7-23-2021 date night  

Devils3plaything 40F
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7/24/2021 12:02 am
7-23-2021 date night

We met at a local hotel that had a jacuzzi tub, he took my clothes off while kissing and biting and stuff (too much honestly but I told him to back off with the mouth stuff and he did), he would pinch and twist my nipples, he duct taped my hands behind my back, fucked my throat well, put me in the jacuzzi tub still taped up, fucked my throat again, got 4 fingers inside my pussy. Stood me up, undid my hands and we got out of the tub and he bent me over on the bed and fucked my ass, filled it with cum; he tried to<b> piss </font></b>inside it but he just didn’t have to. We rested and watched Olympics stuff. He got hard again and slid his dick in my ass while we were spooning, fucked it a minute then pulled me over on top of him so I was laying back on him with him fucking my ass, that position was awkward so he pushed me up all the way and fucked my ass good, holy fuck it felt good. Then filled it with cum a second time.
So this ‘date’ was pretty great. Tomorrow night we are suppose to go to Tokyo Valentino so here’s to hoping.

BuckNanook 57M
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9/12/2021 3:42 am


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