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11/22/2021 4:12 pm

I have been dreaming pleasantly about this particular fantasy, as I am chatting here with a gentleman about role-playing it out some time soon! It is a bit like of those Fake Taxi/Stranded Motorist Porn videos. with a shyer (me) is a bit more shocked and reluctant, initially. It would also be better acted than those, obviously (should not be hard)

So I am a slightly ditzy/naive dolled up for a night out (with a nice dress as per my pictures, well some of them.) My taxi or bus fails turn up and a guy pulls over and offers a lift. Oh Yes please! she innocently cries, i am running late, I will be ever so grateful. She gets in but the guy soon pulls over into a quiet car-park area and says he will need payment, she has got no cash, suggests they go to a machine, he says no, something else in mind, in lieu.

She does not quite get it or believe it, but basically he starts off with things and reels her in. He is perfectly polite, almost bantering, but firm when she demurs. It could start with Why dont you take your coat off, its in the car. She gets out do so and he tells her walk about a bit just so he can get a proper at her. Reluctantly she does. Now straighten your skirt, now twirl up a bit. Next this is repeated with her top then her skirt removed. She demurs, but then treats it as a bit of a joke: What you going to do, take pictures next?! And can we go then, please? Yes, he says. So she strips down to her nice lacey lingerie with black stocking and heels. Good, now get back in the car please, bring your things to put back on [NOT!]

Then, naturally, it is time for the First course.Put your hand on my knee. Move it further up please. Rubbing through trousers. Undo zip and get it out. Holding it, Caressing it, Rubbing, Kissing, Licking, Putting just the in her mouth etc.

Then the Main Course. he will make her walk around some more admire her. he will take some pictures at this stage. This could be against the car or kneeling on the back seat. Or up against a tree on over a picnic bench. But improvisation and creativity will of course be welcome - and if you any ideas or notes pass on how you think should go, do shout - I will take them under consideration.

I must also get round setting down some more fantasies here. Another current one that has sprung from somewhere recently is Red Riding Hood more grown up and off in the Woods pick mushrooms. But something very ugly is lurking and has monstrous appetites.. I also something say on fantasy (as yet) Gangbangs, but one far more sensual than the sordid affairs you see in videos.


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