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Crown of Gold
Posted:Jan 26, 2021 12:18 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 11:21 am
What a beautiful gift!

And it really is, my pet is how I refer to my male sub. He gave me the gift of a year of being a Gold Member. Without it, one feels rather left out seeing and enjoying all that one wants too. So if you have sent me a message and I did not answer, that is why.

I am a switch, but usually I seem to be the more aggressive one sometimes in the bedroom. Once I get going, I tend to take charge if need be. Now that was not the case when meeting my pet. We have only engaged one time thus far but plan to again very soon.

So I am his Dom, and I will be claiming him as mine complete with a collar. Very very excited about this juncture. I have dabbled a bit before, just in as you will role playing. But I can be quiet vocal when having sex as in giving directions or asking for certain things to be done.

Many private talks, we just click. He will need to be properly trained like all good pets. When I feel he is ready, I will be sharing him with hand picked people, as well as hoping to have many more threesomes or more somes.

So hurry up with the vaccine for COVID for all.

Keep practing safe sex folks.

My First MFM with 2 Bi-Men ~ Yum!
Posted:Jan 26, 2021 12:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2021 9:28 am
So bare with me on this story of my very first threesome which was a MFM with two good friends of mine.

This was probably about 15 years ago but I remember it well. There are just some things that never fade in ones memory and this is one of them. I had been with each of these men before individually. Over a matter of years, we became pretty good friends. They did not know each other, but I found out each of them was bi-sexual.

So I wanted to have my first threesome, which of course most women want to be MFM. We set up a play date, and one of the men secured the motel room. I met Mr. L early because he wanted some time with me alone, we made out, started getting freakier. He had just really started to eat my pussy when finally Mr. J showed up. I let him in and I could tell he was nervous and I think he wasn't too sure about having to share me either. So I motioned him over and we started to kiss. Now both of these men were excellent kisser, as well as excellent at eating my pussy. Mr. J before had even gotten me to squirt by eating my pussy.

So J and I are laying on the bed kissing, and he goes down on me. Then he climbs back up and we go at it missionary. He came real fast which is normal. I like to get the first fuck out of the way, that way we can take our time and really play for the second one. He climbs off and L is right there lapping up all that cum cascading and oozing out of my pussy. I loved that, it was so hot. Then he flips me over and we go at it doggy. They keep trading places with me, making me cum and them L cleaning it up.

Finally I suggest to J that he let L suck his cock. Well L really got into it, that was his fantasy, to be with a guy. He did a great job sucking cock and I was cheering him on. Now I am sitting in a chair with my legs spread, one over the arm masturbating while I tell him what to do. After a bit I ask J if he would fuck L. So doggie style J lubes up and slowly takes his ass. Now I knew his ass was very ready for it. I had even fisted him at his begging many times before and this boy was very kinky. So I tell J tell fuck him like he really wants too. Wasn't too long after that that they both came.

So we sat around for a bit then J left. L was eager for us to play alone again. For me to play with his ass, and him to eat my pussy. We fucked, sucked, depleted ourselves but good that day. I think we were there for over 6 hours. But what a afternoon. One I hope to repeat sometime down the road after my pet (my sub male) has been trained by me in many ways. After that I will be using him well and with others too.

Life is too short to not orgasm often.

Poem ~ Loner's Delight
Posted:Jan 24, 2021 2:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2021 10:46 pm
Im sitting here listening my husband snore, feeling about as lonely as a person can. Not a sole in the world talk . Longing have a pair of strong arms around holding , letting know everything will be okay. So I though I would write a bit of Poetry. Bare with because I am so very rusty.

Loner's Delight

Just as the banks of clouds swallow the hills,
Loneliness my friend ebbs closer my soul.
Musty fair weather friends and lovers come and go,
Taking minuet pieces of my tattered soul with them.

Jest you be yet another one chisel away at my plantings,
Feeling my weather bowed limbs sweeping the ground clean.
Wanting invite you into my most inner core of insanity,
Please come into my lair, and lay down at my feet.

Feel my slight gust of tiredness of this game,
Disinterested in every bit of this boorish lame game of chance.
Lonely fellow souls and I am about to all gather at the marsh,
Murky waters are somehow so melancholic and enticing calling me................
The Safety Net
Posted:Jan 23, 2021 3:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2021 5:28 pm
There is alot to be said about wanting to not use condoms while having sex. Lets be honest here, none of us like them. But is it really worth taking that chance.

My Late Uncle died of AIDS, and it was due to having unprotected sex with his girlfriend. They had been together for years, but he did not realize that she was trading sex for drugs. If you ever watch someone die of this horrible disease, you will welcome the use of condoms. It ravaged his body, made him a literal skeleton, with sores. He was no longer my Uncle, my childhood friend because there was only 2 years difference between he and I. We used to fight too, I remember that I would get so mad that he insisted that i call him Uncle.

Condoms might not feel the greatest but neither do ports, ivs, feeding tubes. Doesn't feel good to go through chemo, so many drugs, being turned to prevent bedsores. Doesn't feel good to have to wear adult diapers , and lose all ability to even sit up.

Experiment with different condoms. Make sure whoever you are going to be with is tested and clean. If you cant trust them to tell you the truth about their sexual activities and safety, why would you want to engage with them sexually anyway. For every person they have been with and if they are married whoever their spouse, partner etc has been with means you are going the orgy. Play safely folks and keep your numbers very low. When in doubt, glove up. Listen I am far from judgmental, I am just being outspoken and smart about this. I expect the same from who I am with. My rule is if there is a "US", we play without the need of condoms, but anyone else, must be gloved.

Live long and prosper my friends,
Yes I went there lol

The Building Hunger
Posted:Jan 23, 2021 3:15 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 11:21 am
Another sleepless night for me, not that conventional time frames seem to mean much to my current world. I suppose I should count myself lucky and I do. I do not want too many confines and being my husbands caretaker is quite time consuming at times for sure.

But the real reason I am finding it so hard to sleep is I have a huge crush on a certain wonderful man. His mere words just turn my knees to butter. Yes we have met one time, was a wonderful afternoon of talking, and of course sexual playing. We just seem to click on so many levels. The more I talk to him, the more I find myself daydreaming, night dreaming, just dreaming of when the next time might be.

I find myself wanting to run into his arms, awaiting for him to kiss me deeply and touch me tenderly. I fantasize about us making love, then going into a very primal high energy sexual debauchery. Since we are so in sync there are many many adventures to be had.

I crave Listening to John Prine right now certainly makes me thing and crave him. This hunger is great, needs to be fed for sure. Yes I could have picked someone closer, alot closer. But I am into quality not quantity. I want a secret relationship even if we can not see each other that often.

Life is short, and precious. We have to enjoy those very rare times especially on this site were you find a diamond in the rough. I got lucky, and I know that.

Embrace life, every moment every day, and be safe.

Breathlessly Awaiting
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 10:25 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 11:21 am
I initially planned being in bed over an hour ago, but we know how that goes. So sleepy but so many thoughts, fantasies and hopes running around in my head.

One thing I decided not too long ago is to just be brutally honest with everyone including myself. I am somewhat disabled. Use to be no one could really tell, though this past year you can. Whatever your disability is, dont be embarrassed at all.

Its certainly okay that you need to have help with some things
. If the person/s you are going to be with are not willing to accept all of you as is, then they probably are not the one for you. Know if they are John Travolta, well that boy can just do whatever he wants. Yum.

So I have lung problems that have progressively gotten worse especially over the last 6 months. So that means I can not walk very far without getting very winded and my heart to start racing badly. I can still , I can do a million thins sitting or laying. Just watch , and I will be seeing our new Primary Care Doctor next week. I know quite a few referrals will be going out for us both.

So whatever your disability is, just be truthful about it. If that person wants to be with you in the most personal way, they should embrace of you.

Terms of Endearment
Posted:Jan 21, 2021 12:02 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 11:21 am
I was getting sign off of here, see I do not spend much time here because I am not a gold member. That means I cant see hardly anyone's profile, nor the messages you send . Remember that you need send what is it points or something so I can see what you messaged me. If a man really wants get your attention, he will.

Earlier a dear friend of mine really touched my heart strings. But the more we talk, the deeper our connection on so many levels seems to get. But sometimes it is just a certain phrase, or even a single word that just makes you shudder. I appreciate this man so very much. He listens to me, about what I am going through with my husband. What worries I have, and seems to embrace me just as I am. Making no demands on me to be any different at all.

So eager to engage in kissing, holding, stroking, sucking, licking and of course fucking in our devilish ways. I think I better start training for a marathon, there is much planned......... Yes I am excited even though we are unsure of the timeline. I need to get healthier, but have doctor visit next week. The other it basically just basic when it fits best with distance and schedule.

One thing too that I wanted to mention is knowing when it is best to cut someone loose. Perhaps you can tell the more you talk with that person that this is just not a good fit. Not that there is anything wrong with that person, just not the right partner for you. Let them go before you ruin what ever friendship there might be.

Now let's get those hops swaying

The Return
Posted:Jan 20, 2021 11:43 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2022 11:21 am
As you can see I am finally back posting on this blog. I was sick for about a week and had some other things going on in my personal life. At time things just seem overwhelming and I need take a step back and regroup.

I have always been that way, ever since I was a . I tend get overwhelmed and need refocus. Nothing wrong with it, and that self reflection I think is good for us all. I have come realize that I have take a stand on the type of lover I want, and the type I do not want have. /for me be with a man who never asks about what is going on in your life, nor cares really even hear about your day. But alas wants you be there for him in every way.

Ladies you know the type, only wants you basically for one thing. Well honey I am not anyone's cum stain ever. I have been thru way too much and fought too hard to ever be treated less than. I have had to fight like hell and back just to survive and I am a pretty intelligent woman. Yes that does scare some men, and they can just stay over in the scared corner with the lunatic and liars.

Yes i know some women are just as bad if not worse. They want you to buy them things, and for their upkeep etc. They want run around play games with your heads.

This site does attract a fair amount of both I think. This is not my first time on this site at all, been on here off and on for years. Met some wonderful men on here, as well as a few couples. Friends with a few of them this day. These days I keep a wary eye out for those who you can tell do not really care about being your friend at all. If that is what you are into, good for you. For me, we will be friends, good friends before we ever touch each other bodies, If you can't sit and talk to me , we never need to be doing anything else.

What are your thoughts on this?

Beware, Protect Yourself
Posted:Jan 13, 2021 11:32 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2021 1:04 pm
Beware each one of us need be cautious. Now there are some wonderful men and women on here. Real tried and true, intelligent, straight forward.

But then there are the dogs, both men and women. Out for only one thing, screw and leave, lie and deceive as many as they can. You know the type. They come strong, making you fill like you are so special. But do a little research and you will see a pattern. That they were saying the same thing someone else just even a week ago.

How do I know this, I am not new the scene at . Been around, seen alot of things. Before I was very naive, trusted far too easily. And yes I got burned, hurt, and learned the hard way years ago.

Everyone should be straight forward. No since trying to trick, because you truly arent fooling anyone. In the end it will be you still alone.

Also dont waste someone time, time is precious.

Just Surmising
Posted:Jan 13, 2021 12:27 am
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2021 2:40 pm
Initially I was going to write a erotic new blog, but just not feeling it tonight.

It was a rough day, as my husband continues to lose more and more ability to walk. Full time now with a walker, and I do alot of running to do the things he can;t. Even the little things like dressing himself, certain medial things, and giving him his meds because he will forget. He is pretty heavily medicated to combat the severe pain.

I feel physically and mentally overwhelmed. My husband even said to me this morning that he now understand that I need a release. I need to feel something normal in our now very abnormal life. I am so glad that he basically understand that I am doing nothing out of spite. Last thing I want to do is hurt him.

I did upload a few photos of various body parts. If you are my friend, enjoy.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I know it will be better. My breathing will be better. He will have a less painful day, and each day we are one day closer to going to the new doctor.

Celebrate each day you have, because you never know.....

There's A Fire In The Hole
Posted:Jan 12, 2021 1:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 13, 2021 11:32 pm
I was just watching a porn, yes I freely admit that I do enjoy them. In fact my first exposure to porn movies when I was a newlywed, married to my first husband. I was barely 18 at the time. We were going down to Denver where he had family and they had adult movie theaters there. I begged him to take me. What a eye opening experience that was. See naked people sucking and fucking. In the theater, huge on the big screen. I am sure there men in there masturbating, I did not look.

So anyway this scene on this porno was a couple fucking in a motel pool, and it reminded me of the past. See my husband and I formerly separated twice. The first time I moved with my two daughters to Oregon. Oh I had met Mr. Perfect for me. Yes he was younger by about ten years, and a fireman. I do have a thing about firemen.

Anyway we were waiting a few days to move into the apartment he had gotten us. I sent him the money and he took care of it. So we went down to the pool to swim. Luckily no one else was in there. We went in the hot tub and one thing led to another and I climbed on his lap. Got his very hard dick out of the swimming trunks and slid the bottom of my swimming suit to on side. WE fucked right there, enjoy every moment.

What we did not realize is there had gathered a crowd of men watching thru the window. Oh well gave them a free show.

One other time with this fireman, I decided to climb on his lap in his truck. Had him playing his favorite tupac, and we fucked hard. He kept hitting repeat on his favorite song.

Oh some good time, and more to be had.

Life is short, make the most of it.
First Do No Harm
Posted:Jan 10, 2021 12:06 pm
Last Updated:Jan 24, 2021 2:42 pm
Be careful what you wish for and be very sure you can actually have time for a affair. That also depends who you pick and what the two of you decide would be the time you has available be together. That can be very hard if one or both of you are married.

My view on this is this: If you are going to enter into any kind of relationship with someone else, your first priority is to bring no harm to their marriage or yours. There will be times that one of you has to cancel because of family or martial obligations. Remember that the person you picked, has most likely been in a long term marriage. This means , extended family, etc. Alot of history and memories there. You don't want to cause alot of hurt, to anyone. If you truly care for the person you are having sex with, then you need to not be a extra burden to them. You need to have no ill will to their spouse.

This is a friendship, with some pretty wonderful benefits. Keep it that way. Sometimes this person becomes your confidant, even your best friend. There will be times that one or both of you need to vent about something going within your nuclear family. Be that friend, it can't be just purely sex without friendship for me. There will be times that life makes it so you can not see each other for awhile. Accept that and be that unwavering friend.

I find men that are in long marriages are the type you want to have a relationship with. They aren't the fly by night over and done with type of chaps Listen we are lonely, hence why we are there. We want that human touch, crave it. We want to fill alive, and that someone cares, and dare say even wants us sexually. That maybe they think of you on those lonely horny nights. Maybe it is your name whispered as they cum from masturbating.

Keep it real. Family, marriage first, lasting friendship with a special kind of sexual love. Celebrate this with me, it can be wonderful.

Men with Poor Manners
Posted:Jan 9, 2021 10:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2021 5:21 am
I never ceases to amaze me the lack of manners some men seem to have. The things they will say do you, and virtual stranger. At a first glance, a automatic delete from me.

Some seems to come off almost hostile toward you. I had one man all the sudden start repeating fake, fake, fake. Why> Will because evidently I did not answer his IM's in a timely manner. I do not normally ever answer IM;s I find them annoying. When I explained this to him, he called me a fucking bitch. Whatever, no wonder you are single.

Had others in very ghetto slang tell me thy bt fckn dm titties. Okay again, if you can not have somewhat of the command of English I just have no desire. Why would a 50 year old man speak that way. And the graphic descriptions on what you would like to do to my breasts --- Totally dont need. Don;t know you, obviously not going to even bother knowing you. You already have a whole scene played out in your mind.

I'm not a prude at all, trust me on that. I am all about erotic chat if I know you and the chemistry is there between us. Then I am totally down for some very fun provocative adult banter back and forth.

Time and place for everything.

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