I bumped into my high school biology teacher  

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7/2/2021 2:07 pm
I bumped into my high school biology teacher

This is a true story about an experience I had when I was 18 years old, a few weeks after I graduated from high school. 

Here is a little backstory....

On my first day of my freshman year , I circulated through my schedule and everything was all new to me. Its a new school, my class size has tripled with the consolidating of 4 junior high school classes sent to one high school and add sophomores, juniors and seniors most of which we do not know. The ones we DO know seem to pretend they don't know us freshmen. lol
Anyway, as freshman we are now the little people of the school. We are behind the sophomores and well beneath the juniors and the seniors. We are, fresh meat as the upper classmen referred to us. We are as entry-level as entry level gets. Your first day as a freshman, you realize have a big hill to climb between, establishing yourself over the next few years among your peers, achieve and accomplish everything we will embark on whether that is academic, sports, socially and then onto graduating. However on this first day , we are years old, we are awkward and odd as we absorb our new surroundings. 

I remember my first class of the day was biology. The minute I saw my schedule, I was already dreading this first class, and I thought, it is way too early for any kind of a science . Biology and Science in general were not my first love. So here we go, I will suck it up. I see on my schedule shows that my teacher's name is Miss Warner. I expect Miss Warner is probably about 85 years old, wrinkly pasty white complexion as if she has not seen the sun since her mid-30s, I am guessing she is going to be the stereotypical<b> teacher </font></b>who is years beyond when she should have retired. She is going to be frumpy, dumpy, slouched over, she will wear old granny glasses sitting on the end of her nose, a birds nest for hair and most likely was alive to witness the fossils becoming fossils that we are going to learn about in her .

I made my way through the crowded halls and walked into the classroom where I will spend least three days a week for the next 9 months. When I looked toward the front of the classroom I noticed my new<b> teacher. </font></b>She was speaking with a couple of my new classmates next to her des My<b> teacher </font></b>is nor frumpy, dumpy, or old for that matter. She is about 30 years old, she has athletic but not jock athletic, she wore her dirty blonde hair just past her shoulders and that day it was naturally tousled. She wore glasses that make her look like a cross between a geek and a naughty secretary! She wore a fitted shirt that came just above the knee and heels. (This would be her typical outfit she would slowly torture with over the next 4 years)

My first thought was ....Damn it!! Damn it!! Damn it!! @#$%!!!! She is gorgeous! This is going to be a long distracting difficult year! Let tell you, it was VERY distracting!

As the next four years went on, I had Miss Warner every single year! It was torture! Four goddamn years I had to sit in her every week and watch her strut around the classroom in her 4 in heels and her fitted skirts. If it wasn't her skirts it was dress pants that subtly accentuated her little bubble butt. I developed an intense crush on Miss Warner not because she was physically attractive but she was absolutely pleasant. It was something about her. She had such an inner beauty that made her outer beauty that much more radiant. She had IT! I was drawn to her. I loved being in her company I thoroughly loved being around her. (See above when I mentioned how this was torture) I recall there were times when I had to meet with her after to review a project or get a little extra help. Like any great teacher, she was patient, thorough and personable. It was impossible to not adore her. Damn you Miss Warner for being so crush worthy!!!

Aside from this undeniable draw I felt toward Miss Warner, I did all the normal things every does. I played sports, I had a bunch of friends, I was one of those that everybody knew. I was not invisible and I was not the star quarterbac I had a cute steady girlfriend in my junior and senior years. We had a sexual appetite that was beyond healthy to say the least. To be quite honest, our sex life was as regular as breathing. We were perverted deviants who fucked anywhere and everywhere. We blew off for the so we could go to one or the others house to spend the in bed.

Needless to say, come graduation these high school sweetheart relationships run their course and me and my girlfriend broke up about a week after graduation. A week or two after our breakup I happened to run into my favorite teacher, when she was walking out of a convenience store that I was walking into.
Now keep in mind that over the years I mentally placed Miss Warner into a box in my mind. I categorized her as just my teacher, in spite of how much I adored her, she was permanently unattainable in my mind. Untouchable! There would never be any kind of a personal conversation held between us when we would ever get to that point where we ever talked about anything personal about ourselves. If it is not classroom biology related, we are not going to talk about it!!
So anyway, here we are at the convenience store, I am walking in and she was walking out. As I was walking through the door, I looked up and caught a glimpse of those gorgeous blue eyes behind those deviously sexy secretary glasses. Her eyes lit up and she flashed a huge smile and said, ....OMG!!!! How are you???? I enthusiastically said ... Hi Miss Warner!! How are you???
 (To be honest, I did not know what to say beyond that.) 

She was very chatty, she asked about what I was doing for the rest of my summer. I told her that I would be home and working for the summer then I am leaving for college in the fall.  She then asked a question I did not expect... Are you still dating... (Insert former girlfriends name.. )
I said...No, actually we broke up recently. 
She politely said.. Oh I am so sorry to hear that. You two were together for quite a long time and you made such a cute couple...
I found it interesting that she even noticed anything about me outside of her classroom....

Now, I should also mention that we lived in the same town. Not did we live in the same town but she also rented a home next door to one of the department heads... 

To go further with that, one of my best friends live next door to her because she was the of the head of the department who was Miss Warner's boss.

Anyway... As our conversation continued we established that I will be around town for the summer. She mentioned she was not taking a vacation that summer except for a few road trips to visit family who lived just outside of our little town in Massachusetts. 
She mentioned.. Well you will often find me gardening in my yard this summer, she said.... I think you know where I live, next to (so and so) I said.... yes I do, I know exactly where you live..... 
She said ...well you should stop by if you see my car in the driveway....
Whoa!!!! Holy Crap!!!
Did she really just invite me to her home???
I am not going to lie and tell you that I was Joe confidence who was ready to take on any hook up opportunity that came my way especially by a gorgeous older woman. I barely figured out the girlfriend that I spent two years with, so an older woman and a former<b> teacher </font></b>was totally new territory to me!! I was trying to keep my head above water in this totally new situation I found myself in.

It took a little bit of time to just stop by as I drove past her house on a few occasions to see if she was home. Sure enough, her car was there quite often so apparently much of her summer was being spent at home.

So one afternoon I decided I would drive by and see if she was home and there she was gardening in her flower beds. I pulled into the driveway and right away I noticed she was wearing little short shorts, a little tank that showed the gorgeous large breasts that she was blessed with on her petite little body. 
She greeted me with a big smile and the very welcoming hello!. She invited me into the house and we sat at the kitchen table and talked. Our conversation was not ab out , classes, lessons or anything that initially connected us. Instead we talked about "us" as individuals. We did not talk about her, the<b> teacher </font></b>nor as her student. We caught up on who we were, not as<b> teacher </font></b>and student but as two individuals.
After that , I continued to drop in to visit with her two more times. The second time I stopped by, she was inside comfortable in the air conditioning I believe she was doing some housewor. Laundry and such.. By now we were much more comfortable with each other. We have moved far beyond seeing each other as student and<b> teacher.
</font></b>This time I was greeted with a big hug and she wrapped her arms around my neck, press her lips close to my ear and whispered... I am so happy you are here.... My arms were wrapped around her and I took the risk of pulling her body tight against mine. I asked myself, How would she react? Would that be too much?? did I misread her?? Is this wrong of me??? Would she pull away?? No, it was not too much.. She responded with a soft breathy whisper in my ear.. Mmmmm...This feels so nice.. 
See pulled back a bit, to gaze into my eyes before she placed a delicate soft kiss on my lips.. I reciprocated kissing her back as we stood in the kitchen entangled in a long delicious exploring kiss. I leaned against the kitchen counter so she could lean against me and we very comfortably held each other lost in delicious wonderful kisses. Her lips fit mine perfectly. Her lips were perfect for me, they were not thin nor too full. They were perfectly soft and kissable. I am soooo in over my head, I thought to myself.
It did not take long until I was completely hard, bulging through my shorts and my swollen head pressed against her thighs. She smiled and whispered.. I feel something down here... as she playfully danced swaying her hips grinding her self against me.
Again in my mind I keep going back to ....this is your<b> teacher </font></b>man! This was my<b> teacher </font></b>but I cared less and less about who we used to be but there was always that little voice chiming in on occasion to remind me who she one was to me. Regardless, I loved where this was going! This did not feel like a cheap hook up or just about sex.

She reached down to explore the bulge that was pressing into her. Seemingly pleased with what she found, she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts and slowly slid them down. With both hands gently explored my engorged cock, sliding her fingertips from the head down to the base of the shaft and gently caressing my balls. Her hands were soft and delicate. They were fearless and experienced but curious. I kept thinking that I so desperately wanted to measure up to the older men that she is likely experienced with. She continue to kiss me softly and she looked into my eyes and whispered.. ..There is something I want to do for you..
I was pretty sure I knew what she wanted to do for me.. I responded with.. Oh?? What might that be??... She smiled at me as she slowly lower down to her knees while maintaining eye contact, gently held my cock with two hands and guided my throbbing head into her mouth. 
(In my head my inner voice was screaming)...Holy shit is this really happening???!!!

Yes it is!!!. Miss Warner is sucking my cock in her kitchen!!

(Inner voice was saying...you didn't see this coming on the first of Freshman year did ya Fresh meat??)
She went so very slow. She took her time, introducing her loving tongue to my hard coc She kissed my head softly with her perfect soft lips and very very slowly took a bit more of my cock into her mouth. She continued to look up at me and asked ...Is this ok?..
I leaned down to her to steal a kiss from her wonderful lips and I whispered.. It is definitely o..
In all reality she most likely went slow as to not get overzealous and make too fast! .....
Too late!!!
I am not going to lie and tell you that I lasted for 20 minutes. I dont think I lasted 2 minutes! I was embarrassed! I clenched onto the counter and I called ...AHHH cumming!!! I suddenly exploded ropes of cum, pulsating large streams and erupting cum from my cock and she consumed every drop.
Mmmmmmmm... was the response from her eager loving mouth as she swallowed every drop of me.
I told her to not stop. I did not want to be done! She continued to suck my cock and lick my head clean to squeeze every last drop of the whole time looking up and watching my reactions. My cock became so sensitive after I came, but I did not want her to stop. She continued to suck my cock continuing to up smiling as she circled her tongue around my head just before she pulled my head back into her lips and deep into her soft mouth. 

After a few minutes she stood up, she took my hand and led into her bedroom. She backed to herself up to her bed where I slipped my hands her little tank and pulled it off of her and tossed it aside. It seemed we could not take our clothes off fast enough. I remember feeling so alive having the pleasure to explore her slowly with my curious hands, to find the sensitive spots on her body that make her softly gasp or sigh or ... ooooooh..yes!! I felt like I was experiencing my first time all over again when I explored her with my mouth to taste her. We explored each other with our mouths learning each other's tastes endlessly. I think that is when I discovered how intimate oral and exploring your lover's body with your mouth.
I was experienced enough to learn she had different sensitive spots compare to my two previous partners. Her clit was different, her lips felt different to me, her taste was different. Her vagina was so sensitive when I slipped my fingers inside of her, gently curling them caused her to arch her back making her softly gasp and moaning with shear pleasure. OMG! Has all those years of finger banging my girlfriend and one other girl actually paying off?? I don't know! But I seem to be onto something with her! I don't know if they were the perfect spots but they were certainly not the wrong spots!!

She sat up quickly, grab my from between her open thighs and kissed deeply and said.... I want you inside ! She climbed on top on straddling , I took a hold of my cock and guided it in between her lips. One little trick I learned is running my head in between the lips without penetrating was an outrageous tease to my ex. I thought, Lets see how it works now..
Her eyes widened, she smiled at and said.. Oh this is not a time to tease me! Don't you dare! .... I allowed my cock to slip inside her, she slowly lowered herself down on me as I filled her. I took in every moment of this. Every reaction of hers. I loved it all! The way she closed her eyes, rolling her head back, the way she breathlessly gasped, the way she softly parted her lips, leaning back sitting on me. She rode me then press herself down on me grinding her clit against me. Thank God the second time I takes a lot longer after I have already the first time. Thank God!! I could feel the warmth of her wetness dripping of her, covering my balls and running down my thighs! Soon, I got that sensation! It was the sensation building up that I was not going to be able to hold back for very long. I didn't know if it was acceptable to inside her so I screamed ... cuming!! ... She smiled and leaned down on top of pressing her bare breasts against my chest, she kissed softly, she gazed into my eyes and whispered.. I want you to cum inside . It's okay... cum inside ..... I felt free and with that said, I pumped my hips and thrusted hard into her, the smile went away from her and her breathing became heavy and said.. That's it! That's it!! God yes! That is what I want!! inside !!!..... With one final thrust I thrusted deep into her creamy pussy and exploded waves of deep inside her filler her with my seed. As the pulsations slowly wound down and my last drop of semen was released inside her, she settled down on top of me. The wonderful part about this was, she kept me inside her and she laid on top of me. She nuzzled her head into my neck and I wrapped my arms around her and we stayed like that. This is how we spent the next several hours.

We spent quite a bit of time together that summer. We had many long afternoons and evenings very similar to this. It was very intimate and I thoroughly loved every moment I spent with Miss Warner. 

The summer came to an end and I went off to college in the fall. My life took me out of my small town for quite a few years and unfortunately I lost touch with Miss Warner when the summer ended. 

I Googled her a couple years ago and found that she moved out of state and is living with a long-term boyfriend. I hope she is happy and I hope that he has made as much of an impact on her has much as she made on . 

XOXO to you Miss Warner

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7/2/2021 7:36 pm

a charming story that's made me wistful about high school years . .

DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/3/2021 7:35 am:
Thank you very much

zippie43 60M
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7/2/2021 8:18 pm

The very BEST story that I have ever read on Heated Affairs. Thanks for sharing.

DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/3/2021 7:36 am:
Thank you! That's quite a compliment, I appreciate it.

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7/2/2021 8:20 pm

Wow! You are quite a good writer. Congratulations to you for such a cool memory, and for the event itself

My own secret teacher was a professor in college. He was like late 30s, an associate professor actually. I rode the back seat of his monster Harley from LA to Sturgis, S.D. to attend the huge annual motorcycle rally, which was one of the craziest weeks of my life.

It doesn't matter what the subject is. Just keep writing because you do it well I was happy to read about something you obviously enjoyed very much


DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/3/2021 7:43 am:
Thank you Tallie! It is definitely one of my best experiences and I am very happy it happened. It was a wonderful summer and an unforgettable experience. It also opened the door for my love of older women from that point on.

I would love to hear about your experience with your professor! It sounds like there are a couple stories there. How and when you crossed the line from student and professor would be a great part 1. Part 2 could be Sturgis week.

I appreciate your compliments and I am glad you enjoyed the story. I will be looking forward to your next post.

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7/2/2021 10:26 pm

I was looking forward to reading this and was not disappointed. What a wonderfully sexual memory to have with your old teacher. These special ones remain with us decades later and bring a smile to our faces years later.. Lucky teacher you had, my sexy man...xoxo

DiscreteSlowRide replies on 7/3/2021 7:46 am:
Well thank you darling! I am glad you liked it. You are so right. These experiences stay with us for decades. I certainly have not forgotten nor will I ever forget it.


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