Svenn and Helgie / a honeymoon storey  

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5/27/2020 1:34 pm
Svenn and Helgie / a honeymoon storey

Svenn and Helgie a young Swedish couple decided to tie the knot one day. So they saved and planned for a big wedding and reception to follow. They had remained celabot their courtship, so that when they got on their honeymoon, sex would be more meaningful.
Helgie you see was a shy lass, and she did not care for lude language. infact she ask Svenn use a special word when he ask for sex. Helgie said, use the code word Washing machine. Svenn agreed and told Helgie I love you to the ends of the world and will do everything that is in my power I will do for you.
Their wedding went off without a hitch, and they were a happy couple. They continued the party at their reception and the Champaign was flowing at a high volume. Soon the party was over and Sven carried his new bride over
the threshold. They slipped into bed and Sven snuggling her, ask in his Swedish accent, Helgie Vashing machine? With her back to Svenn she reply's, Sven, i have partied much, and I must say I want our first time as married couple be sober and memorable, so lets wait until morning and it will be much better. Sven replied, Helgie if that is your wish, i will honor it the ends of the world. they snuggled and slipped off to sleep.
The next morning Svenn awakes and nudges Helgies shoulder to wake her. Helgie...Vashing machine? Helgie in severe headache pain from her hangover replied, Svenn I can not make Vashing machine this morning, I have too much headache, so please, lets wait until tonight. Svenn again agrees to honor her wishes and gets their morning breakfast and coffee.
That evening Helgie was feeling very much better and when they laid in bed. Sven rolled on his side and started off to sleep .Helgie was ready for sex and gave Svenn a gentle shake to wake him, and said Svenn Vashing machine?? Sven finally replied "Not tonight Helgie, tonight I had a small load and did it by hand!!"

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5/31/2020 10:31 pm

this is cute , well worth the read ,

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