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Countryside Beauty
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 10:05 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 3:31 am

Tonight I am very tired, was a long full day. My right arm and shoulder are still really causing me immense pain, which makes for little sleep. But I still managed to enjoy the day. Made a beautiful fall wreath, full of rich earth tones. Went for a lovely drive in the countryside which always does me so much good.

I prefer the Dollar Tree in another town, so I went down there. Have to get the fall decor items dontcha know. And then very nice lunch at a Mexican restaurant owned by a family. Super nice, enjoyed talking with them.

I struggle with social situations, always have. Social anxiety has always been my issue, I do not do crowds. Now crowd of dogs, yes all day long.

Anyway, tonight I am tired. Going to turn in early and read my book.

Sleep well my friends,

For Your Pleasure Part 2
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 12:11 am
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2021 7:59 pm
You sit down and tell me to come over to you. I bite my lower lip and do so. You tell me to bend over your lap. I know what is coming, You tell me that I must be punished for no obeying you. You expose my bare ass, and tell me to spread my legs.


I shiver, and bite my lower lip. Excited and apprehensive, I await. Swack, Swack, swack. Then you rub the spot where your hand landed. Slipping a finger deep inside my very wet pussy, you ask me if I am going to disobey you again. I shake my head no, and you swat my ass again. "Answer me Slut," you command. No I answer, and with that you give me 5 more swats, once again rubbing my ass.

All of the sudden I feel warm oil dripping down onto the crack of my ass. Cascading over my puckered rosebud. I sigh loudly, loving the feeling. You trail a skilled finger down the crack, and stop to circle my rosebud, making me hold my breath. "Tell me" you say. "Tell you what" I asked. "Tell me what you want slut." with that I tell you that I want you to slip your finger in my ass. Slowly you do just that, little by little. Taking time to let myself adjust to the new intrusion. Then once the full length of your finger is inside, you slowly slip on more. sliding them in unison in and out of my rosebud . I can feel myself getting closer to cuming. all of the sudden you add two more fingers into my pussy, and use your thumb to rub my clit. I try to squirm and you hold me down with your strong arms. You know that I love it when you do tthat. I am now begging you to let me cum, and you tell me to not disobey you again. So I do everything I can to not cum, but I am so close. I can feel the blood reaching the nerve endings in my ass which will send me into one of the strongest orgasms. That in turn makes my pussy and c lit have a series of almost none stop orgasms, each one being stronger then the last. I know if I cum now I will not be able to stop cuming.

You stop, removing all fingers from the pleasure they were giving me. You grab a pillow and put it at your feet. Undoing your pants, you free your cock, which is already semi hard and oozing precum. You rub the head of your cock and tell me to get on my knees. Trying to recover from being on the cusp of orgasms, I do as you command. "Stick out your tongue" you tell me. I do so and you place your finger coated with precum on my tongue, telling me to suck it. I look directly into your eyes, letting you watch me suck all the juices off your finger. You tell me to suck your cock. Finally, I am so please. I take you fully and slowly into my warm awaiting mouth. Licking up each side, and then down to your balls. rolling each one around gently in my mouth, while stroking your cock. I want you to enjoy me making love to you by my mouth. It is my thank you, for all that you are to me. Running my tongue up the underside of your now hard cock, I can feel it throbbing. I know you are watching me, and I am enjoying that. I moan, looking at you as I take you slowly into my mouth. Letting my tongue pulse the underside of your cock, and take you all the way into my mouth. To the point of almost gagging but I have learned to control that. You wrap your fingers in my hair and begin guiding your cock in and out of my mouth. "Such a good coc sucking cock you are, and you are all mine. Understand?" I nod yes because I have a mouthful right then. You stand up and tell me to sit down. Then you wrap your fingers into my long red hair and begin fucking my mouth again. "That's it slut, show me how bad you want me to fuck you>" With that I open my throat up even wider, letting you slip all the way in, until my face is pressed again your pelvic area. You Hold my head there for a moment, then begin thrusting in and out again. I can tell you are getting so close.

You release me and tell me to climb onto the bed. I do so, and you tell me to spead my legs. "Spread your pussy lips wide for me." I obey, getting excited because I know that when you eat my pussy it feels incredible. You tease me a bit, kissing me first, slowly and deeplu while twisting and pulling on my nipples. You hear me moan again. "Please", I say to you. "Please What?". I tell you to please eat my pussy. With that you kiss me again deeply and using your tongue, glide your way down to my glistening pussy. I am so very wet, and you do not waste anytime licking and sucking my clit and lapping up my juices. You start to slip a finger inside of my pussy again, but then you tell me that you are going to make me wait for that. By now I am begging you to fuck me. I love the way your cock fits so well inside of me.

You give my clit on more hard suck and then climb between my legs again, this time kissing me deeply while you slip your hard cock inside of me. It feels so incredible, and I am moving in time to your thrusts. You can feel my vaginal muscles tightening up, over and over again. You can feel me cuming all over your cockl This drives you over the edge and you finally can hold back no longer. Looking into my blue eyes and kissing me deeply, you cum hard. I can feel you cuming and the warmth and amount makes me cum one last time. You see me smiling and you know.

Laying there catching our breathes, in each others arms. We know that there is so many fun, exciting and different scenarios that we will journey into together.

Thank you,

Dearest Ann
Rising Above It All
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 2:02 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 12:17 am
I know, I know. Some of you are wondering where is the conclusion the story. I will finish it in the next day of two. I have to do a warm , like a musician would liken too. Letting my fingers talk to the keyboard.

But I was thinking of what this site, different relationships, have taught .

Tonight I visited with a friend that I hadn't talked to in some time. We never got together or anything, we were just friends. But we had spent quite a few nights talking, and yes flirting too in good fun. Anyway it always feels good reflect and even be there for a friend who is going through his own personal conflicts. Back when I first got know this man, he was the first person who contacted when I made a profile . I was very naive, and he helped walk through what was safe do and not do, etc. I was different then I am now.

I have grown a thicker skin, after encountering men who were not truthful. I have learned not get so emotionally invested right off the bat. Don't get wrong, I am still very sensual, and loving. But I am not desperate for love I once was. If a relationship grows into more than FWB or a lover, then wonderful. If not, then that is wonderful too and just what it is meant to be. I will be fine if I never fall in love again, life goes on. Sometimes a true sound friendship is the best , most trustworthy thing you could ever have. We start out life forming bonds of friendship, and at the end of our lives that is what we have life really.

I know whatever happens I will be fine. I am tougher than I ever thought I was. I will not let any narcissistic asses tear me down ever again. I am more blunt and feeling self assured more and more. Keeping a positive attitude and finally knowing who I am and what i like is a key point for me.

This site has its good and bad pints, but I have made incredible lasting friendship that have lasted over 2 decades in some cases.

Be you, trust in yourself, and love you.

I have Top Fans!
Posted:Sep 11, 2021 9:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 12:18 am
Wow, who knew!

No one could be more shocked than myself when I glanced down and I have Top Fans!

of people, who would have thunk it. I never would have seriously even dreamed of such.

But I thank you who are my fans, for making me feel so wonderful. I do really appreciate it so very much.

Another long day, grocery order was finally delivered. We have our groceries delivered because of physical disabilities. Especially the heavy stuff, and even though our order was two hours late the nice man who brought them, even carried them into the house. He insisted, isn't that something. Of course we doubled his tip, was so very nice of him. It was a large order too because I tend to shop for the bulk of our needed items a month at a time.

Anyway, thank you again. Like all of you, today was a somber day. Marking the 29th anniversary of 9/11. Never seems to get easier does it.

Crazy Running
Posted:Sep 10, 2021 11:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 12:18 am

Today was a crazy busy day, so I wont be finishing the story tonight.

Started out right away with paying bills, ordering groceries, doing some finanical planning.

Laundry, deep cleaning the kitchen, and cooking dinner. Homemade hash-browns, bacon and scrambled eggs.

I felt better today, slept for 7 hours uninterrupted which is rare for me. I think it helped that my FWB/lover is organizing a two day weekend next weekend. Even asked if I could spend two nights instead of just one. That meant alot to me, nice to be wanted and cared for along with some amazing sex.

Yes we each other that we are using each other for sex, but in fact we are. Yes we enjoy each others company but the sex sweetens the pot. I can hardly wait, going to be amazing.

Then I also had to do wound care on my spouses ulcerated toe. Been that way for about 6 months now, even with specialized wound care for months. But even though we are separated I still care and am his part time caregiver. I would never just turn my back on him, we have a long history and part of me will always love him. And yes he knows and even before we were separated, with his okay I have me sexual needs met outside because he can not.

So just wanting to let you all know that I am very very honest about the whole thing.

Keep smiling, the weekend is here!

The True Value of Honesty
Posted:Sep 10, 2021 12:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2021 2:38 pm
As I am turning in, I am feeling very blessed right now. Amiss all the hurt and lies we all face in life and on this site, there are some very genuine real people.

Often you do not even realize what a true friend you have, a friend who extends a caring hand for you to take. Whether it is talking, holding, and any variety of sexual benefits you might entertain together. Helping soothe a broken heart, from a careless person. Making you realize that you are still vital, desirable, and cared about.

To me right now, as I face some medical challenges soon - this is such a wonderful feeling. It is a tough thing as we all age, wondering about our future, the future of relationships, even friends who seem to have evaporated, and family who is often too busy. But it only takes one genuine honest, person to truly help you through the rough patches and celebrate with you on the victories.

Above all, be honest. There is too much drama in life as is, no need to make more. No head games, fake claims, pretending to be anything you are not. If you are honest, most things can be worked out to a degree.

Goodnight my friends,

For Your Pleasure Part !
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 9:31 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 12:19 am
This is just a tale from the wicked depths of my ever churning mind. Enjoy!

I have been dying all day see you. My body aching for your touch, feeling a fever starting down in my sweet sacred lips, almost dripping with a sweet nectar that only you can dine on.
I watch you cross the parking lot of the hotel. You had arranged for me to meet you there before you arrived. Taking advantage of the Jacuzzi, I took my time enjoying the warm water and the water jets aimed at the right body parts.

Feeling fresh, I took my time applying lotion so my skin would be extra soft and fragrant. Applying finishing touches to my makeup and perfume, taking the time to make sure my kitty was primed and very ready for you. Dressing in a beautiful piece of lace lingrie that I custom made. Easy access to all the important parts of course.

My heart speeds up and I hear you knock on the door. I rush to open it, so excited to see you again. Without a word you look into my eyes and kiss me passionately while pinning me against the door. I love how commanding and in control you are. I begin to wonder what you have in store for me tonight, and you slide your hand down to my brest, while keeping my hands over my head and pinned. I am helpless and you chuckle because you notice that I am a bit breathless and flushed.

You release me, and you tell me to sit down. We do sit and talk for just a few moments, and you tell me to stand up. Without hesitation you tell me to open my lacy frock, and present my enormous breast to you. I do so, and you examine each one slowly. You begin sucking in earnest, knowing I love that so much. Taunting and twisting each nipple, and then slapping each one. The stinging sensation is just enough to activate my clit even more. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter.

I stand there and feel you sliding your hand down over my stomach and into my pussy. dipping a finger into the folds, you say "What do we have here my slut"? You take your finger and wet my lips with my own juices and tell me lick my lips. Tasting myself while you watch is turning me on even more. You start kissing me deeply again, but slowly while sliding a well skilled finger into my pussy. I moan and you start rubbing my clit which is swollen at the same time. I am dying to touch you, but you will not allow me to do so yet.

Stanidn there you feel me start to tremble, as I am getting close to cumming. I had been saving up my nectar for over a week and being so horny for you, I am begging to cum. You tell me no, and demand that I not cum until you tell me I may do so. You feel me start to tighten up in my pussy, and you remind me once again that I may not cum until you tell me I can. I cant control myself and you feel me cumming all over your fingers.

You sit down and tell me to come over to you. I bite my lower lip and do so. You tell me to bend over your lap. I know what is coming, You tell me that I must be punished for no obeying you. You expose my bare ass, and tell me to spread my legs.

To be continued......
Pent Up Sexual Energy
Posted:Sep 9, 2021 6:23 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2021 8:00 pm
What does one do with pent up sexual energy. ?

Well of course there is always masturbation, but even that gets very old after awhile. My clit and fingers are no longer speaking to each other it seems - lol.

So for me, I need a outlet and I am not going to just pick anyone to lay down with. I have to be friends with you first and foremost. Then after we do a firdt meet say for lunch, we can decide if we woul dlike to be benefiting.

I do like to fantasize and write erotica and it seems that some of you enjoy reading such. So that is what I will be doing until me FWB and I are able to meet once again and get down to the proper and not so proper business of fuckery.

I also like to look at the toys, seeing if there is anyting new that I might want to save up and buy. You never know what might just be your new favorite toy. So many different ones and of course the old true and true ones as well.

Well the two days prior to this one have been very rough my friends. Way too much fighting with my separated spouse, who wants everything his way. He is used to the old me back when I would give in and just do whatever he wanted. But as I have aged, I have become much more vocal about my wants and needs. He is very unhappy about this, but I have just this one life. I plan on squeezing every bit of happiness out of it.

Never let anyone tell you how to be, what to think of feel, or what you should be.

We are all unique and special.

My Tryst To Finding My Groove Once Again
Posted:Sep 7, 2021 9:43 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 7:46 am
One week ago today I was spending the night with a dear friend, now a dear FWB.

You never could have told me how amazingly we would get along in and out of the bed. But it was amazing to say the least.

See this was the first time in 8 years almost that I had felt a man cum deep inside of me. I had forgotten how good that feels, and how wonderful he would be. From the first kiss right when I walked in the hotel room, to the last kiss as we said our goodbyes, just could not have been better.

Handsome, Charismatic, Charming, and dont tell him, but the very best that I have ever been with. He was wonderful to talk with, wonderful to be with in no uncertain terms. He was gentle when and where he needed to be, controlling in just the right way. Such a huge turn on each and every-time, all 4 times lord almighty.

He had me cumming right and left and then right some more, I had him spell bound with my oral skills as I was with his. We left each other craving more as soon as we can arrange it.
It easy, and relaxed while being exciting. No fighting, no trying to change each other. Just natural and fun, the way making love and sex should be.

I feel like a full fledged woman once again. After all this time, I thought perhaps I had lost my groove. Well he found it, again and again and again.

Oh to be replayed again soon!

Nodding Off
Posted:Sep 7, 2021 1:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2021 1:59 pm

I've been sitting here thinking I was groin gto write some profound words of wisdom/ Then every so often I nod off. I hate that, I always want to squeeze every ounce of each day out.

I have dfriven at movie threat res, long time ago at work, recently while talking with a very close friends. I hate that I do indeed do that. Not anything I can help.

So yes I am teh nodding off woman, but I am very enthusiastic in real lie too.

Tell me, where is teh strangest place syou have fallen aasleeo at or doing>

Midst Of Sexual Expression
Posted:Sep 6, 2021 1:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2021 10:59 pm

I always been a free thinker, just who I am. Any real surprise that I am a artist? Didn't think so.

I really think it is just such a pity when you know people who never let loose. They hold on for dear life the conservative lifestyles they were brought up to have. I was brought up by very conservative parents myself, I just have been the odd man out there. I have always felt like God gave me a brain to use, that I didn't have to think the same way everyone else does.

I want to know at the end of my life that I enjoyed myself on whatever plain I could. That I gave it my all. Like sexually, I do not hold back once I am in the midst of it. I let myself feel, and be totally in the moment. I wish everyone was like that because there is such beauty in the different area of sexual experiences.

Just let your guard down and enjoy!

Branching Out To En Vibe More
Posted:Sep 5, 2021 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 1:02 pm

So I thought tonight's post would be about our own perceived body images, versus what someone else might see.

It is so true that there is a body type that appeals to everyone. But for the most part society seems so judgmental at a certain age on body image. Thinking we should all be a certain weight, height, and even how we dress.

But as we age,and we all have things heading south faster then we can take notice, I think body image starts to not be as important. We take into account the overall person, personality, and how they treat others. Are they truthful? Or do they lie to themselves and everyone around them?

You never can tell how a person really is until you meet face to face. Usually after a few moments of talking you can tell if there is a attraction or not. Especially if you are sitting and talking. I always say that I like everyone until they open their mouths. Then quickly you can tell if this person is someone you would get along with, or the big no.

I ask each one of you though to step outside of your normal comfort zone. You never will know if you would like someone that is not in your normal appeal. They might blow your socks off and everything else too. They might leave you breathless, twitter patted, and craving more.
And what if you hadnt taken the chance.

Don't judge by looks alone,that is a very immature thing to do.

Each person,each person's body's unique.


Sensuality and Sexuality
Posted:Sep 3, 2021 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2021 8:26 am
Sensuality is
the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical,

Sexuality is about your sexual feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviors towards other people. You can find other people physically, sexually or emotionally attractive, and all those things are a part of your sexuality. Sexuality is diverse and personal, and it is an important part of who you are.

Those are the official definitions on the words we all throw around so freely. But are you really in tune to what and how you portray yourself.

I love to be sensual, and if you are lucky enough to be with me you will know that I am enjoying myself. I tend to move my body and vocalize very much that I am enjoying my time with you. I also love to caress, run my fingertips over your body. Kissing, licking, showing you that I am intune to your desires too. I love to give as good as I am getting.

I am also very sexual and I think there is nothing wrong with a woman being sexual. It does take the two of us, or at least two of us to have the best of sex. I mean I can masturbate myself into a coma, but it is and will never be the same as having a man holding me, kissing me, caressing me. And then when it gets down to the brass tactics, a real man knows just how far to take it, pinning and controling my body which is now squirming. That is something that is so to .

So dont hold back, give it your all my friends. You deserve a rich sex and sensual life. We all do. Let your fingers do the walking and talking - lol


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