm yes" ; " baby, keep rubbing that pussy".
I love the way it felt, fuck! It felt so good that I started moving my hips back and forth in rhythm with his hands rubbing my clit and finger fucking my set slippery pussy. I was moaning loader and loader and I could hear him breather harder. His left hand massages my left breast while the fingers on his right play within my pussy, all of a sudden I felt my whole body trembling as my pussy pulsed against his hand and I let out one long screaming orgasm that felt like forever and left me weak in the knees.

He was still grabbing me by the waist, his face in my hair planting soft kisses everywhere on my head as I regained consciousness, guilt went through me for a second as I was thinking this is super weird, what next?
Before I could get to end of thought he turned me around, looked me deep in the eyes and said something like "I am sorry I got you all dirty, I guess I will have to clean that up" . His sexy blue eyes and the tone of his voice left me speechless. He slowly pushed me against the wall, then got on his knees. Still looking me in the eyes, he lifted my dress and without a word I took my dress off. On his knees, his hands went to my underwear. To help, I brought my legs together so the tiny piece of lingerie cascaded down around my ankles. I lifted one foot to the thong away. He then re-spread my legs, I could feel his fingers active again at my pubis, sliding again between my pussy lips, swirling around my clitoris, even delving inside my vagina to arouse my g spot. He took his wet fingers out and started licking on them like it was ice-cream.
He lifted one of my legs and placed it on his shoulder then he placed his head between my legs. He used his tongue to lightly lick the top of my pussy giving goose bumps. It felt so good that I started squeezing my boobs, pulling on my nipples, he spread my pussy and started licking. He placed my clit in his mouth and sucked on it. I could feel him licking and sucking my entire pussy. I was moaning louder and squeezing on my breasts harder as another orgasm started creeping in. My moaning's grew louder and louder as his tongue went inside my wet, slippery pussy then back to my clit. My body started to build a second orgasm as I heard him moan loader and loader too. His breathing became heavier, I held his head with both hands and pressed it against my wet pussy, I was screaming "yes! Yes! right there! right there!" as I heard him throw our a large unending grunting sound that made me cum so hard that my body felt like it had exploded into a million pieces.
He let go of my leg and then laid on his back on the floor as I slide myself to sit against the wall. He laid there panting for a while as he put his cock back into his underwear and then zipped up his pants. I could not help but noticed that he had a nice thick coc
He then rolled over, excused himself and went into the basement to wor I sat there for a while then bent over pick up my thong when I realized it was covered in semen. I picked up the cum covered thong and headed the bathroom.
Guess, I will have quarantine myself for days now! Well deserved.
Midnight caller ( a phone sex apologue )
Posted:Apr 5, 2020 6:25 am
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 5:12 am

Who would have thought that something as simple as a phone call, could turn into a moment of intense pleasure.

On Wednesday, sitting at my desk working from home. My personal cellphone rang. Usually, I do not answer personal calls during working hours but this time the phone was sitting right next to my computer, and it was a number from a local number.
I picked it and before I could say a word, the person on the other end said a super sexy "hello". Weird I thought. I took a second look at my phone, still did not recognize the number so I asked how could I help him. He then apologized saying he got the wrong number.

As I was about to say goodbye; the guy asked where I goy my sexy accent from. I laughed softly and said I excused myself saying I have to return to work. The guy apologized again and hung up.

Last night, I was in bed watching a movie when my phone rang. When I answered it was the guy who had called my number by mistake the other day.
"Am I bothering you? Were you sleeping?" he asked. "No you weren't bothering , I was just laying here trying fall asleep until you called" I responded. He joked that maybe if he helped go sleep I could finally tell him where I got my accent.

We chatted and such.. he sounded interesting and was kinda hot, it was the end of the day and I was a bit horny too. so I wondered what if I tease him just a little. I started purring into the phone while we talked. I could hear his breathing changing.

He said my voice and my accent really does have an effect on him. So, I said really? And then I asked him jokingly what he was doing . I'm stroking my cock" he said. That instantly turned even more. "Does that bother you, that I'm stroking myself?" he asked , that was unexpectedly direct that it sent chills through my body, making my nipples hard. I told him that it actually did turn and that I was so wet that I didn't have put my fingers there. I could feel it coming out from .

Then the conversation drifted masturbation and toys. He asked that I turn on the vibrator and place in on my clit. He was almost demanding and I like that.
I had the phone nestled between my ear and the pillow. I sleep in lingerie with no panties on, so my hand reached down to my pussy lips, spreading them open as I placed the silver vibrator just above my clit.

My moan was quite low, but he heard . "Does that feel good darlin'?" he smoothly questioned . "Mmmm ohhhhh yesssssss that feels so good" was I could respond with.
He asked that I leave the vibrator on my wet clit while I slide a finger inside my wet pussy with my other hand. I did what he asked, fingering myself and using the vibrator on my clit.

Then he asked taste myself. I removed my fingers out from the wetness and sucked them. They were so wet and slick from being inside.
He kept talking dirty asking fuck my tight pussy for daddy. I was moving, the vibrator around my swollen and hard clit, it felt so good.

He wanted with my breast. He requested that I with my breasts for daddy. I had lingerie so that was easy. My free hand moved from my wet pussy my breasts, rolling my nipples with my wet fingers. They were ten times more sensitive now.

As he kept talking dirty , I felt the pleasure raising. I told him I was cumming.. I couldn't hold back. "Cum for daddy baby, come , cum!" he demanded. My moans grew louder as I came. My knees and legs were shaking, my whole body did.

My nipples hardened. My panting was long and hard. I was coming back down off my first orgasm and I could hear him breathing heavily and still talking dirty .

"You want daddy fuck your aching tight pussy? You want this cock deep inside your tight pussy, fucking you hard?" he said. "Mmmmm yes, fuck daddy and don't stop until you cum. I want you to cum in my mouth" I responded.

He asked get my dildo and then show daddy my firm tight ass. He ordered get fours. That was super hot. Getting fours made my pussy drip.

Are your daddy's little cumslut? He asked. Do you want daddy take you from behind? He asked. "Tell daddy how much you want him fuck you".
I was so turned that I begged him fuck . "Daddy, please fuck my aching tight pussy from behind" , Daddy, I want feel your big thick cock deep inside my tight pussy". I begged. My pussy was arching for attention.

He asked slide my dildo in my pussy and start fucking my pussy from behind fours still keeping the vibrator my clit.
I slid the dildo in my dripping orifice, I could hear how wet I was as I moved the dildo in and out of . I think he heard as well, but wasn't sure.

"Are you fucking that sweet pussy for daddy?" He asked .
"Mmmm yesss daddy, I am fucking my sweet wet pussy for you". I responded between moans.

After a while, he asked take the dildo out, lick it. He wanted hear lick and suck my own juices off it. mmmmm, I swallowed the purple phallus, taking it down my throat then taking it out again. I heard a little snicker come from him as I gagged that huge dildo. He seemed enjoy that, yes, gag daddy's big thick cock. As I listened his voice, I was so turned that I took the dildo even deeper down my throat, gagging myself even more but was so satisfying.

He asked that I return the dildo into my tight pussy and fuck that wet pussy. I was getting hotter for him as I worked my vibrator around my clit, then sliding the dildo down my tightness . 

"I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed to me. "Open your it wide for my cock". My imagination was working over time...if I was there it would be open, ready for his cock to dive in, swallowing everything he had to give. I heard him cumming, letting out hard gasps of air. I was going wild, nothing like hearing a man that is vocal. Then I started feeling like my body was going to explode into a million pieces, I exploded in waves of uncontrollable pleasure. I could not control myself. I could not stop shaking. It was pretty wild, I actually got light headed for a bit not sure how long.

When I finally regained my breath, I could hear him breathing heavily and talking softly to me. Then there was a moment of uncomfortable silence, he some how managed to break the silence. We said goodnight but before he hung he added that he was still dying know where I got my accent from… wink wink … guess I should be expecting another call soon!

Stay safe everyone!
Ass smelling, licking and rimming
Posted:Mar 15, 2020 9:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2020 9:27 am

I woke up this morning with some beautiful flowers, a bottle of white wine and a note that read "You taste awesome, will you like to meet next weekend ? " Tempting isn’t it?

I am visiting London, so last night I was out hanging out with some old friends one of which I had dated back in the day. While chatting I must have said something about having a burning desire for my body to be explored in details by a man.

At some point, I was going about my business this old fling an eternal single as myself whispered in my ear that my ass looked so hot in my yoga pants that he is dying to smell and taste me from behind. I laughed it out and continued my business.

When it was time to leave of course old fling proposed to drop me off at my hotel. Looking back, I think unconsciously we had been flirting and teasing each other all evening as we ended up in my hotel room kissing enthusiastically. With one swift move he pulled down my yoga pants along with my panties. I was almost like in auto pilot mode, I lifted my arms up as he pulled my top off too. My bra soon followed, and finally I was standing there completely naked as the day I was born.

He stood there for a moment, admiring my body. My nipples were getting hard standing there erect; I could feel my pussy getting wet, my pussy lips glistering with pussy juice.

As we resumed the hot kissing, he gently pried open my pussy lips with his fingers then pushed a finger inside my wet pussy, that felt so good then he later brought that finger to his month sucking on it , gently sucking it in and out, as if he was sucking a cock.

Maintaining eye contact, he took the finger from his mouth and then pushed two fingers into my wet pussy again. Finger fucking me in and out as we continue kissing. His other hand firmly grabbing my ass, pulling me close to him firmly that I was rubbing my hard clitoris against his thigh.
He took his fingers out of my wet pussy and they were coated with my pussy juices. He brought his fingers to his nostrils and inhaled. Then he started sucking my pussy juices off his fingers Without breaking eye contact; I grabbed his head with both hands deep kissing him so I can taste my juices from his lips as my nostrils filled up with the smell of my sweet pussy. I came so hard that I almost passed out.

Exhausted, we both jumped in bed. As we lay there next to each other, he started running his hand through my hair and on my back, really softly. It felt so nice that I started drifting off to sleep.

Then I felt his fingers rubbing my beautiful derriere. He placed pillows gently under me pushing my ass up in the air. Then I felt him kissing my butt cheeks slowly, in anticipation, I pushed my ass up even higher. He used his legs to spread my thighs. I felt his hands on each of my ass cheeks spreading my ass wide open. Then he started licking all around my asshole; as I moan I could hear him moaning in my ass. I spread my ass checks with my hands as he ate and tongue fucked me from behind. He is definitely one hell of an ass eater. It felt so freaking good that I came again so super hard, as I orgasmed I moved my leg moved and felt something wet. Shut!!! He had been playing with his cock while eating my ass. A nasty fellow just how I love them, now I see why I had dated him back then.
Fingering My Wet Pussy to Orgasm
Posted:Mar 8, 2020 6:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 8, 2020 9:34 am

This weekend, I went to a fine art nude painting workshop. I have never been to one of those so Saturday was my very first. I was super impressed to be in a room with so many talented artist a majority of whom make a living being artist.

The evening went on well, painting, drinks and light dinning. When I returned to my hotel in the evening I was tired but super horny. I slowly took off my dress and my boots, leaving my red stockings, string and bra as I went to the bathroom to take a bath.

I was still feeling very horny and wanted to pleasure myself sexually. I got naked and hopped into my bath. I slowly ran my fingers around my nipples, then slowly reached down to stretched my pussy lips with my fingers. I pushed one finger into my wet tight pussy, while rubbing my hard clitoris with my other hand. Then it was two fingers, then more, deep fingering and fingerbanging my wet tight pussy while with the other hand I am rubbing my swollen clitoris even harder. I came really hard dreaming of a hot man watching me doing this, putting his fingers inside my pussy and fucking me like I was doing.

Fingering my pussy in the bath after a long day helps me relax. I came out of the bathroom super relaxed and went straight to bed….naked
Sex in the shower
Posted:Mar 1, 2020 5:19 am
Last Updated:Nov 1, 2020 4:51 pm

As I was taking my shower this morning; gently rubbing soap all over my body; listening some soft jazz music then I though wouldn’t it be nice have another warm body in the shower with ?

It will be so much fun soaping his whole body while kissing him gently. I rub my fingers in his hair, then slowly go around him so I can soap his back and feel his nice butt.

Slowly, I move closer so my hard nipples are massaging his back now. With one hard I rub on his strong muscular chest and with the other hard I am gently stroking his hard cock while I whisper in his ears how horny I am for him.

Licking and sucking on his ear, stroking his hard cock faster and faster I hear him breathe harder pushing his hips; his body craving for more . I rinse his cock get on my knees and take his cock in my mouth , deep down my throat. I suck his cock faster and deeper, pumping it hard. I want his cum so bad!

Feeling the warm water on my body, enjoying the feeling of his hard cock going in and out of my wet lips. I feel him cum hard deep down my throat. Mmm how I love the taste of morning cum!
Waking up insanely horny
Posted:Feb 23, 2020 5:16 am
Last Updated:Apr 5, 2020 6:25 am
Another morning where I woke up super horny. These past couple of weeks I have been waking up around 4 or 5am insanely horny. Normally at this time I am still super sleepy but the need to play is uncontrollable.

This morning struggling with sleep, fatigue and a super wet pussy, I instinctively rolled to my back, opened my legs wide and started massaging slowly the creamy liquid of my wetness around my entire pussy. Each time my fingers went over my hard clit I would feel a terrific pressure that would make me moan louder taking my breath away.

As I kept rubbing, I could feel the my whole body move uncontrollably. The desire to come was so strong that I opened my legs even wider and pushed my started pushing my hips higher. I started pinching my swollen clit between my fingers, the other hand pinching and pulling my nipples, my moaning grew as I moved my hips and suddenly exploded super hard.

That felt so good that I just laid there for a second catching my breath, feeling my pussy contracting as the creamy juices ran out of my pussy down towards my butt.

I slowly pulled out my hand and my fingers were covered with my slick creamy juices. I took my fingers to my nose to smell my wetness, I love the smell of my early morning wetness. Then I took a finger to the tip of my tongue, mmm I love the taste of my wetness. Feels so good to begin the day with my creamy pussy juicy, I then proceeded into licking all my fingers clean.

Wish I had a partner with me to clean up my dripping wet pussy now!
Eye catching butt - bouncing butt cheeks
Posted:Feb 19, 2020 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2020 5:58 pm
I went skiing yesterday, the weather was gorgeous and I was having so much fun until I had to go to the ladies.

Reluctantly, I headed to the ladies. When I saw the long line, I hesitated for a bit then realized I had no other options so I sheepishly joined the line .

A few ladies away, a grandma was chit chatting with her grand so I lifted my eyes to look at them and there just in front of them was a younger lady; probably in her 20's.

She wasn't in her ski gear but had on just her base layer pants, a t-shirt and socks ( yes no shoes). As, I was admiring her cute socks and wondering why she didn't have shoes, She moved probably from boredom , and there my eyes caught her butt and my jaws dropped. She had an eye catching butt, a firm round butt and beautifully formed legs. I couldn't help but noticed that she was totally commando, no panties underneath her base layer pants. Each time she jiggled, her butt checks moved provocatively in a slow but majestic fashion one cheek at a time. It was so hot.

I am not interested in women but for a split second I wondered; what if I could grab that firm round ass with both arms pulling her closer to me. How will it feel to smack and kiss that hot ass for being so naughty in public?

Each time she jiggled, I could feel a tingling sensation between my legs as her butt cheeks bouncing slowly butt checks one cheek at a time.

I was relieve when it was her turn to go, then came my turn and there I was super relieved as I could finally feel my wetness. Glad this all happened in the ladies room.
Valentine's Day Fun
Posted:Feb 15, 2020 4:19 am
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2020 8:14 am
A week ago, I was at a departmental store, it was fun to see all this Valentines or potential Valentines shopping for all these cute Valentine’s Day gifts.

Then last night, I went to a Valentine’s Day with some friends. It was so sweet to see all these loving couples sitting tete a tete. We were at this huge table about 20 of us. Sitting with my friends and pretending to be listening, I started eying the couples in the room. Then I began to wonder, what is their Valentine Day ritual like?
Do couples have a ritual for certain events? I often hear of the benefits of couples spicing things up. So what are these couples up to tonight? Flowers, chocolates, restaurant, movies, sex? What kind of sex do they engage in?

As I started to dig deeper into my thoughts, I began to get aroused. I could feel my nipples becoming bigger, pushing hard against my bra. I could feel a tingling between my legs . I crossed my legs to squeeze harder between my tights. I felt the softness of my stockings. I love the soft feeling of sheer stockings. Then nodding at my friends still pretending I was paying attention then I thought; what if one of the men across the room was wearing female undies and sheer high knee stockings under his nice male outfit?
Won't that be super for some on a special day such as this? I can see myself slipping off a shoe under the table, discreetly running my toes under his pants to feel the softness of his leg while looking straight into his eyes preparing him to what is to come.

Going home to roses, candle lights, wine and soft music. I sit back and watch my Valentine undress slowly to the soft music showing off his sexy body in those fine lingerie. I kiss him profoundly, I run my fingers on his sexy undies then his soft tights.  I then take his hand and place it between my legs so he could feel my wetness. I want it so bad.  I lay on my back, my legs wide open so he can see my most intimate parts. He comes to lay next to me; I roll over on top of him,  rubbing my stockings against his stockings, grinding my wet pussy against his groin while kissing him. I slowly start to move up, I let him suck on my nipples, then my belly button and then I slowly lower myself over his mouth, feeling his tongue on my wet pussy, I move my hips applying the right pressure and speed until I cum all over his face.

Happy belated valentine’s day beautiful people. I didn't have a Valentine but I sure did have some fun listening to all the gossips; yet, I still wonder what people did last night.  

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