Duvia30 35T
2 posts
10/13/2021 12:03 am

I want to thank my followers and friends on this platform for their patience, for their patience, if I don't usually broadcast live, it's because I still don't understand a lot about the network but I'm doing my best with many ideas that I have in mind to offer you a nice little bit soon. we will see.

Att Duvia


Leegs2012 48M
86684 posts
10/13/2021 9:17 am

Very nice!!

rollinrrlv 44M
11 posts
11/4/2021 12:43 am

Hey it's RR the wht computr guy, hmu on kick it's in my status ore (g0b ee0 idd0) g-7 e-5 i-9 d-4 hmu

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