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Posted:Jan 21, 2022 1:25 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 4:39 am


I am due to no longer be a gold member here on the 24th. Right now I do not have the funds to renew, so I need your help in teaching me how to set up a mailbox here on my blogs. So I may still be in touch with anyone who should want to talk a little more privately.

Teach me please

The Irrational Twatter
Posted:Jan 21, 2022 1:23 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 12:54 am

Sigh, like so many of us, I am not currently meeting anyone. But that doesnt make my desires any less. I feel a bit stir crazy, with this deep need to orgasm.

Yes I could take care of myself, but currently my clit is no longer accepting any of my fingering. I guess she has gone on strike but we are trying to accommodate the best we can. I have offered up her favorite lube, to which she refused. I offered up her favorite clit vibrator. Again she said a firm NO. A new dildo sits, never having been used because my fungina is being a angry biotch.

Just what does she expect.? I dont control the situations that lend for a stay of fun times for her. I also do not control the raging surge of Covid cases in this state either. But she is being unreasonable, refusing to even talk to any of her toys or me. Who does she think she is here? I am after all the boss of her - what a TWAT!

Sigh, so I will just dream of a handsome lover, and all the dance moves in bed we would do.

How are you handling all this?

The Comical Mishaps Of Sex
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2022 1:16 am

So I was thinking about some of the weird and unusual mishaps during the act of sex, and thought I would share some of them with you.

Let's see, and this is just in a random as I remember them. There was one guy who insisted spur of the moment to come up to see me, he worked about 3 hours from me, in Wyoming. So he did, even got us a jacuzzi suite. So we are making out and he starts sucking on my nipples. And then he is just there, nipple in his mouth - snoring. He had fallen asleep because he worked long hours out in the oil field and hadn't had any time off in a long time.

One man and I were playing a scenario. He wanted me to be Dom over him, ordering him around. So we were right in the midst of doing so, had him on his knees, and told him to crawl towards me. Told him to stop about half way and told him to watch me masturbate. Then I told him that he better not cum until I told him that he could. He said too late. I looked down and yep he had just cum, but at least it was not my carpet to clean. Wyoming there too.

One guy in Wyoming was just getting busy with me in a hotel room. I am giving him a hand job and he is fingering me. Of course our tongues were busy wagging in each others mouths. Then all the sudden he exclaims "Oh God", and jumps off the bed. Scampers to the bathroom, come to find out he just about shit himself.

One man pissed me off so much in a hotel room in Wyoming that I put my anal probe in his ass and he wanted us to shower together. He had been insulting, and thought he was some god's gift to women. He wasn't, trust me. So I said sure, you go ahead and get the water warmed up for us. He went into the bathroom nd I quickly got dressed and left the room. Sad thing is that was one of my best anal toys.

Here in North Carolina, one man and I were going to play. Sitting in the motel room, we start getting busy. We are tongue wagging, and touching each other all over. Then I make the mistake of running my hands down to his balls. He told me to watch out because I "might come back with icky fingers". I was like WTF? Yep, don't know if he just doesn't bother to really wipe after he shits, but yeah - needless to say a major turn off.

A fellow I had played with once before begged to see me soon after the first time. So we sat things up according to his schedule. I drive down over 2 hours to meet him at a motel. I call after I get there, and he was just leaving his house. Now he only had about a hour to travel. So I wait. Finally he arrives, and gets the card key for our room. We got in the room and start being busy. He tells me that his wife was suspicious, and he wasn't sure. Now I am never going to force anyone to do anything and told him that. But he told me that it was okay. Well as soon as I got done giving him head, and yes he came, he all the sudden needed to leave. I let him know that I was not happy as I had spent longer in travel then in seeing him. That he is in a big hurry, but had time to get head.

Recently I encountered a man who was very rough when fingering me. He cut the walls of my vagina and I was bleeding. Get this, he had the guts to bitch that I had gotten blood on the sheets. I was in a lot of pain, please men make sure your nails are short and filed. Or wear gloves. Some of us ladies are tender down there.

I could go on with many more comical happenings. One person happened to be both sexes, born that way. Anyway preferred to go by he. And we were friends, I thought. He came up for a lifestyle party and we went to dinner together. Some girl he had the hots for did not come to town, and he was rude to me at the restaurant. I tried talking to him, but he continued. So I walked out before dinner even came.

But I have had many wonderful encounters. Some day I hope to again. Just for right now, need to take a break and tend to some more important things.

So tell me some of your stories, I know you must have some.

Posted:Jan 17, 2022 3:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 11:08 pm

I to thank all of you that commented and those who took the time ou t of their day to even read my blood. I admit is liberating and yet scary, to be as open and honest as I am.

Speaking of such, I will still be writing erotica. All my desires are very much there, but fof right now I have to do what is best for everyone. Including myself even. If in the future I decide to have a lover, I would to someone who is loving, yet strong at the same time. Whether or not that will ever counthappen, I am working on me and creating.

So hold on to your britches, if you are wearing any - lol.

Clarity and Realizations
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 4:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 15, 2022 12:01 am

I really do appreciate that I haven't lost any watchers in this blog. I pretty sure that I would, so maybe there is hope. I just to connect with people on a friendship level. Get to know them as a person, maybe be that friendly face that they know they can talk to when the world at large seems to cold and impersonal.

Taking this big step back from physically being with anyone, has given me much mental and emotional clarity. I think I am just not geared for the FWB NSA, that it seems most on here . And I can see why they would and I tried very hard to do that. Now years ago when I in my mid 30's I had no problem with this very concept. And man did I have some fun. But as I have aged of course I have slowed down. In fighting my own helath challenges and being my husbands caretaker, it takes its toll. With no family to offer a hand, or just even be supportive it gets hard sometimes. You feel like there is no one to turn too, to give you a hug, share a cup of coffee and just talk to you. So that might be why perhaps that know I find myself wanting a connection with people. I need and want friends, locally I would love to make friends with other artists, and crafters as well. The bitch of that is with Covid it stops such things really. Or at least I don't feel it is safe with the new surges.

Frankly too I will admit, there are some very mean men on here. I have oped messages even with a man saying "Go eat shit>" Never had spoken with him at all. I have had a few men pose as wanting to be my BFF, and that they really care. When that is not the case by their actions and the things they say especially once I ended things. Or you think you connect with a man, chatting some night. Then you don't hear from his, and months later he comes strolling over by what ever communication means you have. It feels like I the lsat option, so everything else with whoever did not work out so maybe i will have do. I am not anyone's last option, trust me I am a very good woman. There have been a couple of men that I thought I really good friends with, that became just too busy to speak with me. Not even a back when I ask how they are doing and loved ones. Then all the sudden me because they are turned on by my writings. Not a simple inquiry to how I have been or anything.

Many men get mad because I don't cyber or do phone sex. Nothing wrong with it, just isn't for me I tried it a few times years ago. I can see where especially right now it is a safer option. And some men come at you thinking you are just supposed to immediately talk to them about sex. Now I am not stupid, you are stroking it and getting off while we chat. But I am not a piece, I am a person with feelings. I have alot more value than just to get you off. Again nothing wrong with it, just isnt me.

I am tender heart by nature, always have been. I get my feelings hurt, and I cant help it. I to be cared about, asked how my day is going. A two-way street of friendship, because the rest I am worn out from trying to do. I am a great friend and I really do care. And yes I know this is a sex site but part of the title says friend too. I feel that I have as much right as anyone to be on here in any context.

So I will still be on here to chat, watch a few of the couples cams and of course write. Celebrate each day like it's your last and be safe my friends.

Maybe I should put that my kink is being treated like a woman with feelings and value. ?

My Conclusion For Right Now
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 1:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 12:25 am

I have given this a lot of thought, for some time now actually. I
have decided for now, I am not going to be meeting anyone.

It isn't any one particular thing, it is a combination of it all together. My health is of a concern, my immune system is very low, and I can not chance getting anything from a partner. My husband right now requires a lot of help. I'm tired of the head games, and I don't deserve to have my feelings disregarded as if I am not a person at all.

When will I be ready to meet again? Who knows but I will still be here visiting with friends and writing in this blog, and enjoying the couoles cam

Never let anyone destroy who you areally are.
What I want
Posted:Jan 11, 2022 2:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 9:09 pm

I was sitting here tonight thinking about my sexuality, sensuality, and vibrancy. What my desires and wishes are,, and if they are realistically attainable. I do think sincerely they are, withe the right friend/lover. I crave all the affection, caring, a small even level of love. Nothing that is going to change anyone's overall life, but enhance it.

Once you feel that you have that delicious combination of a thriving friendship and add in the cherry on the top of a dynamic sexual chemistry I think you have hit gold. Whether it lasts days sadly or years.

I have slowed down, I am not nearly as fast to meet anyone. I want to be cared about as a overall person, a friend, confidant. I want to know that you care about me and dont see me as just a piece. Let;s face it, we have all been hurt in our lives, felt used, discarded etc. It is my sincere wish to never make anyone feel that way or feel that way again.

So until there is a real connection, a two-way street of caring, friendship, lustfulness. That intense natural chemistry, I will stick to my toys and fingers. I would rather take my time and make some lasting friendship
Oh Those Nights That Are Long
Posted:Jan 9, 2022 1:16 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 12:32 am
Hi there, yes it is me once again. Watching the couple cams but nothing much going on there that interests me. Very quiet night and yes that longing to be touched by a man who would actually care about me as a friend first and then a lover, seems like a impossible feat at times. Sure you can talk to whoever int eh course of a night, beat off the common asshats who are too inbred to read your profile. But then it seems that you click with a man, everything seems so spot on. Then...............

And I dont mean to come on here and complain, but it is hard. Especially when you long like most of us do to yes have sex, make love, and then have some more sex. To fulfill our bucket list as much as possible on so many avenues. I want to experience more, ,teach more, learn more. I want to dance naked in the warm rain and not feel ashamed. I want to feel sexually free to be me without any shame. I am finally there with my spouse. Though we are separated, we still are great friends. He has zero interest in anything sexual at all, with anyone at all. I cant change him and he cant change me. I wont any longer hate him for being the way he is, and he wont hate me for having a lover.

It is what it is. At the end of the day you have to make yourself happy first and foremost or you will not be able to be happy with anyone else.

So I feel you if you are longing for human touch tonight like I am . If you aren't, I am very very happy for you.

xoxoxo Ann
Santa Gets Laid --- The Conclusion
Posted:Jan 8, 2022 4:12 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 2:29 am
He slide his.......................... hand down her stomach and in between her legs which were slightly open. He moved her legs apart which he also noticed were trembling a bit. He smiled as he knew he was really getting to her. Finding her sweet spot which was very wet, and hot he slide two fingers up inside of her. She shuddered out loud and begged him to make her cum. With his thumb, he rubbed her very swollen clit, while curving his fingers up inside of her to find that G spot. All the sudden he knew that he must of found it because she was gyrating her hips, and clinging to his broad strong shoulders at the same time. She was dripping now, she was just that wet. All of the sudden she started trembling even more and with such force squirted her sweet nectar all over him. He was so turned on, he couldn't wait, he dove down to her pussy and with his tongue began lapping up her sweet nectar as if he was starving.

She was clinging so had to his head, and pulling his hair. She was at that animalistic stage that he loved to she her be in. She was head to toe just a sex bomb at that moment. Sliding one of hands down to his cock, he began stroking it as he continued to lick and suck on her clit.

He stopped, got up, and told her to lay on the bed. She did as told, very eagerly. He leaned down over top of her and began kissing her passionately. Then he told her to get on her stomach. She got into doggy position which was wonderful for them both. Coming up behind her, he gave her ample ass a few smacks, just to hear her reaction of excitement. Grabbing his hard throbbing cock he slowly slipped it in her as she was pretty tight. she was pushing back against him, so he went all the way. "God yes please baby" she exclaimed. He began pumping her, watching her ass jiggle went he went in balls deep. He grabbed her long hair and pulled it like reins as he rode her. He could feel himself so close to cumming. Knowing it was safe and desired to do so, with one last mighty push he came.. He came with such force that he shuddered and let out a very primal grunt. Laying there on top of her, he kissed the back of her neck. They stayed in that position letting him naturally go back to a natural flaccid state.

He hated to, and so did she but they couldn't stay in that position all night. Besides they still hadn't eaten anything besides each other. What was it that he bought, neither could remember now.

They both winced as they climb off the bed, knowing they were not in their 30's anymore.

Santa got laid and so did his Mrs...................

Ho Ho Ho

The Ins and OUts of Life
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 3:06 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 10:11 pm

You may have noticed that I am being quieter than normal as of late. Like they are for so many of us, things are hard.

I watch the couple cams a lot so if you see that I don't respond to a IM it is because I am over watching the cams and often chatting with a few couples that I just enjoy conversing with. Been fighting a infection in my leg again. I think it is healing up nicely. I did have a appointment to see a Pulmonologist. I had to wait over 6 months to even see this specialist. Then to be turned away because their policy changed and they no longer to BCBS. What the frick!

I so upset, I had a good cry. Then it is on to plan B. Nothing I can do about that, but I can just keep trying and never giving up. Sometimes I just have to walk slower when the edema everywhere is bad. But again a caring friend will understand and even encourage.

There have been a few other things that have really trying, but I wont go into that here. And then there is the Covid rearing its head still, ever present. Surges here along the east coast, so concerning. Just when you think things might turn back to whatever the hell normal ever . I to be more social, and I will with precautions.

So there you have it, and I have been extra horny lately. I get turned on and bam, but at least that is a healthy release right.

Please tell me how you are doing, I do care

Santa Gets Laid Part 6
Posted:Jan 7, 2022 12:44 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 10:10 pm
"Please babe, I need taste you" She begged..............................."Not so fast, my pretty" he replied all while giving her one of those devilish seductive grins.

LIcking her plump lips, she to beg some more. But since she ll tied up, it would do no good. Clearly he in of this tryst. Feeling the tiny beads of moisture threatening to escape her pussy, she wanted so badly touch. To touch hi, to touch herself. Hell touch something.

Her breasts were gutting out because of the way he had her ties up. Her nimples posed and so ready to be sucked on. He walked by and said not another wor Pulling a chair, he watch her squirm. But he knew that he already leaking copious amounts of precum, and did not dare even stroke that raging rock hard and throbbing cock

He did stand up, and walk over to her. He placed the head of his penus right into the edge of her lips. They looked so ready to accept his very ripened appenda. She parted her very yummy lips and sighed. She loved it when he fucked her mouth. She wanted his to get as much pleasure as he would in the whole wor He grabbed the back of her hair into a tight fist. Fucking her mouth at increasing speeds. Then easing off because he could feel him so close to cumming.

After he so close to cumming he bent over to kiss her fully and passionately on the kips. Cutting down the rope from where her arms were necessary as to let her be able to engage. He kissed her some more and then trailing his hot wet tongue down the side of her neck and took each breast into his hands. She loved breast play which good because he intended on playing with the. He sucked on the nipples until they stood long and proud at full attention. Pink and pointing up the the sky.

He slide his..........................
Burning Inferno
Posted:Jan 4, 2022 2:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 3:27 am

I hate nights like this.

Nights when you are so horny you cant sleep. It is like this roaring inferno between your thighs. Craving that human interaction, because let's all admit it. Toys and fingers being your own do get a bit old afterwhile.

Needing to be kissed passionately, held, varessed. Mouth and fingers in teh perfect sync with my body. And of course I do want to be fucked. I wast to have fun, feel sexy and bring the entire house down in delicious orgasms. .One after the other.

Sigh, all in due time

Santa Gets Laid Part 5
Posted:Jan 1, 2022 4:40 pm
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2022 3:36 pm
He wanted take her right there on that bathroom floor but...........................

He stood erect grinning at her. She wondered what he could be thinking, but her eyes were transfixed on his raging hard cock. That bead of precum, threatening drop from the head of his swollen cock was almost more then she could bare. She reached up touch his member, and he took a big step back. Shocked she looked up at him, through her long eyelashes. He said "No, I have plans you miss. Stay right where you are until I ready you. " With that he tossed a new sheer black camisole her way. He got the right size, which she was amazed at. Being a plus size woman, it is not too often that a man will take the time to find out what seize you wear and go to the trouble of getting you a new sezy piece of lingerie. She stepped into it, pulling the straps up. It cam to the bottom of her ass cheeks, but had opening on top her large breasts some out of. She giggled because he loves play with her breasts. The sheerness of the fabric glide on her milky white skin like it was meant her.

Standing up, she began brush her hair, and apply a dab more of perfume. Lip gloss and adjusting her breasts so they are both out and ready greet. She sat on the toilet and awaited as per the instructions he left her.

He looked around the room, surveying what there was. he had seen the ribbon and oversized bows when he came in. Not just where and what could he do with that. Suddenly he saw two chairs with posts in the back. Dragging them over the side of the bed he positioned them so each one of here feet will rest on the seat. Oh this was going be fun. He reached down give his cock a tug, and was surprised on how much pre cum he was leaking. No matter, she would take care of that without he even sayign a word.

He leaned back a moment and marvleed at how lucky he was have such a sensual and sexual lover. It was worth the time it took to become friends, because they understood each other so much more and that even affected the sexual play. It was a fun, natural vibe or caring each other.

She was getting antsy, was he ever going come back her? With that she heard his steps and saw the door knob turn. He stepped in and his eyes locked in on the black camisole she was wearing. "Ah that fits you like it was made just you. And the girls look delicious too." She spun around slowly and the fabric gave rise to show the beginning of her shaved mound. He loved how she looked even if she did not.

Taking her by the hand, he stood and looked into her eyes. Leaning down, he tilted her chin so he could kiss her slowly and . Walking into the bedroom, she wondered why there were two chairs right there by the edge of the bed. What did he have instore her? He led her over them and told her to sit on the edge of the bed. He placed each foot on the seat of the worn antique chairs. Taking the red sating ribbon he looped some around each ankle. Criss crossing, and then went through and around the posts of the chair before typing it off. H

She tried with all her might but could not budge her legs. He walking up behind her and he raised her arms above her head. Wrapping the ribbon around each wrist, so she could not move them either. This was a old canopy bed so he used the posts above them to secure her. He could smell her pussy getting excited already. She was a sight to behold so he took a few pictures. Placing a bow on each breast up above, she looked like a present for the of men. She was demanding that he cut her loose, but who was she kidding. Secretly was turned on, and waiting see what he would do her.

He stepped back and began slowly take his shorts off again. She licked her lips as his cock sprang out of the confinement.

"Please babe, I need taste you" She begged..................................
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