A morning quickie  

Gentlelover942 70M
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12/20/2021 1:14 pm
A morning quickie

The birds are chirping, a low sun in a blue sky is shining in through the window. You rouse yourself, lying naked under the sheets. I am snoring softly to your side, with my bare butt pointing to the sky. You smile at that and get up, and go into the bathroom, and take a quick shower, getting ready for the day. You come back into the room and stand fresh and clean in front of the dresser, with its large mirror. I rouse myself and roll over and see your lovely body reflected in the mirror, your full breasts gathering my full attention, but also your behind, your pussy peaking out from the junction of your thighs. It starts to rouse my cock and ideas of something more. You bend down to get your panties and bra from the drawer, giving me a better look at those pink, moist pussy lips. You start to put on your bra, but I can’t let that happen. I come up behind you, half erect at this time, and I pull the hair back from your neck and kiss the back of your neck and probe your ear a little (provided that is something that you like). You are bending over the dresser now, and your breast hang down, swinging gently. I reach around and caress both of them in my hands, while I watch you in the mirror. You are smiling, and urging me on. You are so beautiful. I reach down over your belly and between your legs, and<b> massage </font></b>you a little, starting with your inner thigh, and then moving up to your pussy. I probe with a finger and you are already wet. You let your feet spread apart, and I take my now fully erect penis and start to probe you from behind, first sliding in just a little bit, then a little more as your wetness coats my member, and then deep into you. You move your hips back and forth, and I probe in and out, slowly at first but now picking up speed. We both start breathing hard together, and then as if on cue, both explode in a luxurious simultaneous orgasm. I collapse briefly on your back, but soon slide out of you, dripping just a bit, and your pussy lets go a little of my cum . You turn, give me a brief soft kiss, and make a quick visit back to the shower to remove the evidence of our morning tryst. You are out quickly, and I follow behind, and luxuriate in the shower and the memories of what just happened. When I am done, you are already dressed, hair all brushed, earrings and lipstick on and dressed in a professional, but very attractive outfit. God what a beautiful woman. 5 minutes behind schedule for work, you give me a warm passionate kiss (I have now brushed my teeth) and you are on your way. I smile at the wonderful start to the day.

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12/20/2021 2:05 pm

very nice, very arousing


1seeking1 56F  
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12/20/2021 3:38 pm

Great way to start the day

colaboy74 50M
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12/20/2021 4:10 pm

Can't beat it

jenfun69 18F

12/20/2021 4:38 pm

I love to be there naked bend over as you walk up to me and I feel your hands on my hips and for I know what you are up to you ram your cock into my tight little pussy as you fuck me long and hard sexy?>>!

EroticSexter999 61M

12/20/2021 8:12 pm

Then you say, "thanks Mom, I'll be down for breakfast in a few minutes."
Just kidding, great job!

Happy Trails

author51 59F  
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12/20/2021 11:13 pm

Nice read...Thanks for sharing it.xoxo

NSA12016 55M
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12/21/2021 4:49 am

Well done.... I love it when that happens!

From the heart

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