Craigd484 57M
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6/22/2019 7:01 pm

So, after a month or so on here, it's pretty clear that my "discreet sex partner" search is a bust because I've grown old and women in their right minds do not want flings with 50-something men past their prime. Fair enough! But it turns there are women online , enjoy hooking up with guys like me for an hour or at a time, so long as we have venmo or PayPal and know how use them. So, since I'm sliding down the ski ramp of depravity into dirty old man territory anyway, should I consider professional providers of companionship? It has never seemed like a good idea before, because pathetic, but I have a long track record of being wrong about what is or is not a good idea. Besides, isn't being pathetic and not thinking about it too much what life is all about? Sure it is. Anyway, affairs are expensive, too - especially if the lawyers get involved - and it may be less costly in the long run if I meet up with "Classy Katie" or whomever once in a while to get my freak on rather than find an unhappy wife who may be as unstable as I am but isn't as good at operational security. (Get a VPN & use incognito mode, Mindy!)

tl; dr - they've got the time if I have the .

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