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10/28/2020 8:08 am
Ephie Story

“Ugh! Why is love so hard to find? Why can’t I find some one who loves me for me!” Ephie exclaimed. Ephie is a curvy, beautiful woman, medium height, thick thighs, and beautiful stomach to match. She spent her life single. Men seem to not take notice.

Ephie is from Virginia, but now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She moved to St. Louis because she wanted new scenery. The sports teams there are what really got her to move there.

Ephie was lonely and tired of the single life. She tried everything from dating apps, (the men on those apps never seemed to be interested), and she tried local bars but all men wanted to do was talk about her big breasts. She didn’t want that kind of love, one night stands and men who treated her like a peace of<b> meat. </font></b>She wanted love and meaningful sex not just a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kinda deal. All that was about to change.

Her friend, Lindsey, planned a party with some of Lindsey’s friends and Ephie was invited. Ephie picked out a dress that showed off her girls a little. She giggled to herself, “I look good tonight.” She did her hair and no make up because she heard the saying no make up needed. She took an Uber to the party. She didn’t want to drink and drive.

Lindsey met her at the door, “Ephie!!!” She was very excited to see her. “Welcome to my party! I know you don’t go out too often, so thanks for coming!” After some hellos from the people she knew, Ephie decided to get some snacks and sit for a while. She sat down on the living room couch, eating her snacks.

“Excuse me?” she heard someone say, “Is this spot taken?” He pointed next to her. “
“Nope! all yours!” she replied. The man sat next to her.
“Hello Ephie. I’m Luke, Lindsey’s friend.”
“Hello Luke.... wait how did you know my name?”
“Oh, Lindsey told me.”
“Oh ok. Nice to meet you, Luke. Where are you from?”
“I’m from Jefferson City, originally but moved here because a lot of my family lives here....”

They continued talking. It felt like they were best fiends who have always known each other. After a while, Luke asked, “Would you like a drink?”
Ephie said, “Yes, please.”
“What would you like?”
“Give me a bud light cause we’re in St. Louis, after all.” She and Luke laughed.
“Sure I’ll get me a harp, it’s from Ireland.” Luke went to get the drinks.

Lindsey sat in Luke’s spot, “So how is it going?” she asked.
“Really good! I think he’s into me!” They did the woman “eeee!” thing.

Luke was 5’9 with dark brown hair, and stunning blue eyes. He was the talk of the party and he could have been with anyone else at that party, but he liked how beautiful and sensual she looked. Lindsey got up and went back to her other guests. Luke came back with the beer, “Here you go”.
“Thank you. So Luke, with all these women here, why me? I mean, I’m nothing special.”
Luke’s mouth dropped, “Yes you are! You kidding me? You’re stunning!” Ephie blushed, bright read, “You think so?”
“I know so!” They drink their beers and talk some more, about life and what has happened to them. Luke was sad to hear how she was treated by other men.

After a while, the party was winding down. “Thank you all for coming!” Lindsey said, “I hope we get to do this again soon!” Luke looked at his phone, “I don’t know how you feel about this, but I feel a connection here” he asked, “Can I kiss you?” Ephie’s mouth dropped, her eyes got big, and her cheeks turned brighter than a hot summer day. Ephie still in shock, stammered, “Ye...yes you may kiss me .” Luke put his hand on the back of her neck and slowly pushed her head to his. As their lips touched she let out a soft moan, and her vagina was flooding in her panties. She was in heaven. No man had ever kissed her like this, let alone asked her. They kissed long and when they broke away, Luke asked, his cheeks red, “Would you wanna go to my place and have more drinks? This party is coming to a close.”
“Sure, but how will I get home?”
“I’ll take care of that!” Luke said laughing. “I’ll call us an Uber.”

After a few minutes their ride honked the horn. “Oh they’re here.” Said Luke opening the door for Ephie. They got inside. “Hello,” the driver said. He turned to start the car “How was.. oh I’m sorry.” Luke and Ephie were making out in the back seat. The driver started the car. When they got to Luke’s house, “Thanks for the ride,” Luke said. The driver replied, “Be carful you two love birds!” They all laughed and when he drove away they were kissing and fondling each other. “We have to go in or the cops will come!” They both laughed. “You’re right!” Ephie said.

Luke unlocked the door to his house. He turned on the lights, “Here, let me take your purse” He took her purse and laid it on the chair. “Give me a few to freshen up. Have a seat on the couch.” Ephie could not believe the big wide open windows where you could see for miles. Ephie sat on the couch, then she saw a small, pudgy Corgi laying next to her. In all the hot and heavy making out and the darkness, she didn’t see the little dog. The saw Ephie, though, and started wiggling it’s butt. “Awwwww, hi little one! Hey, Luke what’s this cute dog’s name?”
“That’s Lily. She’s a sweetie.”
“I know,” said Ephie. “She’s already saying ‘hi’,” Lily licked
Ephie’s face excitedly. “Bark bark” “Awwwww, hello Lily!”

By that time, Luke came out with a t-shirt and track shorts on. Ephie said, “Woohoo! Sexy man!” She and Luke laughed.
“Would you like another drink?”
Ephie said, “No, I want to get to know you better.” Luke patted the cushion next to him, “Sit by me.” Ephie scooted over to Luke. When she got there, they embraced and kissed softly at first, then a little deeper. A moan slipped out of Ephie’s mouth. “No one has made me feel so wanted and needed in my life,” she told him. Her vagina was flooding. She had toys at home but nothing like this. They kissed deeper and more urgently.

Luke broke the kiss and moved to her neck. Ephie’s body shook from the excitement. She let out a deep moan. He licked and kissed her neck all over while her hand rubbed his chest. Ephie softly grabbed him by the head. “These clothes don’t come off on their own, you know...” He moaned. He liked how she thought. They took each other’s shirts off kissing and making out, moaning as they kissed. He kissed on her chest as her fingers when to his back. She rubbed them up and down. “God,” he said, “you have beautiful tits... oops, I’m sorry, breasts. “She giggled. I like that you like them. Most men just want a one night stand because of them. They don’t know how to treat me, then they think I’m unattractive because of my curves.” Luke’s jaw dropped, “Are you kidding me?! You are beautiful!! Let me show you how beautiful you are.” Reaching down her bra strap, she stopped him saying, “Not here, in the front,” she giggled. Luke smiled. He got in front of her kissing her deeply, as he unhooked her bra. Her big, heavy breasts fell into his hands. They continued kissing as he massaged her breasts. She let out a deep, loud moan, “Oh god yes!” He stopped kissing her and moved to her chest, kissing it all over. She pushed her chest up for easier access. She was in heaven. She moaned, her back arched. She loved what he was doing. He got her small, yet beautiful, sexy nipples, and sucked, licked, and massaged them. She was shaking. She was going wild. She loved every sensation she felt. He moved down her belly kissing and licking all over. She moaned loudly, she had never felt some one lick and love on her belly like he was. The in school used to make fun of her because of it. Now she had this hot stud licking on it. She could not believe it. He continued kissing downward. He stopped at her pants. He took them off and he helped her slip out of her panties. Her pussy was trimmed, not a bush, just a little hair. Luke moaned at the sight. He loved hair. “I’m sorry it’s not shaved,” she said, “I didn’t know this was gonna happen.” “Shhhhh,” he said, “I love it.” He kissed all over her thighs, slowly, playfully brushing on her pussy lips. She gasped, “Oh! oh yes!” He moved to her soaking wet pussy. He kissed all over it. She screamed, “Yes! Please, please, eat my pussy please!!” “As you wish,” he said, smiling big. He began licking her pussy slowly. Her body twitched at every lick. She put one hand down to hold his head in place. He licked and sucked. Her juices were flowing like crazy. He pushed his tongue in deeper. “Oh my god!!!” she screamed “Fuck yes!!” He licked deeper and deeper, her body was bucking like a bronco, she was panting, moaning, shaking, “Oh dear god!” she screamed, “I’m gonna cum soon if you keep this up!” He reaches up and plays with her tits. She was on fire and he was the gas pouring on the flames. He slid in a finger, she gasped loudly, “Oh fuckkk yesss! Push in that finger! Please lick my clit! It’s throbbing and in need of your tongue badly!” He opened her pussy lips more and found her hard throbbing clit. Her eyes rolled back in her head. Her whole body was bucking all over. “I’M GONNA CUM!!” she exclaimed. He pushed his tongue very deep inside her, “CUM FOR ME!” he barked. “OMGGGGGGGG. I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!” Her cum shot out like a waterfall! She bucked and screamed and shook, “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG YESSSS!!!”
“Oh Fuck yesss!” Luke said, “yes that’s it Ephie yes!!!” She could not move, she was still shaking.

She was spent but wanted to please Luke like he did for her. “Take off those shorts now!” she demanded. Luke was shocked, “Uhh yes...yes ma’am.” He quickly got undressed. His 6 1/2 inch rock hard cock, stood at attention. “Mmmmmmm nice thick cock!” she said. “Thanks,” he blushed. “Mmmmm come here.” He came up to her. She kissed him deeply. “Oh...I’ve never done this, so bare with me.” he giggled. “It’s ok,” she kissed him deeply, rubbing his chest, pinching his nipples. He let out a deep moan, “Oh god, that feels good.” Her hands went downward to his cock. She started stroking him, slowly kissing him, biting on his neck. He moaned loud, “Oh god yes!” She grabbed his hand, “Lead me to your bed.” She followed him to his bedroom . She laid him down on his back and got on top of him, kissing all over his chest, his hands going threw her hair, his breathing got heavy. She kissed down to his cock, kissing and licking, she gently grabbed it slipping it in her mouth. He gasped, “Ooh yess...just like that!” She took him deep at first, slowly stroking him with her mouth, moaning on his cock. “Fuck yes!” he exclaimed, her head bobbing up and down, “fuck this feels amazing! you’re doing so good!” She gained a little speed, “ohh fuckkk!!” He felt that tingly feeling building up, “Oh yess! Oh fuck! Yea...suck my cock! You’re so good!” She stopped sucking and moved to his balls, licking and sucking. He squirmed, “Ohhh yessssss!” he felt his balls tightening up, “oh god IM GONNA CUM SOON!” She got in front of his cock opening her mouth, “Yes! Gimme that cum right in my mouth!” She grabbed his cock jacking him off with some urgency. “OH FUCK IM CUMMIG!!!” “YES RIGHT IN MY MOUTH! Or do you want it on my big tits?” “TITS,” he shouted. She pushed them to together just in time for him to shoot. “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!” he shot ropes and ropes all over her big tits, soaking them with his cum. “ohhh god yesssss! Let me get you something to wash them with.” He got her a wet towel, “Here you go.” “Thank you,” she said. They were both spent. “Would you like to stay the night?” he asked. “Of course!” she said.

He grabbed her hand and they spooned very close with his cock against her ass. She giggled out loud, “I’ve never had anal. If you want to, tomorrow we could try...” she nodded, her eyes very droopy. “Let’s sleep for now.” They held each other all night long. Part 2 coming soon!

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