Who else loves cleanup?  

Flaptucker 58M  
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1/3/2022 11:54 am
Who else loves cleanup?

I used a female partner liked . We used do many different different things. One of my favorites was a<b> younger </font></b>guy with us with. She would tease him and get him super hard and horny. When she knew he was getting the point where he was having a hard time stopping himself from cumming she would flip her legs up opening her pussy for him. She would tell him to rub his cock up and down on her pussy.
By this time she was very wet and he was ready to explode. At this point she would tell him to slide his cock all the way in. They would always bury their cock right to the nuts every time on the first stroke. She would then tell them to cum. We all knew he was holding back as much as he could and as soon as she told him to cum they would immediately cum.
She would tell them to plant as deep as they could.
After he was done nutting in her pussy I would do cleanup. was so see that creampie sitting in her pussy. I would suck her pussy out clean and lick all up.
was so fun cleanup that cum every time!

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