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10/5/2021 6:54 pm

Male half writing:

From time time over the coarse of my life I have seen therapists. Sometime I have sought them out and other times they were required return duty. Overall I am quite pleased with most of the time I have spent in therapy sessions.

But nothing is more therapeutic as a good date! One in which the outside world slips away and is nothing else but the and players. I like adult encounters, e. BDSM, Playing. For me that is what is. lets me escape the real world that has set rules, defined social norms, and expectations. Not mention harsh judgment if you set outside all of this. But in I find freedom and release. I get set aside everything and let the magic flow through me, in and out, sharing with my playmates. It is that magic that is released during play that helps heal the mind and body. When I play I can be any role I , dress anyway I , and do just about anything I . It truly is the purest form of freedom one can experience.

my surprise<b> medical </font></b>science is in agreement with me. I found this article on neuropsych: BDSM therapy: Are therapeutic and relational benefits being submissive? ( ://bigthin/neuropsych/bdsm-submissive-therapy-benefits/) . In it the author confirms what I already knew. Give it a read and feel free share your thought and experiences. I would like hear your thoughts.

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