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10/7/2021 10:09 am
Questions & More

Male Half Writing:

Wow! So many questions and more since we have entered the online world of Heated Affairs. We love questions, it is how we learn from one another. It is the foundation of understanding. So by all means, please keep asking questions.

But now for the & More part. First a bit of a disclaimer: neither of us are men haters, or what we would call feminists'. Clearly we have strong core beliefs about equal and just for everyone. But it has become rather clear to us that not everyone holds the same core beliefs as us, and that's OK too. Our issue in the 20 to 45 year old single male. We use to think our country had solved the illiteracy issues long ago with mandatory public<b> education </font></b>being what it is and all. Do these men not read? Has our<b> education </font></b>system failed them? From the chats we have had with number of them it is clear they cannot read. When chatting with the female half repeatedly tell her how your going to tie her up and open her holes is a sure way to get your mental balls kicked up around your throat. Which brings us to our other issue, lack of respect. Do they think we are weak people who will role over and fawn over them when they approach either of us with anything less then the respect everyone deserves? Seriously, it doesn't work in the real world, how do you think it will work in the online world?

I only have two rules for myself and others: 1) Follow your heart, and 2) DON"T BE A SHITTY PERSON. That is it, that is all you need.

So there you go, our rant. Please stop by and chat with us, lets talk and share. Be part of each others adventure.

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10/7/2021 4:26 pm

welcome to cyberspace

DuskbraceLair replies on 10/7/2021 5:39 pm:
Past peak as far as I can tell and I hear ye on the starter solenoid

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