Work Place Affair - Part 1  

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1/21/2022 11:22 am
Work Place Affair - Part 1

There was only two people left in the building for the day, the alluring red headed graphic designer and the Dominant CEO. He would go into her office to find her laying across the white lounge chair fast asleep probably resting for whatever meeting she had next. It wasnt out of the ordinary for her to fall asleep at the office when every else went home. He was always shy meeting new women due to a fear of being rejected. But not with her, they clicked from the moment they laid eyes on each other. He had wanted to talk to her for a while, to get to know her. Yet, right now was not the time when something like that would happen. He made his way over to her desk and propped his head as he watched her for a moment. They had been a few times she would look his way in the hallways and offer him a gentle smile. He would normally just that it was nothing but he knew there was something more to it.

The more he leaned against her desk, the more he found himself wanting to get to know her. As well as the sudden lustful urge that was burning within him that he could not ignore. The way her hair cascaded over her shoulders and the white button down blouse that was opened slightly, and the black short skirt that she wore complimented her beauty so much. She made it impossible for him to turn his attention away from her, even if he wanted too. Before he could even think about what he was doing, he made his way over to where she slept. His heart pounding wildly, as his soul was filled with fear and excitement. Still, it didnt stop him from what he was feeling.

His eyes stay staring at her as he leaned over and started undoing the top button of her blouse. With anxiousness and anticipation he slipped his hand over her breast and cupped it while she stirred slightly. He froze for a moment waiting to see if she woke up but she never. So he continued to massage her breast as the bulge in his pants become more evident. A soft moan escaped from her lips as she enjoyed what she was feeling and it frightened but excited him even more. He lowered himself to sit beside her as he slipped his hand under her bra and cupped her breast once more. He couldnt believe he was doing this and actually getting away with it. And because of it, he found himself tempted to see how far he could really take this. Even though he knew that he should have stopped right there, he couldnt control himself any longer.

His hands slowly moved over the smooth, sloping skin of her breast and then started to pull the front of her bra down freeing her breasts from it. Seeing those large breasts lift up in front of her. His fingers lightly moving over her nipples, feeling them harden under his touch. The excitement was building so much in him that he could feel his manhood pressing against the fabric of his pants more, screaming to be set free. It was then his hand reached down and lifted up her short skirt revealing her blue laced g-string. His fingers traced over her sex spot and he noticed her legs parted. Freezing for a moment as he looked up at her to realize she was still fast asleep. Even though a part of him wanted her to wake, to hear her respond from his touch, he was glad she wasnt. His fingers moved down between her legs and pulled her panties to the side, hearing her sigh softly with a slight moan he looked up at her again to find her still asleep, or so it seemed.His attention went back to her breast, his lips gently caressing them, his tongue lightly running over her hard nipple, feeling her body tremble under its caress.

It was then he felt her fingers running through his short pepper and salf hair, making him stop for a brief instant. All that he could think of was how she was going to have him arrested for what he as doing to her. That was until he heard her speak in a soft, excited voice.

"Dont stop, that feels so wonderful"

To be Continued

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