What time does the office close?  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/13/2021 1:44 am

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10/16/2021 2:24 am

What time does the office close?

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
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10/13/2021 1:47 am

Yeah I get that question a lot. I have to tell people I truly don't know? Under the old owners the place was open Monday through Friday from eight thirty till five. Now it's a turkey shoot, you never know when it will be open. Best bet I tell them is to call and make an appointment. The man asking me yesterday wanted to know as he'd put in an application for a place a couple of weeks ago and hadn't heard back yet on if his application was accepted or not. Again I had to tell him to call and make an appointment. Not much else I could tell him.

It took me an hour to walk to my own appointment yesterday, ( an hour to walk back as well after it was done with. ) The appointment lasting only twenty minutes itself. Most of that time was spent waiting around for the Doc to come in and see me. Aside from checking my ears and listening to my heart and such the whole thing could have been done on the phone. Well that and the flu shot I got. She was also pushing a shot for Shingles and another that they recommend for people over fifty five. But one shot a day is about all that I can deal with, so just got the flu shot. Of course the Doc has me going to get blood tests as well...great... another appointment. I don't mind the blood tests really, that is if I get someone who knows what the hell they are doing when they draw the stuff. Last time I got the blood tests it took two techs and they still jabbed me five or six times each before they struck a vein. Why they have so much of a problem doing it is beyond me? I mean I'm fair skinned, crap you can see the veins running through my arm, so they should be easy enough to find right? Nope I end up feeling like a pin cushion after it's all said and done with. There is one tech there that had no problem doing the job.. in and out easy as pie....but I never know who I'm going to get when I walk into the place.. you get the next available person doing the job. Any who I'll see when my daughter has a day off next and pop over then, If I go early enough when they first open I won't have to wait so long in the morning to have a cup of coffee ( yeah the twelve hour fasting and only drinking clear liquids before hand is for the birds)

Any who, after getting home I went in and finished my work day. I'd been meaning to move the furniture around in the office and clean under it for some time now but never seem to have enough time to do it. So, with two hours to kill when I got back I did just that. Swept and mopped under the sofa, behind the old coffee station ( though we don't have coffee any more in the office for prospective tenants..) and under the small desk in the main part of the office. Oh I do clean under the desk daily but under the legs where there is a cross member I cant get the mop under so I moved it a bit and did that as well. All that took some time, and brings me back to the title of todays blog post. While doing the work I heard a knock at the office door...and the question from the knocker...What time does the office close?

I'm off to shower now.....

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4784 posts
10/13/2021 1:50 am

Have a good one people....

author51 58F  
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10/13/2021 4:42 am

An hour each way is a long walk Hun..Have a good one.xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life...xoxo


BellaGuido1956 65M  
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10/13/2021 5:06 am

I’m going to get the shingles vaccine. I’ve worked with patients with shingles. Not something I want. Sticking a vein is a skill that some have and some don’t. Trouble is some techs don’t have it and shouldn’t have been passed in school.

WyoCowboy7751 68M
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10/13/2021 6:05 am

When I was an EMT and took IV Certification, I was scheduled several Clinical s in an ER . Had to do 8 out of 10 successful IV starts and over-seen by a Nurse !! After 10 straight, I had to arrange a time with Class Instructor to take the actual Final Exam and pass it too receive Certification !!! Had an experience that after 3 attempts on me; I told Blood Tech to get out and send someone else in !! They got it first time and I did not even realize she had got blood !!! Just can't watch myself getting stuck !!! I look to the side away !!!
Sorry !! but in the meantime; woke up too 28 degrees this morning and an inch of " White Stuff on the ground " 😡🤬🤠

lunchandconvo 51F
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10/13/2021 6:31 am

why does the office have such random hours?
is it COVID staffing? tho it seems it's just random...

as you may know i dine out as a hobby.
and the restaurants are having a tough time with staffing.
i finally had a chance to swing by the Filipino restaurant and she was suddenly closed for the day! i never know what days she will keep her restaurant open as it's just her and her hubby.

but even Verizon! i went to get a new phone and the store building said they had Sunday hours and the location was closed. i went to another one and heard it was a staffing issue.

that one hour walk to the doctor's is rough. i hope you catch a ride with your daughter.

PonyGirl1965 56F
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10/15/2021 11:43 pm

Chug water like crazy the day you are getting blood work drawn. you want to be super hydrated so they can find a vein easier.

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