Sex Education  

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11/5/2020 12:49 am
Sex Education

Ask any American about their introduction to sex and, depending on where and how they grew up, you’re bound to hear stories involving promise rings, bananas, “down there,” and the oft-spouted main outcomes of our carnal inclinations: danger, dysfunction, and disease. This is not to say that other cultures have it all figured out—my Jewish Polish parents taught me that I came from a stork; thankfully, the Belgium<b> education </font></b>system taught me otherwise. This is, in part, why it’s so important to consider the intersecting avenues of education; a forms their ideas about the world from what they learn at school, from their friends, and at home. I’m frequently asked, “How should I talk about sex to my little ones and when should I start? And how should that communication evolve as they grow up?”

Most countries that practice comprehensive sex<b> education </font></b>have taken a developmental approach starting at age four. Why? Because this is the age when become natural theologians, when they ask where did we come from and where did grandma go when she died. This is also the age when develop a separate sense of self and begin to explore how we are all connected.

Young engage in behavior that is sexual but they don’t know that it is sexual: when Alex enters the classroom and runs to sit next to Charlie; when Alex wants to hold hands with Charlie while they walk. Or, when Alex or Charlie is by themself practicing self-touch, the most natural form of self-soothing that our little ones discover. This is all normal behavior. It is up to the adults to help provide context. It’s not just about teaching what genitals do, but the meaning of certain behaviors and when they are private or public. Self-touch is something special you do for yourself. We don’t stroke ourselves in public in the same way that we don’t pee in front of others. We acknowledge that self-touch feels really nice, but, as Freud has said, keeping it private is the price we pay for civilization and its discontents.

Avoiding these discussions, reprimanding a for being curious, or worse, providing misinformation, induces fear and shame and may set the up for a lifetime of misunderstanding about sexuality and relationships. I believe that many of the troubled situations that occur among adults are a consequence of a massive vacuum people experience during youth. And it doesn’t have to be this way. It begins with expanding our definition. “Sex ed” doesn’t cut it. I prefer the phrase “Sexuality and Relationship Education.” In my many years as a cross-cultural psychotherapist, I have found that when we think of sex and relationships as exclusive from one another, we miss the opportunity to more deeply understand ourselves and our partners.

This brings us to number one on our list of how comprehensive sexuality and relationship<b> education </font></b>makes a difference

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11/5/2020 3:43 am

je suis d'accord

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11/5/2020 4:21 am

in your many years as a cross-cultural psychotherapist, did you ever consider that the majority of the men reading your blog,(on a sex oriented site) would look at your picture and conclude...
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there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

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In my day ; Junior High School ( 7th grade) is when one semester of classes included taking , " Health Education " , two weeks of that class covered the subject of , " Sexual Education " !! Before the class even started during that two weeks , The boys went too a separate room with a male teacher & gals remained in the room with a female teacher !! Male class usually started with a short film clip ( a time before videos) & then discussed !! Two weeks of, " Healthy Food & Exercise " & Two weeks of very simple, very basic, "First Aide" !! That part was before CPR & Heimlich Maneuver were even taught !! More " Sexual " aspect was left up too Parents too teach, " The Birds and the Bees " !!!! By the way ; Welcome too the BLOGS !!!

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