Getting started with anal  

DaraTampa 23F
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12/9/2021 4:15 pm
Getting started with anal

Anal is a different than the other sex stuff I've gotten into. I didn't take to it quite as fast, and I kinda had to work at it. My roomie def there with me for the ride, she started by using a vibe on me there when we were having sex, and the vibrations and the gentle penetration def made me come harder. So, she started with some toys, and I got used to taking it and it kind of fun, but I still really kind of reticent about doing it, I dunno why. Maybe because in high school so many people talked about it in such<b> nasty </font></b>terms, but Chrissy adamant that I'd love it.

Anyway, she set me up with this dude and said he loves anal, so here's my chance to really practice it out. And, he big, and I got him in but it hurt a and I couldn't relax, so I couldn't take him deep.

Now, let me be clear here - the guy the best about it, he wanted to do it so I wanted to try and Chrissy so sure I'd love it, but he def put me first to make sure I didn't get hurt and that I wanted to. So, when I decided to stop, he totally cool - no pressure, and fucked me silly the right way. And, I made sure to take good care of him haha

And, so I talked with Chrissy about it, and she said she understood, but that she thought I wasn't relaxing enough. She asked me if I'd be cool trying one last time, and I was like, yeah, I mean, I wasn't against it, it just wasn't there for me yet.

So, the next guy she set me up with was a lot smaller, and I was instantly like, "Oh yeah, I can def handle that." And, when he started to fuck me, I was suddenly like, oh, yeah, I can see where this is fun. And, then I could feel an orgasm building, and I didn't even think that was possible that way, suddenly I was screaming don't stop!

I learned a couple a lessons here. One, you can't always just start out good, you have to practice. Second, being relaxed makes ALL the difference. So does being open-minded. And, finally, while I adore toys, for anal, a cock is always better. OMG I love it so much now, and dp even more.

And, to the guys out there, being understanding and caring, even when being dominant matters. The first guy listened to me, so it made me trust him a lot more. Guess who I invited back for some anal once I knew how to work it. Then again for a couple group sessions ... so, be good to the girls you are with. You may not get what you then, but who knows about the future!

Mr6ftl 34M
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12/15/2021 9:15 am

This was a good post. In my experience it's very important to have the trust of the person you're with doing this. Taking it slow if it's her first time and making sure to use plenty of lube. Being there mentally is so important too. First, know that it's ok to have anal sex and believe that it can be pleasurable for women.

TexmanOU812 46M  

1/1/2022 7:42 am

I'm really glad you had nice understanding men that took their time with you. I love please women in lots of ways especially sexually. If you didn't like it or it hurt I would have stopped. Its nice to know that you can enjoy anal sex and have a orgasm from it. I wish I could meet a woman like you.

Akmel2021 50M

1/12/2022 4:23 pm

Yes always be good and put her first. And you tend to get more of what you want.

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