Waltz #69  

CynicusMaximus 50M  
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9/11/2019 3:59 pm
Waltz #69

I always find a new avenue to express myself on this site. As of late you can find me loitering around in either the Texas Chat Room or the BBW Chat Room.

I'm not there to get every woman on that site to check out my pale white belly tugging at my crank on other social platforms. Incessantly moving from woman to woman with the same desperate attempt to get a woman to look at his dead mouse trophy penis.

I'm not there to get mixed up into some chat room high school drama either. I don't want to get tangled up into any of these chat room psuedo-romances that come crumbling down as soon as I say, Hello, to someone else.

I'm just there to exercise my wit in real time with people who may not be there to get tangled up either. I am not fond of moving into a private conversation where they sit around and wonder when I'm going to turn into the heat up and start elaborating on what I would like to to do to their body parts.

Not with them, not with strangers who are just going to hang around till they work their own imagination.

I'm not validating myself to anyone in there.

I just want to sit around and talk about the nonsense of the day.

It can be cathartic at times and enlightening. You can see the failure record in real time for all of the Johhny Appleseeds and Harry Hormones on this site as they prance from woman to woman sometimes with the same exact pick up lines. Sometimes, I just imagine the chat room as a bar full of people who are having their own conversations in pockets amongst other conversations. Then here come the guys dressed up in polyester shirts with butterfly collars and tight Jordace jeans, smiling and finger gunning everyone as they bounce their heads popping chewing their gum openly.

Other guys with manners get annoyed with the penis patrol walking to every table asking women having conversations with others if they would like to see their bare penis before giving them a reason to want to even take a peek at it.

Fighting with those guys in the chat room bar setting only calls attention to yourself and you still have to sit down again at your table all rustled up and disheveled. There isn't even any spare change scattered on the floor after one of these chat room bar fights.

I might engage every once in a while, but only when I know that I can end it with one comment.

So, if anyone wants to know what it's like in those chat rooms.. it's a lot like the bar that Luke Skywalker walks into and they don't serve bots.

positively4you 72F  
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9/11/2019 8:23 pm

Dead mouse trophy penis. Oh that’s funny.

CynicusMaximus replies on 9/12/2019 3:46 am:
It's the same kind of, ew.

TicklePlease 54F  
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9/13/2019 5:16 am

I'm totally stealing "Harry Hormone"

And I'll be thinking of the Butabi Brothers when I use it!

SakuraMar 47F
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11/3/2019 1:30 am

No wonder you have so many fans my dear. Your mind is a wonderland.

Sakura Just Saying, Be kind it doesn't cost you anything

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