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My bad encounter
Posted:Mar 17, 2020 12:45 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 7:38 am

I Read a post earlier, and it reminded me of this bad encounter. This was probably 5 years back, and was the first time I was on here. It was a sunday afternoon, and was talking with a woman on here, and we decided to meet at my place after talking for a bit. On her way over, she let me know she had drink a couple beers while we were talking. No big deal, its a sunday afternoon, not 7am on a Monday morning. So she shows up, and says can I bring a beer in? Probably should have known that wasnt a great sign, but I said I guess. Well she came to my door with a half drank case of beer, and was obviously drunk. So I did let her in, and offered her some water instead. I wanted her gone, but she was depressed, and I also wanted her to sober up some. She went on and told her story, and why she was drinking. Turned out her biker husband would rather hang with his buddies then give her attention. So no I didnt know she was married either. After we talked for a hour, she says, " I dont suppose you want to fuxx still?" No I did not, and I was wishing she had never came over! She eventually decided to leave, and she made it home safely. She did vomit all over my sidewalk though and about 2 weeks later she messaged me. She said hey Im blank and was starting a new conversation like we had never met. She must have been more loaded then I thought. Not good.
Devastating news today
Posted:Mar 6, 2020 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 8:28 am

a off topic post about , just needed air it . I have a 13 yo golden retriever, we are basically together all the time. He lives with me, he comes to work with me, he goes basically everywhere with me. He wasnt felling well,so I took him to the vet, they did all there test, he has phenomena for the second time with in a year. The first time they said he would;t make it, but $1500 in vet bills, medicine he did pull through. It took a lot out of me seeing him like that, a lot of work get him healthy again. Now he has it again, he seems be worse time.. I will be surprised if he makes it, which is crushing me. He is like my , and has been with me so long, I just cant imagine him gone, I know he's old, and wasnt going live forever, but it dosent make it any easier, especially when just days ago he was just fine, now can barley get up on his own. I know a lot of people wont get post, thas fine. I just needed get it out
That can't be....
Posted:Mar 5, 2020 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Oct 18, 2020 10:29 am

Anyone find a ex on here? One that you didnt meet on here. I came across my ex fwb turned girlfriend from years ago. Her profile is up, but she hasnt used the site in some time. It brought back some good memories, and some bad ones, after I broke it off. She was a live everyday like your last type of girl, always a good time, highest sex drive I have ever seen, and the best sex of my life. I rember the first night I met her. We ended up at her place, and she had 4 tie downs at each corner of her bed. She slipped my hands and feet into them, and I just went with it. She lit a bunch of candles next to her bed, before she put me in her, riding me, while I lay there, with no real control. Its was something new to me, just laying there vulnerable. She then started to poor candle wax all over me, which was also new, but really intensified everything.
Now Im 21 at this time, and did not see any of this coming, especially from this 18yo who I had just met hours earlier. We started off after that night as fwb, and then dating, and like I said she earlier, we always had a great time, and a crazy sex life. So why did I break it off? Once we started dating, she got to serious to fast, and I didnt see myself in a serious long term relationship with her, and wasnt going to lead.her on, just for the sex. When I told her this, she punched me in the face, so i think i made a good call ending it when I did.
What the fxxx?, That was different
Posted:Mar 1, 2020 2:57 pm
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 7:05 am

What is is one of your strangest sexual encounters? Could be anything, from a strange request, something said, their body, just anything that was different.

I guess one that comes to mind for me is the night me and my roommates had a small get together, and a random girl showed up., and know one new who she was. I checked with the girls I lived with, figuring they might not be as ok with a random chick just inviting herself over, were I was thinking attractive female, of course your welcomed. She ends up staying, but she was a little strange! I was 21 and she was attractive, so I didnnt mind. We did hookup, and this was the strange part. She was American, and spoke English all night, but when things got going, she started speaking, what I believe was Spanish. I couldt understand her, and she wouldt stop speaking Spanish . I asked what she was saying, but only spoke in Spanish the whole time. It was different.
Do you remember your best orgasm? I will never forget mine
Posted:Feb 28, 2020 2:48 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 1:42 pm

Have you had the orgasm, the one that you will never forget? I will never forget mine. I was driving with a ex, and she decided to give me road head. Now im a guy, so itds not common to have multiple orgasms. This would be my one and only. I started going in her mouth, and she thought I was done, but I pushed her head back down, and another, and another, and another came, and they were more imuch intense then normal. Holly hell i thought it wldnt stop. Now we were driving,, and when I gathered myself, I was half off the road, going 5-10 mph. I dont know why, but I just started laughing, my whole body was in a euphoric state. I dnt think it will ever be topped.
Dirty talk gone wrong
Posted:Feb 26, 2020 9:52 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 6:54 am

What is the funniest, strangest, or surprising things someone has said you during sex that you didt see coming?
Posted:Feb 25, 2020 3:40 am
Last Updated:Aug 20, 2021 12:15 am

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What's up with Heated Affairs
Posted:Jun 13, 2020 2:04 pm
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2021 3:13 am

I have not been here very much for the past few months, so maybe this has been talked about many times, but whats going on with this site? I got on here a few weeks back, and noticed basically all new profiles in my area were all fake accounts, and not even good ones. There were a fraction of the people on here from just 3 months back, and probably half the number of users from 5 years back. I know covid is a big reason for the drop off in users, but who is putting the terrible fake accounts out, and i use read the blogs the time here, and I noticed there was a big drop off in the number of blogs as well. I came back with the intentions of getting a gold membership, but in my area there is almost nobodY on here. I might log in and search women and couples seeking men, and only find 6 or 7 people online. I would guess there is around 25 30 users online when its busy. Is there a new, better sight I should be using instead? I know cedar rapids Iowa isn't the biggest city, but I cant believe cedar rapids, and its surrounding areas has only 7-30 users looking for men at any given time on what I thought was the largest site of its kind.
Incase you needed this
Posted:Mar 3, 2020 8:43 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2020 12:07 pm
Happy Tuesday

This cant be normal? Right?
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 8:09 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2020 6:55 am

I had never seen anything like it. A couple back I met this girl looking for casual fun. We decided meet at my place, later that afternoon. A short conversation, and off the bedroom. She was a squirter, and found out when she quickly squirted all over my face.. We continued on, and she kept squirting again and again. After around 5 hours later, we figured she squirted 50 times, which I really dont know if that is normal or not??? I was honestly worried about how dehydrated she must have been. I mean she basically flooded my whole apt!! So is that normal for girls who squirt? Or was that alot?
My Funny/embarrassing sex story and share yours to
Posted:Feb 27, 2020 9:27 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2020 12:20 am
(Pic of my dumb ass the night my story happened) and Id like to hear your funny/embarrassing story. This his mine. I was 21, and had lots of sexual fantasies I wanted to try. On top of list was being with a older woman. Now being 21, and able to go to the bars, I could finally meet some older women, but they were defiantly harder to pick up then the college girls. At this point I thought it just wasnt going to happen, until I met Julie. Julie was sexy, wild, and 43! I brought her back to buddys place, and finally had fantasy come true. Only problem was I forgot to use a condom. Oops. So being intoxicated I had the bright idea to clean dick with some 409 bleach I found in the bathroom. Then Julie and I got into bed with buddy, and passed out. The next morning, came, and Julie was game for a threesome, with me and my friend. I went to put it in her mouth, and she took it out with a weird look on her face. At this I remembered cleaning up with the 409 bleach ust hours earlier. Oops again. We all had a good laugh at expenses later. and I did come out std free!!. I even had more good times with her, when I would visit my buddy, and never forgot to wrap it after that. Side note, I still find older women super sexy!

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