Cum Fantasies or Dreams Cum True  

CrazyDriven14U 61M
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3/23/2016 5:00 pm
Cum Fantasies or Dreams Cum True

Call me a dreamer, but I love my fantasies and sometimes, I see them before my eyes. If I could look up at a nice face and also see a lovely pair of breasts I think I could part my lips and take a gurl into my mouth. Additionally, the thought of having her on my face excites me. I'm very turned on by oral and facial activities. Unfortunately, I'm still a virgin, discarding my own orgasms.

I'm curious... When facing a shot, where do you prefer it, and do you, or would you share the experience?

Thanks for your time and please comment if I've missed your personal passion.
In my mouth and I swallow.
In my mouth and I spit.
On my face and let it dry.
On my face and wipe it off.
On my face or in my mouth without sharing.
On my face or in my mouth and definitely share.
I'm not interested in sharing.
I'm interested in sharing.
I'd rather face a cream pie.
I'll share cum nearly any way it's served.

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Michelle_Malcomb 63T  
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3/23/2016 5:13 pm

I want cum how my partner wants to deliver it

{=} {=} {=} Michelle Malcomb

love2pleasu13 54M
6472 posts
3/23/2016 5:35 pm

have a woman cum on my face

CrazyDriven14U 61M
172 posts
3/23/2016 5:37 pm

Michelle, I agree.

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kelleebabes 62F
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2/12/2018 2:28 am

I don' know if this is even a place you'd consider cumming, but I love to feel the hot cum deep inside my core...deep in my ass...It's an indescribable feeling...and after you've pumped all your hot creamy cum in my deep ass hole...I love the feeling of your soften cock naturally wiggling out my stretched puckered rosebud...mmm let my kiss that soft wet cock...taste my juices from deep down....just saying

My blood is alive...with many voices
that tell me...I am made of longing,

CrazyDriven14U replies on 2/12/2018 5:44 am:
That sounds like a great way to pass the time.

CrazyDriven14U 61M
172 posts
12/15/2018 2:01 pm

Testing... Is this thing on!

InnateDesire 60M
92 posts
5/2/2020 1:23 am

Cum. It's not just for breakfast anymore.

faroutmanzone 60M
104 posts
10/23/2021 1:38 am

I definitely want to kiss and share sperm with a friend! 💋❤💋❤

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