the Stranger  

DaBestexperience 34M  
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11/1/2021 7:12 am
the Stranger

I noticed that most women rather have sex with a stranger than someone that knows them well. Women tend to be their true self around a complete stranger. why is this? Because a woman cant be judge by a stranger. Nor do care about what a stranger thinks of her because at the end of the day she will feel like the stranger don't know her well enough to be judged.

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11/1/2021 12:16 pm

An interesting observation.

Lioness145 40F
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2/21/2022 4:17 pm

From a psychology standpoint, the reason those create barriers typically has nothing even to do that that person. (Unless there's some sort of prior emotional trauma) Usually that barrier is created as a primal instinct based off of what they're picking up from the other person. If you find this to be a common characteristic that you find amongst women, then perhaps the analyzation that should be done is with yourself. Figure out what it is about you that would cause others to feel uncomfortable around you and that they can't be themselves whether it is just in your presence or within the friendship itself.

DaBestexperience 34M  
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2/21/2022 5:26 pm

Women tend to be themselves with me. They're comfortable around me to do things they typically wouldn't ask their significant other to do. lol Self-analysis is something I tend to practice often. Looking within oneself can teach you a lot about who you are. This post was more of awareness from different experiences. Women true fantasies go unfilled due to worrying about what their boyfriends/husband may think of them. These not my ideas its true testimonies of women in the past who still hold on to fantasies unfilled

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