Masturbation Monday....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/6/2021 2:03 am

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12/7/2021 9:31 am

Masturbation Monday....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M  
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12/6/2021 2:06 am

Wait, Didn't I just do that last Saturday? Hummm yeah. I did. So I'm good, less I spend too much time this morning looking at all those sexy photo's on here. To be quite frank, I usually get more aroused reading some of the blogs and short stories on here than looking at the photo's. To be sure some of you have posted some very sexy photos, and I love seeing them. But I've always been a reader. If you can engage my mind with a tale that will usually have me ending up having to take care of things myself.

The weekend went by quickly, too quickly really. That happens when you sleep a lot. Which I did. Tired out from the aforementioned playtime with myself on Saturday wasted the day for me. Sunday was no better, no play time with myself as I did on Saturday, but I was up late Saturday night catching up on Doctor Who. Knowing that the last show was scheduled for Sunday night I was way behind in my viewing time. ( After the Halloween episode I had no idea that the next Sunday would bring the next installment and so on and almost missed the whole season) A confusing season of shows to be sure, quite frankly the writers sort of phoned it in if you ask me. A lot of jumping about from one thing to another, making it hard to follow the story line.

I also never finished decorating my Christmas Tree as I had planned. It actually looks nice the way it is really, with just the lights. I'd like to leave it that way this year. Sitting next to the fireplace alight with the glowing strands of clear white bulbs, well it looks as though it were a live tree one happened upon while walking through a snowy wood, softly lit as from the moon shining through a break in the clouds. I could almost smell the pine scent and hear the crunch of snow underfoot as I sit back and admire it. Though I expect my Minions and Grand Minions will not understand the vision, and will expect a fully decorated tree come Christmas day. Not to worry I still have time to do the job and get it done. What I really need to get a jump on is my Christmas shopping.. not a thing bought yet for the grand Minions. So I'll need to get ahold of the Daughter and schedule a day to get out to the shops and get that done. I have their list, picking that up from them when I was over for dinner on Thanksgiving. Now if the shops have what they asked for I'm good to go. There is the wrapping to do as well. I hate wrapping things. It always looks like a hot mess when I'm through doing so. Then again the wrapping doesn't last with my Grand Minions , so it doesn't really matter if I've put on too much tape or haven't quite got the wrapping paper cut just right to fully cover some of the rough edges of the toys and such.

I've also been thinking about our Christmas day dinner menu. I'm thinking a rib roast, along with Yorkshire Pudding. Perhaps some roasted Brussel sprouts as well? Of course some pie for desert. Then again an apple Brown betty would round out the meal just as nicely, topped with some iced cream. Well, there is time to figure the menu out as well... for now I have to hop into my shower....

Eviloutlaw1 60M  
5180 posts
12/6/2021 2:08 am

Have a good one people...

author51 59F  
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12/6/2021 2:43 am

You are ahead of me with the Christmas tree up my sexy friend. I have not even started decorating let alone Christmas shopping for my kids and grandson Like you Hun, for me it is seduce my mind,then my body will follow and an erotic story like some you write without photos, has my imagination running wild and my loins wet just envisioning it all.. Have a good one Hun.xoxo

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 12/6/2021 9:29 am:
Yeah I got the tree up the Saturday after Thanks giving, then I sort of slacked off. Glad to know I can make your loins wet.. now only if I could be there to take care of that problem for you. Have a good one Sexy!

WyoCowboy7751 69M
2537 posts
12/6/2021 6:01 am

Want to consider Fun , hopefully, for the Grands ; wrap their presents in newspaper, then wrap completely with duct tape !! Did that with Grandson once and watched him struggle with it until that light turned on , He took it to his dad, dropped it on his lap, then said, " Cut it. You got knife. " He was only 5 at that time !! 🤠

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 12/6/2021 9:26 am:
I used to wrap my own minions gifts in news print. Saving the Sunday funny's for a few weeks or so before hand. Our local paper has gotten smaller now, less Sunday funny's as well. So that's no longer an option. Have a good one Cowboy.

PonyGirl1965 56F  
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12/7/2021 1:05 am

I love trees with just lights. They are beautiful. I have enough decorations for a few trees so I end up putting something on my tree

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