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I Matter, You Matter, We All Matter
Posted:Dec 19, 2021 12:36 am
Last Updated:Dec 20, 2021 11:34 pm
I promise I will get myself on track better. You will notice that the blog I wrote yesterday is down. I had second thoughts on no longer being . I do not think that is something I am ready to give up on. Let me explain more of what has been going on with me.

As we age, we all or most of us have certain medical challenges. Sometime we do better with them, sometimes we do not. Lately my fibromyalgia has sent me almost crawling out of bed on a good day. And with that flair came the gouty arthritis in my toes. And other assorted things that have caused me to need to slow down.

I also found myself involved with a fwb the only one I have, that really wasnt a good fit for me. Very uncaring, narcissist, and he was not careful with me even when I told him what was going on. He was too rough, causing me to bleed quite a bit. Along with that the severe arthritis in my shoulders was bad after he yanked hard on my right arm.

I can still be , I just think I haven't met the right person. I that person to have some emotion display when we are together. I do not wish to be treated like a piece that doesn't matter. I us to be kind, and loving lovers. treasuring the time we spend together and then we go back to our normal lives. Stolen moments on or Im, s savoring it all.

I can't let this bad experience turn me into a sexually repressed woman, and I wont.

Chaos of Christmas
Posted:Dec 16, 2021 12:23 am
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2021 1:43 am

Yes I am still alive. Just this time of the year things tend to get bit overwhelming to me.

The chaos is what I dislike and the greediness of it all. I know there are good points to Christmas, But since I have no family essentially, you do feel like the odd man out sometimes. But there are good points to even that. Not having to spend loads of on gifts.

I am still making some gifts to go to some of my friends. I am hoping to eventually meet a fwb and develop something. Something emotional but it is clearly understood that it goes no further. I think eventually I will find just the right playmate.

I know this is , I need to get back into writing. I enjoy those of you that comment so very much.

Flashing all of you

Let Me Explain
Posted:Dec 9, 2021 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2021 12:17 am

I took down my blog about Polyamorous, because I think some of you got the wrong impression of me. I am not for the next man, or another piece. I talking about if you are in a marriage or committed relationship but find that your partner is unable to give you all you need. Rather then destroy a long term marriage, I think sometimes it is better to seek a additional person. In my case that my spouse will never be able to again make full love to me. That there are just many aspects that even if everything right between us, he can never give me.

And I think everyone should have the freedom to be totally themselves. Not what society or peers think they should be. Perhaps it is not a conventional approach but it is yours. What a beautiful feeling to be able to be your true self without persecution.

Having said that, today I supposed to meet a friend for lunch. Just lunch, but I had this gut feeling that this might not go well. Then he texted me that he sitting at the bar having beers. Red flag for me. First impression you me to have of you is with beer breath? I wanted to meet you, not the altered you. I canceled and not going there again. This is the very reason I start as friends first with everyone and insist on a platonic first meet.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day,

Sexy hugs,

Basic Daring Thoughts On Polyamorous Relationships
Posted:Dec 7, 2021 1:23 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2021 12:17 am
So I have been educating myself on the world of Polyamorous relationships and the different types. I am intrigued by the concept to say the least. I agree with alot of it. No one person can really give you all you need it seems.

It is like thinking you only need one ingredient to make a dish. There are many key ingredients to make a complete dish. Marriage is alot like that, and I think a open relationship could prevent a lot of divorces perhaps. Why not allow your partner to have someone else that can give them what you can not. If you are secure enough in the overall relationship, there is really not that much to worry about. As long as all parties agree to whatever is mutually decided. Whether it is living all together, with blended everything, or separate but being involved.

That could be just a sexual relationship, or romantic, or both. I know I think that would be a wonderful thing for someone in my shoes. I feel bad about leaving my disabled husband no matter what. Kind of feels like a mean thing to do, to divorce him . We have been there for each other through raising , my numerous illnesses and his as well. So not saying that I would never divorce him, but I want to have options that work best for no matter who I am involved with. What if you are always a girlfriend but never live together? Nothing wrong with that at all. Sometimes I think that is the best way to be. You get to enjoy each other, and then go back to your own homes. No having to pick up after the other person or putting up with their insane family, etc. Money matters are separate too.

So what are your thoughts on Polyamorous relationships>? Would you be open to such a thing?

Take The Time To Make Memories
Posted:Dec 5, 2021 2:49 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2021 1:06 am
In a perfect world, one person could give you everything you need. And vice versa, but I don't believe that is really possible. Now it is up to each of us to determine what is lacking and how important it is. Perhaps it is something like them not being tidy. Or something big, at least to me - which is the lack of affection and sex.

I admit it, I am one of those women who like sex is very important to a happy marriage. When it is lacking or not at all, there is something wrong. Now we all know there are medical reasons that one would not have any desire. Or at least able to perform. But still the snuggling, cuddling, kissing, touching is all still possible. Unless your spouse slams that door closed without a thought to you, your needs.

That is what has happened to me for years. I even offered to let him seek another woman, why not? But he did not wish to, which is his right. What is not his right is to make me have a sexless, affectionless sterile type of marriage. not acceptable to me at all because I am a woman, and I do matter.

Imagine my surprise when I got on here and there were alot of men who were and are interested in me. Yes for sex, but also for friendship. That means so much, to engage and have a man be interested in what I have to say. Who walks up to me and lays the most passionate kiss on me and that my head swoons. To me non of that ever has to end.

I am a very outspoken person and honest. Now I will not spew my opinion unles sit is asked. I dont to one of those loud mouth people.

So I tell you that if you have someone that you are wanting to get to know, do that. Take the time to do that We all only get one trip around and we never know what tomorrow will bring. make those memories and don't be afraid to show emotions, caring, and friendship. You never know what might be around the corner.

I am taking chances, safe ones but still.

xoxoxox Ann
Salutations From Me to You
Posted:Dec 4, 2021 2:16 am
Last Updated:Dec 5, 2021 2:36 am

Well Hello there. Yes I know I just kind of ghosted myself. Truth be told, I needed a few days away from all of this here teh site. It was a good time recenter myself and decide what I want and what I need.

So thinking of what I want is what I call "The boyfriend experience". Now hear out. I want have that kind of feeling and actions like if we were out on a date. Just for while we are together, then we separate and go back to our respective lives. But when we are together, lots of hand holding, cuddling, kissing and very very hot sex.

To that is what I am seeking. The attention and affection I do not get in my daily life. And be honest, if love were ever find , I would not shut the door the possibility, if done very slowly. I think you can even be in love with someone and not have live with them. You can love a person, yet keep your own identity.

Lets face it, we that are in our late 40's on, are at the stage in our life that we finally are catching our breath and ready look at what we might want. We have already invested so many years in our families, and friendships. We might for the first time want have things our way. I think it is a beautiful thing when you learn that someone is romantically involved but keep the relationship where they are both free be themselves. But when they come together, it is all about the other person themselves and a lot of affection.

I want to experience certain things in my life yet. A few days ago my FWB came into town. It had been over 2 months since we had sex, so we were both very eager. As usual a very good time, and even more affection. The conversations too were really amazing. We managed to work through my asthma flaring and having a very severe pain flair with my shoulders. So kind and understanding. Such a wonderful man, friend, and lover for that time we carve out of our schedules to do so.

I do hope you all are doing well.

Big hugs to you all,

Mystic of Mystery
Posted:Nov 30, 2021 12:21 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 4:0 am

That bit of intrigue and mystery, goes a long way.

Wondering what that person smells like, hwo they carry themselves.

The mannerisms, are they passionate when they have a playdate with you. Perhaps it is the first meet, and you watch his mouth as he talks over dinner. Wondering what that first kiss will be like. Yearning to reach out and cup his face, look deep into his eyes.

Wondering if he will truly see you as the entire woman, not just a random piece. That is what I seek, a on-going fwb that I can see at least 2 times a month. If it is meant to be, it will happen. When? No one can ay.

Sometimes you meet for lunch or dinner and realize they are very different in person then who you were talking to. Maybe the attraction is even hotter, or perhaos you realize that it just not there. But hey, no lose, you still can be great friends and cheer each other on as we all weed through the thousands of potential mates.

So I wish myself and all of you the very very best of luck

Keep them cumming

Give Me The Sea Air
Posted:Nov 28, 2021 4:55 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 4:0 am

Insomnia is a wicked bitch, she never lets up. I have become to really despise her. But it is what it is, and I took some melatonin and hoping that will do the trick. It is almost 8 am and I have yet to sleep. Those of you that have followed me for awhile know I battle this search for sleep continually.

I was remembering what it was like to live in a very cramp RV. When first we moved from Wyoming to Florida, we bought a old motorhome. Mainly so we could take our animals with us. Otherwise I would have refused to move frankly. When I commit to a rescued or cat, it is for the rest of their life. So here we are in this old 30 ft RV. Only using half because the other half was full of our worldly possession. Everything else we had given away. We were minimalizing.

4 dogs, 2 which are large, and 2 cats, and 2 people. The beds were horrible, the water in the toilet did not work, neither did the shower. It was rough I tell you. You learned to cook everything in stages to not trip the breaker. learned to wear clothes longer, because doing laundry at the rv park was almost impossible. No real privacy, and hot as the blazes .

But we lived in that RV for almost 2 years. In a RV park right on the bay. You could walk out on the pier and fish, watched such stunning sunsets. I loved watching the ride rollin and roll out. All the marine birds, even a crocodile.

Everything we go through in life is either a blessing or a lesson, most often both . I do miss the sea air, and watching the boats. Hopefully someday I will once again get to enjoy the beach again.

Watch out for the no-see ums and sand in places you never want it to be.

The Beginning of The Holidays
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 9:26 pm
Last Updated:Dec 4, 2021 2:16 am

I trust that all of you here in the USA that celebrate Thanksgiving, had a nice one however you spent it. Perhaps you were one of the working ones, or surrounded by family, friends, a loved one, or by yourself.

I spent the day cooking, even though it was just myself and my estranged husband. WE are still very good friends, which works since we share the same house and I am his caretaker for now. But even though it was just two of us, it still takes some time to do all the cooking. Then the clean up, etc.

Today was spent getting out all the Christmas stuff from last year and the prior year which had never been found or unpacked. Separating the indoor decorations and the outdoor and planning on the layout for the inflatables, lights etc outdoors. Same for indoors.

Needless to say my back and shoulders are killing me tonight. Anyone great at massages? I could really use a warm oil massage about now.

But since that is not possible, I will settle with taking my night meds and calling it a early evening. I have been working on getting more sleep lately, up earlier in the morning too.

Oh the train story I have pulled it for now, just until I can work on it more. But I will get it written to tantalize your wicked minds.

So put that pie down, and lets get all tucked into bed. Shall we?

The Deep Longing For Human Touch
Posted:Nov 22, 2021 12:26 pm
Last Updated:Nov 24, 2021 2:05 am

That deep longing, rather a aching deep within your tattered soul.

The never ending longing of human touch. To really be hel, wrapped in the arms of a strong man. One who adores you, longs to touch you. Over and over again.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever find such. You think perhaops you have found a FWB, or I prefer to call a lover. But then they keep putting you off, never telling you when they might be able to come see you again. I know they live out of town but I assured before we ever had sex that the distance would not be a problem. Yet it has been 2 months already, since last we have been together. He has come through this area many times, but claims he has no time. . There is not the kind words, the flattery, and no tenderness really. I need to be held, caressed. Made love too, and then yes primal sex. I to have a caring friendship with my lover, that we see each other as often as possible.

It is like you were touched, and then cruelly stopped. I am a horny woman with a high sex drive. We all get just this one life to live, and I am one that will never beg for anyone to come see. me. Oh well his loss.
In the Flicker of Candle Light
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 2:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2021 12:10 pm
Well hello there fellow Pervs,

Thank goodness it is Friday, seems like a long week but a good one.

I wanted to write to you and let you ponder on somethings. Since most of my readers are male, I want you to envision what I am going to be doing tonight.

Late late tonight, I will be watching the couples cams for a bit. Then probably some porn. And you guessed it, like so many of us lonely hearts, I will be relieving some tension myself. Now luckily I have some toys that really help with that. I will be picking a few of my favorites and envisioning myself with a certain someone.

I will lay there naked with just a few candles flickering. towel underneath tucked under to catch the sweet release of nectar I produce with a orgasm. Playing with my nipples, using wooden clothesline clips on them, really enhances the feeling in them . That dull ache, to pleasure. Then I will start with using just a finger in circular motions on my clit, making it swell. I will have a bit of moisture escape and then finally I will introduce a dildo in my pussy and a clit flicker to finish the job.

I will have at least 3 orgasms if not more this way, all while I am with a man who really is loving spending some time with me. I know it is a lonely essentance, but that is what so many of us are doing in the dark of the night.

So will you be doing the same?

To Be Missed
Posted:Nov 17, 2021 5:23 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2021 12:05 pm

Oh to be missed, is such a wonderful feeling.

That simple sentence, the simple knowledge that someone misses you. Someone wishes they were with you, holding you. Wanting to feel your lips upon theirs.

Whether it is the first time, or many times. If it is just some on-line messages that you have exchanged. To know you matter to someone. Someone out there wishes they were with you.

We all do matter, if nothing else than our own selves. It is a hard world out there at times. We must embrace the warmth, tenderness, caring feelings.

Care to embrace?

Make Love to Me
Posted:Nov 16, 2021 3:34 am
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 5:27 pm
It is true that I enjoy being naughty inthe sexyal arena of things. But I long to be made love to tenderly, slowly, taking ones time. Enjoying every inch of me. I want to see a caring man look deep into my eye, caressing my face.

I long to have some romance for the time we are together.. Just some rose petals and candles. Maybe a jacuzzi tub and some exotic smelling oil. Drying me off carefully and brushing my hair. Laying me down on the bed and rubbing scented oil all over my thirsty skin.

No rushing, no expectations on either part. Just enjoying each others bodies. Letting nature take its course, but everything is never guaranteed. I just want some kind of emotional response when I have a harder day.

Not sure if that will ever happen but a girl can dream.


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