Erotic Daydreaming  

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8/16/2021 9:10 pm
Erotic Daydreaming

Dancing into the room, looking around. Waving to some friends, yes I see you there way over there in the corner. I am not even going to ask what y'all are doing there under that table, but do carry on.

It's time for me to bring the sexy back out. I put her away for a bit because I just wasn't feeling it. Or I worried that it would not be the right thing to do in my current relationship. But it is, so now I shall because I am so damn horny right now for a certain man. So I am going to close my eyes and recount just how I am feeling and what I dream of that would be happening:.

So all day long now, you have been on my mind. Each time I think of you, I feel the tingling in my pussy, and I can tell that I am getting wetter and wetter. Now it is night time, the house is quiet and you are all mine. I lay back and let my fingertips run across my lips, imagining how you might kiss me. God I so need you to kiss me. I want to feel you cupping my face, looking into my blue eyes and kissing me with the passion that you only read about. The kind that ignites ones whole body. Of course I would be kissing you back with just as much passion and desire. I would be able to feel your body heat, and some hardness forming.

Running my hands down now across my ample bosom, the one you look at all the time. Wanting to feel your hands and lips all over them right now. Arching my back as you kiss my neck, trailing your tongue all the way down to my nipples. Taking your time with each one, I am dying because with just that I am about to cum love.

Feeling your hand on the small of my back, you are back to kissing me yet I can feel one of your hands feeling the silky hairs on my pussy. I normally would shave this, but decided to closely trim instead. With the sigh I just heard I think you are really liking the silky softness, and more. I feel your long fingers tracing the outer lips and feeling that I am very wet for you already. You look up at me, and I say "Please don't tease me". You chuckle and dive in, as I part my creamy white thighs just for you. It is like "Welcome to my inner sanctum". Feeling your lips and tongue working their magic on me, with one or two fingers deep inside me now. You can feel me orgasming and you rush to drink it all up, over and over again.

At last it is my turn to please you, or so I think. You tell me "No, not this time. I need to be inside of you now." On this rare occasion I actually obey your command, and I love that you growled it. You climb on top of me, and we are both holding our breath. WE have dreamed of this very moment for so long, sometimes wondering if it would ever happen. We both knew it would though, and you are looking into my eyes as I feel you entering me slowly because you know I am very tight. Oh baby you feel incredible, I have never felt anything so wonderful. It is like we were made for each other's body. WE start to fall into a natural rhythm, my legs wrapped around your waist, and holding onto your shoulders. You lean down to kiss me again, and then take my ankles and put them up on your shoulders so you can push in further. That is when you feel it. You feel me have one of the strongest climaxes that you have ever felt coming from a woman, this almost causes you to cum right then. You slow it down because you want to enjoy this for as long as possible. I am busking my hips into you know and you know you can not hold back any longer. I tell you that I want to feel you cuming deep inside of me. With that You let out a loud groan and cum with such force.

WE cling to each other like we are at long last together . I am holding you to my naked sweaty bosom, and i am rubbing your head. Its time for us to take a short nap before we cap this whole thing off one more time before we have to depart.

Mmmmmmm, hope you enjoy reading this. I enjoyed writing it and now I am very very wet and need to take care of some emissions. Lord almighty, never been so horny before in my life.

Keep Cumin

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NJGUY08090 55M
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8/17/2021 6:20 pm

Love to read your blogs - So hot.

EroticMusings2 57F  
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8/17/2021 9:24 pm

    Quoting NJGUY08090:
    Love to read your blogs - So hot.
Thank you, imagination is a wonderful thing to have.

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Fish8610 35M

9/6/2021 6:27 am

Erotic daydreaming is something that happens to me more regularly these days. Sometimes resulting in an unwanted bulge in my jeans.

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